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How to Become a Digital Marketer

The versatile, smart and quick analyzer runs your campaign, promote your website, and let people reach your product. Yes, I am talking about the digital marketer. The job of a digital marketer is not that easy as it looks. To answer your curiosity of how to become a digital marketer, I have covered each and everything you need to know about the digital marketer.

Steps To Become a Digital Marketer:

Step 1. Understand Why Digital Marketer Is Important:

Fade up the days when print media and traditional marketing were the sources to advertise. Nowadays everybody wants to check your brand on Google. Digital marketer is the person to help you in your advertising and promoting your brand. To make walking with the smart customers you have to think like them.

Today advertising is what it does not look like advertising. Digital marketer makes your way easy by interacting with the targeted audience in real time. He/she helps your business understand its target markets, competitors’ strategies, and to set measurable goals.

Step 2. Know the Types of Digital Marketing:

You must be wondering to know there are 8 types of digital marketing. It is important to know what they are and how they work if your focus on how to become a digital marketer.

a) Search Engine Optimization:

SEO helps product of the brand to frequently appear in the search result and maximize the number of visitors to the brand website.

b) Social Media Marketing:

Promoting your business and brand through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and Instagram is social media marketing.

c) Content Marketing:

Content marketing is promoting your business by blog, videos, and social media posts. The content strategy doesn’t directly promote the brand but helps to attract the intended people to know about the brand is.

d) Affiliate Marketing:

By referring and recommending other people about the brand yields the more customers to the website. This is called affiliate marketing.

e) Pay Per Click Advertising:

PPC is the advertising strategy in which you pay to the website where the advertisement is posted on clicking by visitors.

f) Public Relations:

Generally when your business is new and you want to promote your business then you can mention it on a talk show or in an article. So, hiring a famous personality to interact with the people to promote your business is marketing through public relations.

g) Viral Marketing:

When you do something different or what is in trend or weird and it becomes viral and you get a lot of traffic to your site this is a viral marketing.

h) Influencer Marketing:

It is the most effective way to promote your business. The influencer is the individual person who says few words on behalf of your product.

Step 3. Know The Skills A Digital Marketer Must Have:

  • A good digital marketer knows how to sell the product or how to attract an audience or how to convert visitors to the customer.
  • Expertise the few tactics and apply them in campaigning.
  • He must be judgemental in deciding what works or what not.
  • For digital marketer creative thinking and analytical skills, both work together.
  • Digital marketer must have a likeable personality so that people like to communicate and believe him.
  • He must be concise and comprehensive in explaining the product.

Step 4. Choose the Field To Specialize:

Digital marketer knows all the type of marketing but can become experts in only a few. Find your interest area where you are good at and make it a powerful tool to enhance your skills. Nobody is perfect and nobody can do everything perfectly, better is focus on the area interest you more. Some people are expert in communication or verbal skills and some are better in analyzing the data and generating visitors. So, decide for yourself what suits you the best.

Step 5. Online and Offline Courses Available:

To become a digital marketer it is necessary to understand each field in depth. There are so many online and offline courses available which can give you certification in the field. First, start with certification and gain the knowledge about the field. Try to get admission at best coaching centres. If not possible to get in your local areas, you can join the online courses by the best institutes. The certification courses generally take 3 months.

The Best Institute Offering Certifications in Digital Marketing Are:

  • Compete Infotech Academy
  • NIIT Digital Marketing
  • Simplilearn
  • All India Management Association (AIMA)
  • Market Motive
  • Coursera
  • Lynda.Com
  • Edupristine
  • Digital Academy India
  • Hootsuite

Step 6. Get A Degree In Digital Marketing:

You can get a bachelor or master degree in digital marketing. If you feel the field is perfect for you and you want to explore in detail, you can do a bachelor or master in it. I have mentioned below the top universities to get a degree:

  • The University Of Albama at Birmingham
  • Sacred Heart University
  • George Washington University
  • Annapurna International School of Film+Media
  • Harbour.Space
  • Digital Marketing Institute
  • University Of Denver
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Graceland University
  • Granite State College

Step 7. Start Working For Different Website:

You can start working for different website voluntarily. You can work for educational websites for free. But if you are not comfortable to do your work freely, do it for payment. You can also work from home or in your time zone or during the course. Your aim here must be to learn rather than earn. Remember experience is the first priority for you others is later.

Start your blog at blogger and write on the topics which interest you. You can work as a freelancer. You can start your own website and affiliate it with affiliate marketing tools.

Step 8. Get A Job:

  • Prepare your resume, now you are ready to face the world. Mention your academics and experience certificates in a resume. Here is the step by step process to get the job:
  • Prepare for the topics you have mentioned in a resume. Interviewer asks direct questions over the mentioned topics.
  • Search for the company where you are going to apply and also about a job profile.
  • Wear neat and clean formals to flaunt over the interviewer.
  • Be cool and calm during the interview process.
  • Show what is unique in you to promote their business.
  • After getting the job do your work with full concentration.

Step 9. Start Your Own Business:

You can start your own coaching institute and hire others in the same field to work as a team. Here maintaining the relations with your client are an important thing. Give your client full satisfaction so that they can visit you again.

