How to Become a Personal Shopper

There are lots of ways to vegetate in a wayward manner. What it could be the best way rather than – shopping! Yes, Shopping is fun for many women as well as male counterpart also. Shopping has become more than a passion for all types of shoppers, be it like a determined shopper, an indecisive shopper, a reluctant shopper, an emotional shopper, an informed shopper, a social shopper, a brand-driven shopper or a practical shopper; it is a necessity and business. While some people think twice before expending few bucks on shopping, the others are making money out of it. Do you know how? – Be a Personal Shopper!

Shopaholic people have good news in shopping retail industry. People, who are enthusiastic about shopping, go for a profession as a personal shopper. A personal Shopper is someone who needs to give expert advice about choosing the right stuff for individual who don’t have time to invest for themselves. It has become a lavish trend in shopping industry like big shopping retail chain like Macy’s, Anthropologie and Nordstrom, Sears and Kmart employ Personal Shopper for Customers.

Personal Shopper’s Job Description

Style and Statement get projected these days with the infusion of latest fashion trends. Everybody wants to maintain the stature in society by the personal style, and thus requires a Personal shopper. To be precise, a Personal Shopper gives the advice to choose right stuff for a busy and inexperienced individual who lacks fashion sense. A Personal Shopper provides personalize attention and knowledge of product, services, and trends. It is not necessary that you always need to be a Personal Shopper related to fashion or clothing; you can a Personal shopper for grocery and gifts or antiques.

Education and Career Requirements

It is not necessary you have to hold a Bachelor Degree or a Degree in Fashion and Merchandising. But at least you need to complete Grade II. There are short term certification course on Personal Shopper and advance course are available.

Institute which offers Course on Personal Shopper

Though any training is not mandatory, for long term success you can get certifications to utilize your passion. Here are the lists of Institutes which offer course on personal Shopper. It will be beneficial for you.
• Sterling Style Academy
• Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
• FE Institute of Art and Design.

You can also choose online course for yourself which is very easy and time-saving.

Steps to Become Personal Shopper

• Love for Shopping: A personal Shopper must be someone who loves to shop which is key to your success.
• Choose Your Niche: In which field you are expertise that only you can choose. You may have knowledge of all new trends in fashion or customized and details knowledge in different products.
• Be Knowledgeable: You need to up-to-date yourself and keep all the latest information about the field which like most so that you can impart expertise advice to your clients with confident
• Have a Plan and Get Experienced: You might have a plan how you would like to start your career. You may want to do freelancing or apply for a shopping or retail industry to gain experience as a Personal Shopper. The choices are all yours.
• Promote Yourself As a personal Shopper: You need to be socially active to market your service. You must advertise your shopping services in various publications attend events to build your network socially so that you can be recognized easily.

Skills Require To Be Personal Shopper

A Personal Shopper should maintain the highest level of professionalism in terms of appearance and attitude. She must have good written and communication skills. She should posses with authoritative attitude as well as friendly demeanor. A successful Personal Shopper needs to be goal-oriented, self-motivated, flexible and creative with an entrepreneur spirit.

Getting Job for Different types of Clients

The self-employed Personal Shopper works for an individual client who doesn’t have time to shop. The Clients can be a celebrity who want s to avoid media, Working parents who don’t want waste their time or a senior citizen who can’t go to stores to buy things for themselves; a Personal Shopper fulfills their desire.
Sometimes a Personal Shopper avails a full-time job in department stores, image consultant agencies or an event planning agencies where he/she work for providing customize shopping experience to clients.

Key Responsibilities of Personal Shopper

If you are a Personal Shopper, you need to be aware of these responsibilities:
• You should find items which suit your clients with their style and personality
• You need to give appropriate advice while shopping for your clients
• Build a good and strong relationship with brands which will be beneficiary for your clients
• Continue with your research and updated yourself to communicate well.
• Fix appointments and consulting with clients
• Suggest and manage budgets.

Career Progression

There are many requirements in order to become a Personal Shopper. There are number of good positions in different retail industries apart from a self-employed Personal Shopper:
• Assistant Personal Shopper
• Personal Shopper
• Store Manager

Working Condition

You must be aware of that a personal Shopper has no fixed time to work. You may work on irregular hours and weekends also. Most of the clients prefer weekends as they don’t have time on weekdays for consultations. A personal Shopper needs to spend most of the time in stores.

Earnings and Benefits

Earning of a Personal Shopper depends on the reputation and experience. Many personal shoppers charge $25-$300 per hour for consultation. And the salary of a Personal Shopper will range from $30,000 – $50,000 per year.

A personal shopper will enjoy all the benefits like paid holidays, health insurance and a good hike in salary. Whereas, a self-employed Personal Shopper will enjoy his/her own terms and conditions.

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