You can start your own website individually and apply digital marketing strategies what you have learnt to promote your site. Small businessmen who are not aware of the digital marketing seek the people who can maintain their website. If you get a chance to maintain others’ website it is also a good opportunity.

Income of the Digital Marketer:

Income of the digital marketer depends upon experience and your popularity. It also depends on in which field you are expert at. The average salary varies between $52,000 per year and $71,000 per year. At a higher level, you can earn between $87,500 per year and $120,500 per year.


If you have decided to become a digital marketer, you are on the right track. The possibility to increase the craze of digital marketing is high. After reading this article I am sure you are going to join some institute or coaching center. I wish you ‘Best of Luck’.

How to Become a Chef

Imagine a person wearing white coat with hat approaches you. What is in the bowl he is holding? The Fragrance is so prominent like your taste buds are just waiting to grab it. The chefs are amazing persons; they make wonders by their creativity.

If you’re planning to start your career as a Chef, Go ahead!! No experience??  Don’t worry, everybody starts with no experience then reaches to the profound level. It doesn’t matter you are experienced or not. If you have the determination and zeal, nothing can stop you. Start with me step by step and I will let you through the journey to become a skilled chef.

Part 1:Let’s Start With The Curiosity of How to Become A Chef

1.Start Loving Food 

If you love food, you will enjoy working as a chef. A chef spends hours in the kitchen; still it’s not mundane for him. Start taking interest in food science also. You can start with your kitchen or you can even join a restaurant for proximity with food.

2.Search for Your Thrust

Start visiting good restaurants or hotels. Overlook their menus, reviews, management skills. Because knowing how these work is as much important as to cook Food.

Part 2: Learn Professional Culinary Art

Your professional journey starts from here. To become a chef, education doesn’t require, but education increases your chance to get through at good hotels or restaurants. Culinary learning not only teaches ‘how’ but also ‘why’. Here you will make and create your own food.

You can join some culinary schools or colleges.  Aside of this, you can join reputed hotel chains handled by brands. You can travel foreign country to explore it more.

1.Get a High-School Diploma

For admission in any culinary school or college or any institution, you need high-school certificate or equivalent qualification. Some schools or colleges ask for minimum aggregate percentage also. If you have some higher qualification in culinary field, you will be promoted to 2 or 3 year of bachelor’s degree.

2.Go to Culinary School

Culinary School specifically focuses on art and science of food making. It provides a day to multi-year career oriented programs. Years of program depend upon which course you are enrolling into. They teach culinary arts, food science and hospitality related education. It is a well- managed format of teaching, you will learn each and everything related to food here. There are fully equipped kitchens and dining rooms.

There are working so many Schools for culinary arts and culinary services in the world. Here are the best well-known schools

  1. Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY
  2. Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA
  3. American River College in Sacramento, CA

3.Get Admission in Community College

Though community college also provides certification and degree in culinary art like culinary schools, but colleges are cheaper comparatively. The curriculum of the course is almost same in different colleges. They make their students to work in each and every environment. Some Community colleges also provide some additive general subjects like accounts, economics, etc. The college provides you complete well-formed degree and environment. You have to devote your time practising, how to prepare a meal, how to manage the kitchen and the restaurant.

Learn from Top 10 Training Institutes

  1. Culinary institute of America at hyde park
  2. International culinary center
  3. Culinary academy of india at hyderabad
  4. Le cordon bleu
  5. Institute of hotel management, pusa
  6. Kendall college of culinary arts
  7. New England culinary institute
  8. L’Academie de cuisine
  9. Oberoi centre of learning and development
  10. Amrapali institute of hotel management

4.Do Internship and Certification Courses

Every hotel management course and culinary courses offer you internship programs. In the six-month long period, you will be working under some reputed generally a 3-star hotel. Pay your full attention there. Your hard work there will reflect in your resume. Sometimes impressing by your work hotel may offer you job opportunity there only.

You can join some certification courses like pastry making, cookies making to add-on in your skills. The American Culinary federation provides a certification in different specialised area like preparing and cooking sauces, foods, eggs, fish and other food items. Try to earn more certificates as they are accolades for you.

Part 3: Start Your Career As a Chef

1.Chef’s Roles in The Kitchen

Understanding the different position held by professional chefs is also important. It will put a clear view of how this industry work and what is your goals.

a).Executive Chef 

Also known as a Head Chef, plays a creative and managerial job in the kitchen. He directs the menus, supervises and trains the staff, monitors hygiene and sanitation and takes responsibility for all food preparations.

b).Sous Chef or Assistant Chef 

The French word ‘sous’ means under. They work with Executive Chef and handle assistant chefs, cooks and workers. Also create dishes for the menu.

c).Senior Chef

Senior Chefs work on particular assigned menu in which they are skilled and manage the area under them.

 d).Demi Chef

They require special training that stands alone. They work on special dishes.

e).Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are a master baker and dessert creator. They work with Bakers, Chocolatiers and other Desert Experts.

2.Earning of the Chef

You can’t expect your first job as Executive Chef, so keep this reality in your mind. Entry level work generally provides $8-$15 per hour. Your earning will increase with you hardships and potential in the kitchen. In general the salaries for Assistant Chef, Demi Chef, Head cook lies between $ 35,000 and $55,000. Head Chefs earn from $50,000 to $100,000. These salary estimations are awarded by most reputed and largest properties or hotels.

3.Apply for a Reputed Job

  • Before applying for a job, you must have your CV or resume beforehand. In your CV, mention your objective, personal information, educational qualification, job experiences, the courses, internship details etc.
  • Do research work about job profile requirements and company. Prepare your objective and profile in CV accordingly.
  • Brush up your skills. Be preparing for telephonic, Skype and face to face interviews.
  • Keep pen and paper during Group discussion and interview if they allow.
  • Wear tidy apparels because the chef is known for cleanliness. Your personality must reflect your skills.
  • Be calm and confident during the interview or through the process.

 Part 4: Don’t Stop Here

Yes, it’s not the ending it’s the starting to many more things. After getting a job, start working on yourself, develop your own techniques. Jacques Pepin, a well-known chef, says a great chef is a great technician. Learn the things through endless repetition until it belongs to you.

  • Open Your Own Business

Open your own restaurant or take the franchise of some brands.

  • Start Your YouTube Channel.

What was your initial step to learn will fructify now. Share your uniqueness to the world, it’s time to explore.  Share your experiences and knowledge at social media sites.

  • Be Competitive in the Modern World

Today’s world has made chef as a celebrity by shows. There are many TV shows waiting for you at this stage, audition for them.  The famous TV shows are:

  1. Iron Chef America
  2. Top Chef
  3. MasterChef
  4. Chopped
  5. The Next Food Network Star

How to Become a Fitness Trainer


Our health plays a great role in our life. To be fit is the key to having a healthy lifestyle. Lately, everybody has become very conscious about their health. So to maintain that they need expert’s advice – thus, how a fitness trainer has become very important in our life. A fitness trainer is someone who always motivates you to succeed in your goal and also help you to define your fitness goal by providing effective instructions on the basis of individual assessments.
And, “you are born to be fit” – it has become your passion. Do you want to take it to the next level? For being passionate “fitness freak” to professional “fitness trainer”. Now a day it becomes a promising career. Here are the things; you need to follow to become a fitness trainer.
Do Research about the Profession
You love to work out and you want to inspire others to build a “keep going” attitude and never give up. Once you made up your mind to pursue your career as the fitness trainer, the first and foremost important thing is to have a sound knowledge of this profession. You need to research on that field thoroughly for providing the effective exercise instructions to all types of clients and or all range of ages. The more you research to go into depth about the profession, the more you become successful as a fitness trainer.

Get Certified To Become Ace

You follow your heart, this is not everything to achieve your goal – You need to invest your time to become an expert. There are many clients, fitness centers and clubs, want a trainer who is knowledgeable and expertise in this field. So you need to be certified. There are many organizations which offer certification course.

Age Criteria and Qualification

To be eligible into this profession you must fulfill these criteria.
• You must be 18+
• Hold a grade II degree
• Basic knowledge of human anatomy, strength training, and flexibility

Need to Keep in Mind

When you choose the course you should keep it mind that the course should NCCA, NFLA, and DEAC-accredited.

Fitness Training Institute in Indian

There are the well-named couple of institute in India which offers Certificate to advance course on Fitness. Here are the lists of the institute:
• GFFI-Fitness Academy
• Indian Academy of Fitness Training’
• Tulip International
• Gold Gym’s Fitness Institute
• Classic Fitness Academy
• Institute of Sports Science and Technology
• National Institute of Fitness Study

Fitness Training Institute in Abroad

In abroad, you can also start a career on that. There are several well-known institutes which serve your purpose. And if you want to be different from other and want to utilize your passion in a whole new level, you can go international.
• YMCAfit
• K11 Academy of Science
• Southern Institute of Technology
• American Council for exercise

Duration and Cost of Certification.

The total duration of fitness trainer course can be from 3 months to 3 years. The approximate amount of the certification course on the basis of duration can be 28,000/- to 2,0000/-.
Choose your Specialty and Have a Plan
You can work with one to one client or instruct in a group. Your choice will come with your preference. You can choose even both but make sure it will be best suited with your knowledge. According to that, you can choose your certifications:
• Personal Training Certification
• Fitness Nutrition Certification
• Fitness/Exercise Therapy Certification
• Youth Fitness Certification

Responsibility for being a Fitness Instructor

A fitness instructor is liable for safety and need of the clients. The professional policies should be maintained. Apart from that, there are few things which a trainer always responsible for doing:
• Discuss and assess the needs of clients: A trainer needs to know what his clients up to; whether she wants to lose weight, gain weight, improve flexibility or strength and build muscle.
• Short and Long term Goal Oriented Program: Next trainer will set a short and long term goal oriented program to lose certain pounds from specific parts of body or toning up muscles
• Progression towards Goal: Show how to achieve the goal by progressive session. Monitoring their lifestyle and food habit to achieve their goal.
• Communicate and Motivate: A healthy and close relation with the clients is very important. It can be built through communication motivation. A trainer must always boost up his clients to push them towards success as a motivator.

Career Opportunity to Be a Fitness Trainer

It gives lots of ways to flourish your career
• You can find a job at gym, fitness center, big hotels, resorts and even cruise liners as an instructor.
• You can be personal Instructor of celebrity or other big-shots (Which are in Demand)
• You can even start your own business.
Earning of a Fitness Trainer
The earning of a fitness trainer varies from his experience and qualifications. Approximately a trainer will earn 30,000/- to 1,240000/- per month for an established trainer.
This profession becomes very demanding as the career prospect is very secure and relaxing. A trainer just needs to invest 7-8 hours per day. And you can continue with professional development for your personal success.

How to Become a Personal Shopper

There are lots of ways to vegetate in a wayward manner. What it could be the best way rather than – shopping! Yes, Shopping is fun for many women as well as male counterpart also. Shopping has become more than a passion for all types of shoppers, be it like a determined shopper, an indecisive shopper, a reluctant shopper, an emotional shopper, an informed shopper, a social shopper, a brand-driven shopper or a practical shopper; it is a necessity and business. While some people think twice before expending few bucks on shopping, the others are making money out of it. Do you know how? – Be a Personal Shopper!

Shopaholic people have good news in shopping retail industry. People, who are enthusiastic about shopping, go for a profession as a personal shopper. A personal Shopper is someone who needs to give expert advice about choosing the right stuff for individual who don’t have time to invest for themselves. It has become a lavish trend in shopping industry like big shopping retail chain like Macy’s, Anthropologie and Nordstrom, Sears and Kmart employ Personal Shopper for Customers.

Personal Shopper’s Job Description

Style and Statement get projected these days with the infusion of latest fashion trends. Everybody wants to maintain the stature in society by the personal style, and thus requires a Personal shopper. To be precise, a Personal Shopper gives the advice to choose right stuff for a busy and inexperienced individual who lacks fashion sense. A Personal Shopper provides personalize attention and knowledge of product, services, and trends. It is not necessary that you always need to be a Personal Shopper related to fashion or clothing; you can a Personal shopper for grocery and gifts or antiques.

Education and Career Requirements

It is not necessary you have to hold a Bachelor Degree or a Degree in Fashion and Merchandising. But at least you need to complete Grade II. There are short term certification course on Personal Shopper and advance course are available.

Institute which offers Course on Personal Shopper

Though any training is not mandatory, for long term success you can get certifications to utilize your passion. Here are the lists of Institutes which offer course on personal Shopper. It will be beneficial for you.
• Sterling Style Academy
• Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology
• FE Institute of Art and Design.

You can also choose online course for yourself which is very easy and time-saving.

Steps to Become Personal Shopper

• Love for Shopping: A personal Shopper must be someone who loves to shop which is key to your success.
• Choose Your Niche: In which field you are expertise that only you can choose. You may have knowledge of all new trends in fashion or customized and details knowledge in different products.
• Be Knowledgeable: You need to up-to-date yourself and keep all the latest information about the field which like most so that you can impart expertise advice to your clients with confident
• Have a Plan and Get Experienced: You might have a plan how you would like to start your career. You may want to do freelancing or apply for a shopping or retail industry to gain experience as a Personal Shopper. The choices are all yours.
• Promote Yourself As a personal Shopper: You need to be socially active to market your service. You must advertise your shopping services in various publications attend events to build your network socially so that you can be recognized easily.

Skills Require To Be Personal Shopper

A Personal Shopper should maintain the highest level of professionalism in terms of appearance and attitude. She must have good written and communication skills. She should posses with authoritative attitude as well as friendly demeanor. A successful Personal Shopper needs to be goal-oriented, self-motivated, flexible and creative with an entrepreneur spirit.

Getting Job for Different types of Clients

The self-employed Personal Shopper works for an individual client who doesn’t have time to shop. The Clients can be a celebrity who want s to avoid media, Working parents who don’t want waste their time or a senior citizen who can’t go to stores to buy things for themselves; a Personal Shopper fulfills their desire.
Sometimes a Personal Shopper avails a full-time job in department stores, image consultant agencies or an event planning agencies where he/she work for providing customize shopping experience to clients.

Key Responsibilities of Personal Shopper

If you are a Personal Shopper, you need to be aware of these responsibilities:
• You should find items which suit your clients with their style and personality
• You need to give appropriate advice while shopping for your clients
• Build a good and strong relationship with brands which will be beneficiary for your clients
• Continue with your research and updated yourself to communicate well.
• Fix appointments and consulting with clients
• Suggest and manage budgets.

Career Progression

There are many requirements in order to become a Personal Shopper. There are number of good positions in different retail industries apart from a self-employed Personal Shopper:
• Assistant Personal Shopper
• Personal Shopper
• Store Manager

Working Condition

You must be aware of that a personal Shopper has no fixed time to work. You may work on irregular hours and weekends also. Most of the clients prefer weekends as they don’t have time on weekdays for consultations. A personal Shopper needs to spend most of the time in stores.

Earnings and Benefits

Earning of a Personal Shopper depends on the reputation and experience. Many personal shoppers charge $25-$300 per hour for consultation. And the salary of a Personal Shopper will range from $30,000 – $50,000 per year.

A personal shopper will enjoy all the benefits like paid holidays, health insurance and a good hike in salary. Whereas, a self-employed Personal Shopper will enjoy his/her own terms and conditions.

How to Become a Special Educator

Let us begin this piece by drawing an outline of what special education does really imply? Haven’t you ever got drawn to children who in some way or the other are challenged and cannot take up learning or education in pretty much the normal way?

Challenges Galore:

It is to help such children that special education as a form of education came into being. The outline of special education as a job involves an immense level of patience, understanding, love and care to help the hapless disabled children experience living conditions just like any other kids.

When such job calls for only the very best of educators to be involved, it is certainly their ability to deal with the psychology of children that will be counted upon. Let’s suppose you are to work with children with special needs. Their shortcomings can be various and you as an educator need to deal with it all. Such as;

  • Physical disabilities
  • Problems in letting out Emotions
  • Cognitive or getting to understand any language
  • And lastly mental disabilities.

You as an educator have to work with students that can be deaf or blind or immobile and shifts from one place to the other in a wheelchair.

A Support Formation:

There is no substitute for team work when dealing with children with special needs. The team work is extremely important in devising lessons and preparation of learning curriculum. Also taking up the work of assisting children with too much of disabilities on a daily basis can be quite of a stress. Communicating and sharing experiences with other educators surely helps on an individual level.

You will also be required to be a full-timer in terms of the hours to be spent working with the kids. Most of the educators however get their summers off.

The Qualification:

Now to figure out the qualification that is required for an individual to become an educator of special children. We may very start off with;

  • In terms of degrees a bachelor’s degree is most sought after with some of the institutes that hire special educators also settling for master’s
  • The field of the degree must be related to that of the special education
  • An internship as an educator amongst special children would be quite helpful in terms of experience gathered.
  • A teacher certification also follows suit that acts as the license.
  • The key skills as discussed before for an educator, in this piece, would be that of a creative understanding mindset, easy way of communication, extreme levels of patience and lastly flexibility amongst others.
  • If a person matches up with all the above stated criteria, bagging the job of a special educator isn’t at all of any difficulty.


The salaries drawn by special educators as studies suggest have been quite handsome. Take for instance the statistics showcasing the salaries of middle school special education teachers in the US. Their salaries happened to hover around the figures of $45,920 to $72310 annually.  Thus for a person who is looking forward to taking up a teaching job can be rest assured of a proper remuneration for all the hard work involving special children.

A career Option:

Certainly when there are the guarantee of assured salary returns as mentioned above, things are always expected to look up. A person going for a special educator career can draw inspiration from the fact, in US alone a 6% growth is projected in the period of 2014-2024. For the year 2015 alone, the average salary of such an occupation was figured around $60,300.

How to Become a YouTuber 

It is not only a trend, people’s perspective towards the content is changing briskly – You can utilize your extensive knowledge by “vlogging” rather than “blogging”. The trend of blog (video blog) starts with YouTube and the people who find this platform to unlock new opportunities for them by the efforts to promote their brands, educate people with engrossing and knowledgeable contents, and start a small business online; – are known as “YouTubers”.

Many people start joining this platform just as a hobby to showcase their abilities in video content, but soon it turns out to be a successful career for them. There are many successful YouTubers like Zoella and Joe Graceful who create their channels on YouTube and having consistent followers to earn huge commercial revenues. It becomes so easy for many successful YouTubers to build their traffics and subscribers by their video contents.

So, is it really easy? Or, are you confused about how doing that? How should you start? All your queries will be rewarded here with all rudimentary answers to assist you. Sounds good!! – Here you are good to go.

Decide What You Want to Achieve

Before you want to be a YouTuber, you need to be persistent and figure out what kind of content you want to create to build a strong followers, and right audience. To create quality video content you need to focus on lighting and sound equipment which make easy for your viewers to have a better understanding of your content. You should involve yourself in Video editing which will be good for your YouTube channel.
You need to make a goal to provide good material so that your acceptability to your viewers will increase and you will get your targeted audience and subscribers on your YouTube channel.

Criteria and Qualification To Be a YouTuber

There is no such criteria to become a YouTuber. If you are passionate about video content and video editing, you are the suitable person to try your luck and skills in This field and become a successful vlogger.

Create A Channel on YouTube

The first step is to create your channel on YouTube. But, you need to have a google account with which you can navigate to YouTube. You can make the channel by your name or your business name which is good for your audience to find you.
There are a few sections which you have to fill properly to make a good impression your channel.

i) About Section: This is the import section to reach your audience. You have an opportunity to tell about your unique personality and qualities which attract an audience.
ii) Channel Logo: Your channel logo has a great impression of your professionalism.
iii) Channel Art: You can customize your channel art and there are many varieties which you can choose. But you can keep the design simple and choose the right image which will be consistent for your brand.

Create Your Videos

It depends on what kind of video you want to create. You make videos of any genre. It can be on Singing, Dancing, Cooking, Sports, tutorial or funny videos. It can be anything you want. There is no hard and fast rule to follow. But, creating videos on your niche will be good for you as you will be comfortable and able to showcase your potentiality. While making your videos, yyou need to follow some steps.
i) Create Playlist: Creating playlist is very helpful to categorize your video content.
ii) Create A Approaching Title: A title is a most importing thing for your video to increase the search results. Make it unique to describe your entire content.
iii) Choose Right Thumbnail: The key element of your video content is choosing the right thumbnail. It will be the spotlight on important features of your content.

Share Your Videos and Go Social To Increase Your Fan

One of the easy way to get your traffic is to share your videos generously in every circle. You need to promote your channel through other online medium to increase your fan and viewers.
i) You can share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Printrest and Linkdin, where you are already connected with good Number of people.
ii) Link your channel with Google+ account which drives a good traffic.
iii) Tell your friends and other members of the family about your channel.
Analyze your Data
Once you are done with Creating channel on YouTube and videos, you need to analyze how many people find your contents as engaging. YouTube analytics help to gauge your audience.

Earning of a YouTuber

The main earning of the YouTube is from the advertisements and a YouTuber can also the partner of YouTube and get a percentage of the hosted advertising and also get freebies.
You need to link your account with Google Adsense. You will get $1 – $4 for 1,000 viewers on the basis of CPM (Cost Per Marketing). YouTube keeps 45% and gives of 55% of total earnings. If you build your network strong, aproximately you can monthly earn $100 – $400.

Things A YouTuber Need to Know

To become a YouTuber there are few things a every YouTuber should know.
i) You should be passionate about your topics which will become a engaging content for viewers and it will help you a lot to work on your niche. You need to keep adding new contents.
ii) You need to engage with your audience as a consistent YouTuber and respond to their comments. Sometimes, you can send a message to individual subscriber which will help you to stay connected with your viewers.
iii) There is no compulsion to become a YouTuber but there is competition in community – Your niche can be other’s niche also. So, you need to work on it to produce a good quality vlog.
iv) It takes time to grow your channel and become successful. So, you have to keep your patience.
v) Set your goal to achieve success, it can be short-term or long-term. Everything depends on you.

That’s all folk!These are simple steps which you can follow to become a successful – YouTuber. So, ‘keep vlogging and enjoy success’.


How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

Making it big and making it count in terms of aspirations with one’s life or career is understandable. Perhaps this is what triggers the onset of an entrepreneurial venture. The lure of making a passion or a dream achieves reality by leading from the front.
When in the olden days, entrepreneurs a lot of the times had to battle it all alone, the present technological advancements very well dictates that entrepreneurs can certainly sharpen their skills and rope in some extra knowledge that in the long run proves to be of immense help.

Defining Career Goals:

For any young entrepreneur just starting off or setting off the sails has to remain rooted to this rule of thumb. Charting one’s business path is extremely important with the inclusion and taking into consideration the ultimate goals along with the initial investment of start-up capital.

Initial Days:

There is no substitute of hard work for entrepreneurs. The employees who would be present assisting the entrepreneurs in their business quest has to have certain qualities, diligence, and a resolve to work hard come what may. They would also be a handful in getting the word out of an upcoming product from the entrepreneur’s stable.

Self-Motivation Step by Step:

An entrepreneur who has just set his sights on embarking in the sea of business opportunities with his boat and men won’t find his sea legs unless there is a good stock of the situation. Motivation and a spirited individual at the helm will come into being through the following adjustments and necessary measures.
•    First and foremost required is a careful SWOT analysis which is the abbreviated form of strength, weakness, opportunities and strength. These include a close look in areas of knowledge in the said field, experiences if there are any, aptitude tests as a measurement of the skills and a personality test in the end to assess an individual’s capacity to deal with crisis as an entrepreneur.
•    And soon after comes the very important aspect of judging one’s financial condition which would either signal the start or the very end of the decision to become an entrepreneur.
•    Acting fast is an art that must get embedded deep in the very character of an entrepreneur. There is no second opportunity in the real world and with competitors trying to surpass every now and then, acting fast on decision and scopes is crucial to survival.\
•    Being innovative is another key which is also beneficial to the state of one;s mental health or physical being. Creativity arising with contemplation, clear thinking and quiet time spent with oneself ultimately can be used to a good extent in the context of a business.
•    Learning never stops. An entrepreneur will never cease to stop learning and if not alone from the competitors there is plenty to learn and sample from one’s own team of employees.

Thus as is evident from the above listed points, being an entrepreneur does not happen out of the blue and involves a fairly extensive way of chalking out one’s course in the world of business. It is through one’s journey and foray further on, that an entrepreneur and his business becomes a formidable force to reckon with.

How to Become a Personal Stylist

“Style Is A Way to Say Who You Are Without Having To Speak”

The famous quote of Rachel Zoe, A Fashion Designer, speaks clearly about the job of a stylist. Most people don’t have so much of time to shop for themselves so they hire a personal stylist. The person who hires personal stylist can be a celebrity, a business person and anyone from the different profession. To become a personal stylist you must be a geek of fashion trends. A personal stylist is a person updating her or him with the present requirements.

a personal stylist

A personal stylist shops for the client. He/ she know what to wear on the red carpet, in ceremonies and in public. He/she take care of the clients all over appearance.  He/ She are aware of the deadlines to keep up with the industry. As an initiator, many think it’s an easy job to become a personal stylist. But I am telling you it’s not that an easy job. There is Misbelieves Regarding Become a Personal Stylist. Few of them I’m telling you to be aware of those.

  • We don’t need any degree to become a personal stylist. We are a born stylist of ourselves. If you want to become a well-known stylist let go this thought.
  • It’s an easy job, anybody can do this. At first, it seems easy like putting anything will work. But remember, the seeing is not the believing always.
  • What a luxurious and cosy life personal stylist live. You’re again wrong; the deadlines don’t let you sleep sometimes.
  • Getting a degree from any institution is enough. Don’t forget getting a degree is the essential step and at the end, what you have learned will work.
  • The job of a personal stylist is to shop for the client and no need to have knowledge of fashion. What I can say to this perception is “LOL, Nobody pays for nothing “.
  • There is a misconception that personal shopper is a fashion stylist. It’s not the truth. There is difference in their job.

See the Fashion Stylist in You

The personal stylist or fashion stylist is the person with impeccable qualities. People follow the stylist; this makes the job more important. Your designed dresses will flaunt the person’s identity. So being a personal stylist is as important as being an eagle with keen eyes. Start developing the must have skills as the personal or fashion stylist.

Passion for Fashion:

A Personal stylist has an eye always on fashion trends. Be the one always hunting for his quest. Follow whatever enables you to create unique and identical. Listen to your inner voice raising you to do more and again. Don’t stop by failures, repercussions are necessary to gain the experience.

Be you and create original

Don’t be a copy, be yourself while creating your stuff.  Some personal stylist working for celebrities have a unique identity while choosing the clothing for the one. This is the skills which let you to the higher level.

Follow the Fashion Trends

Start following TV Shows, Fashion Magazines, fashion brands and Events related to the present fashion trends. Seek for colours schemes and fabric types. Go to fashion events and learn from them how they manage the events. Research the honeyed style and hot trends you see anywhere. Stylist must be aware of brands, boutiques and fashion stores.

Prepare yourself for deadlines

There are no time limitations when we talk about personal stylist’s work. You have to fit yourself in any time zone. Your customers can be from anywhere in the world needs you to travel more. Prepare yourself for working in every circumstance because sometimes you are burdened to do the tasks within few hours with the uniqueness. So, the Personal stylist has fixed deadlines to finish his/ her tasks.

Be Connected With the Fashion-Related People:

Follow the famous people’s blogs, their stories, and their shows. Following doesn’t mean liking their work on Facebook or Twitter, here following means learning. Learn how they do it, how they did it, what they do to cope-up with the industry.

Work for People Not For Money

The job of the stylist is more about designing for people and you’ll get payments for it. Doing the reverse will let you nowhere. Pay attention to your work, money will come to you automatically. You will certainly land a job you cannot even expect now. But before reaching the climax your aim must be working and gaining knowledge.

Steps to become a personal stylist

Step 1. Get an associate’s degree for fashion stylist

To get educated you can go for bachelor degree, associate programs and a diploma in fashion design, fashion marketing, fashion merchandising and fashion management. People with a bachelor degree earn 63% more than others in this field. Education is necessary to match the level of the fashion industry. The famous universities offering education regarding the fashion:

  • Kaplan University
  • Strayer University
  • Capella University
  • Penn Foster High School
  • Harper College
  • Lansing Community College
  • Academy of Art University

Step 2. Work in fashion industry to gain experience

After the degree, you can go for internship programs where you can implement the understanding for fabrics and colour schemes. Work with a professional stylist as an assistant and learn what is appealing to the audience and how to design it. You can work for some magazines also.  You will learn the basics of software used to create a virtual image and virtual stylings like ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, ADOBE PHOTOHOP, PICASA EDITING TOOLS, CORELDRAW, C-DESIGN and more.

This step is your entry level. Here you will learn to make your LOOKBOOK. Wondering what is Lookbook? The lookbook is a showcase of stylist’s skills. Start adding images and your experiences with the clients to show off your work at one place.

Step 3. Find a job as a personal stylist:

Choose the one whom you want to work for. Research about the taste of the client is it the one in line with your interest? Work for the client you think you are comfortable in designing their dresses. Prepare your resume and lookbook beforehand the interview. Be confident while showing your work experiences.

Always integrate the stuff suits your client’s appearances. Pick up your uniquely styled match for your client. Your client’s recommendation can let you hire levels. Work with your client honestly.

Step 4. Supplement fashion stylist in you with certification

Don’t put your leg behind after the job, be updated with new trends and do certifications. You can do certification in hair styling, nail arts, jewellery designing etc. Do the certification to enhance your skills. Being a stylist is a never ending learning.

Income of a Fashion Stylist:

A fashion designer’s work is not about living. It is about designing a life.

A fashion stylist income depends on how experienced and creative he/she is. The job of your how skilled you are and understand the quote above is key to your successful career. The famous stylist working with beauty firms, celebrities, fashion houses, advertising agencies, earns $3,000 a year to $ 500,000 a year.

The most famous one who works for film industry charges for per episode which is unexpected to you. Rachel Zoe earned for “the Rachel Zoe project” $500,000 per episode. So there is no limit of income once you become a well-known stylist. In the starting, you may get from $20 to $2,000 per hour based on your skills and experience as a stylist.

This is the job you work for people’s appearances. Be careful, your client is the one representing your skills in the public. Education and experience are the necessary steps in your career, so choose wisely.

How to Become a Jewellery Designer

Everybody knows about the jewelry’s designs well especially the women. Jewelry adds fullness, another sheet of allegory in your appearance. From the years, jewelry has been always in fashion trends, believe me, it will always. This is the trend never fed away. Have you ever thought who is behind the window in designing the mesmerizing designs to add richness in your looks?  Do you want to know how to become a jewelry designer? If yes, you are at the right place. Read on and at the end of this article, you will get to know answers to all your questions.

Steps To Become Jewelry Designer:

Step 1. Education Requirements to Become Jewelry Designer

Having a creative mind is a good thing but don’t be over-smart and miss the education part. Here you will learn all the basics, histories, types of stones and germs.  Jewelry designer must know the origins of the designs to create his own design.

Getting a degree from recognized universities and schools appears more appealing to employers. If you operate your own business, a degree will represent your expertise and knowledge of the particular field.

You will the process of designing the jewelry and operating the software like COMPUTER-AIDED-DESIGN (CAD), JWEEL (3-D designing software), RHINO and 3DESIGN. The process of designing the jewelry:

  1. Draft the first rough image which is in your mind on paper with pencil and later make the changes accordingly or you can use the software to draw the image.
  2. Transform your 2-D ideas into a 3-D digital prototype using software Autodesk. It will help you in designing, visualizing and simulating the complex ideas into easy one.
  3. Now make a designed clay or wax filled with melted metal.
  4. Start casting of the metal.
  5. After casting your metal into a mould, give final touch by cutting, polishing adding stones and germs to it.

Best Colleges Offering Jewelry Design Programs and Education to Put Your Head in This Field:

  • Gem City College
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Gemological Institute of America
  • The University Of Kansas
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • San Diego University
  • Craft and Design
  • The Goldsmiths’ Company
  • Jewelry and Allied Industries Training Council

Step 2. Skill Requirements to Become a Jewelry Designer

  • Inventive mind and artistic skills to create your own unique designs
  • Good imagination with drawing art to make your image into the paper with the details.
  • Knowledge of using tools and materials; well knowing how to use them to make your stuff decorated and polished.
  • Know how to operate the software required drawing 3-D designs.
  • To finish the work in deadlines; he manages his time well and makes the things easy in time.
  • Ability to speak about your design and do marketing of your stuff
  • Know how to deal with clients and buyers.
  • Be Honest in job and fulfills the commitments

Step 3. Get Experience in Jewelry Designing Industry

Work experience is necessary for every field. Designers with experience are considered to be more privileged. You’ll learn to use tools. There are many tools used in jewelry making like FLAT NOSE PLIERS, ROUND NOSE PLIERS, NYLON TIPPED PLIERS, WIRE CUTTERS, TOENAIL CLIPPERS and RULER. Working as an assistant at some reputed store will be plus point to you. “The more you learn the more you earn” fits here. Get recognition by certification, apprenticeship, internship programs.  Some valuable apprenticeship programs are provided by Holts Academy, Goldsmiths’ Centre and British Jewellers’ Association.

Step 4. Start Earning

a) Try To Get Job Here:

Prepare your resume including degree, certification and experience detail beforehand. Start attending walk –in interviews and show your skills there. Try to get through in good brands and designers’ industry. Some of the famous options are:

  • Benchpeg
  • Creative choices
  • The Hockey Flyer
  • Jewellery Magazine online
  • Retail Jeweller

b) Start your own business:

It’s not necessary to work at others store or project; you can start your own store. For starting your own business you must be more social and compatible with dealing with clients or buyers. Start networking with people. Promote your business by digital market strategies. You can sell your products and designs online.

Salaries of the Jewelry Designer

Income of the jewelry designers varies on which type of work you do. You can sell designs, products’ portion; do polishing, casting designing for other industry. You may operate your own store and deal with customers directly. Maybe you are doing some job as a jewelry designer. So your job will decide your income.

According to the bureau of America, the expected average gross income of a jewelry designer is $39,940 per annum. Many jewelers charge high for their particular designs or specialized designs. The starting salary of jewelers varies between $18,730 and $21,000. An experienced designer earns between $25904 and $64760 per annum.

The Environment and Work Schedule

If you own a business, work schedule can fluctuate. At your business, you have to work according to the client’s requirements. But if you are working for an employer, there will regular timing and no night shifts. As a self-employed, you will feel free in your decision making.

If you work at polishing, casting or moulding industry, you will deal with noisy environment and crowds. The possibility is you have to travel more and do your assignments in the deadlines.  So be preparing for the hardships.

Responsibilities as a Jewelry Designer:

how to become a jewelry designer

Polishing: By polishing jewelers give finishing to jewelry.

Mounting:  The framework is designed in this process.

Stamping: Designers impress/ print the pattern on the metal.

Casting: Making the designed model with wax or clay.

Soldering: The Joining is done by melting in this process

Welding: To connect the pieces of the metal soldering is used.

Electroplating Of Stones: To make layers on base metal or thin wires.

Enamelling: Giving colour schemes to the pattern by powdered Glass.

Engraving: With chisel or graver the designer cut designs on the metal.


There are many more additional skills and opportunities as a jewelry designer. You can move to areas like a fashion designer, retailer and stylist. Learn extra skills to put your head in the fashion industry.