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Top 10 Online Content Writing Jobs For Students

Freelance writing as a Student is an awesome approach to gain some money at college-time, while not dismissing your examinations. You can work when you need, get a touch of additional money to help with the rent, enhance your CV and the best part is that you can do everything in your comfort zone.

In the present digital world, it’s no big surprise that 21% of British graduates with a top of the line degree has just begun outsourcing. Organizations are continually searching for understudy marketing specialists, bloggers and article journalists to help with their online content writing work. It helps to gain a significant experience that lifts the ledger, as well as enhances your writing capacity which is an essential ability required in many occupation fields.

IFreelance writing is additionally an incredible method for getting your work distributed, particularly in case you’re hoping to go into a vocation in news coverage, distributing or PR. Numerous businesses will need to see some understanding and proof of your composed work; on the off chance that you’ve found a freelance writing job for a magazine or site, at that point you’ll have a lot of training and articles to look over. You additionally may get a more extensive group of onlookers than the understudy daily newspaper.

What do you need to start your freelance content writing job at home?

  • A Computer
  • An Internet Connection
  • Most Important Time

Obviously, having the capacity to compose with great grammar rules is likewise leverage. You need individuals to have the capacity to understand what you’re composing is also an important consideration. You don’t really need to be an English geek or even great at creative writing. Freelance jobs are accessible in all fields, including scholastic, legitimate and medical.

A few employments may expect you to have some information on SEO and WordPress, however, these are moderately easy to get to holds with after a touch of playing. Having your own blog which you refresh consistently may likewise be an advantage, not exclusively to demonstrate that you’re a good writer, yet in addition with the goal that organizations can see your style and tone before they procure you.

online content writing jobs

Is The Field Right For You?

Each activity will be extraordinary and relying on your available time, you can even juggle a few independent gigs in the meantime. At times, employment might be only a coincidental, yet by and large, as a regular freelance writer, you will be relied upon to write articles to an elevated requirement week by week or month to month. You will be set due dates, and make sure to hold fast to them. There’s nothing more regrettable than a freelance content writer who continually hands articles over late. You’ll get installment either by word check or by a number of finished articles every month. The more you write, the more you’ll gain, and get yourself took note.

How To Find Content Writing Jobs?

Discovering employments is the trickiest part. Practically every site and distribution will have a group of content writers, whose activity it is to compose standard articles, both on the web and in magazines or diaries, and they in some cases will promote for independent parts. Here you’d be required to compose connecting with articles on a week by week or month to month premise and cling to due dates. However separated from that, you can work at anyplace and all over! In the event that there are no independent parts at an organization, don’t be frightened to email the manager straightforwardly. On the off chance that you pitch yourself and an article thought well, they may view you as a general content writer.

As a student when you write for a particular project. On the off chance that they like your thought, at that point you may get yourself standard (paid) work with them. Do, in any case, do some exploration earlier and watch that they really acknowledge freelance work.

Here are the top 10 content writing jobs for students:

1. Upwork

2. People Per Hour

3, Fiverr

4. TextBroker

5. Guru

6. iFreelance

7. Outsourcely

8. Freelance Writing

9. Problogger Job Board

10. Freelancer

So, they are the top 10 most famous and useful online jobs for the students to initiate their online side job income. Before proceeding to start online freelancing jobs, keep ready your PayPal account as in most jobs you are required to have a PayPal account to receive your payment.

How Much Does A Digital Marketer Make

Digital Marketing is an exceptionally immense field. There are different fields and ideas to learn first before one consider generating money. More vital marketing needs to be your obsession as you will wind up in circumstances where you’ll need to accomplish income objectives by means of Digital marketing. So you should be set up to acknowledge the situations you are going to face in future.

People from solid specialized foundation first comprehend digital marketing nuts and bolts yet in addition pick Website Development, SEO and Email Marketing as their essential learning territory as that requires coding aptitudes comparing with different procedures like online social media marketing, Google AdWords, and so on.

When you create a range of abilities in these regions, organizations will offer you huge money according to your knowledge and experience.

In case you are beginning as a fresher, at that point, all need to ensure you are knowledgeable about the different parts of the tactics to pick up at this aggressive edge and able to crack a decent job.

Digital Marketing Career Options:

Digital marketing is a vast field which requires a deep understanding of each field to lead on. Digita marketing trend changes every day and you ought to know about every one of that demanding trends, then no one but you can root your feet in the digital marketing world. Each and every field has its expert and salary of digital marketer wholly depends on expertise in the particular domain and overall knowledge of the subject. Here is the different field encompassing digital marketing as a whole.

1. SEO

2. SMM

3. PPC

4. Email Marketing

5. Video Marketing

6. Mobile Marketing

7. Content Marketing

digital marketing earn

Factors Affecting The Salary Of Digital Marketer

Here is the list of reasons which makes the digital marketing as a growing field and in future we can expect much opportunities in this sector.

  • Increasing industry demand
  • Future of it services
  • Opportunities regarding the job and position
  • Can’t make the business successful in this increasing trend of advanced marketing
  • You can begin your digital marketing business freely
  • It will grow in future without any financial crisis
  • Demands exceeding supply of digital marketer
  • Various digital marketer roles

Income Statistics In Various Countries

Income Of Digital Marketer In USA

In the USA, there is a huge demand of digital marketer with special expertise and the knowledge to make most of the sale out of their business or create a brand value publicly. Content marketers are in huge demand who can make best out of the content to attract and engage the audience. It is necessary for content marketers to be more friendly to mobile-optimized contents. Identically, the content marketer with huge knowledge of mobile-optimized content and designing is much-needed marketers in the USA. The reason is that most of the people search for their Android device and this makes the crazed for mobile device awareness in popularity.

Here, the web content writers with 1 to 5 years of experience can make from $47,750 to $71,750. The SEO with 1 to 3 years of experience can make from $52,000 and $71,000. In addition, the e-commerce marketing manager can make between $87,500 and $120,500.

Income Of Digital Marketer In Ireland

Ireland requires specialists in the field of technical and analytical domains with the vast knowledge of marketing strategies. Here the trend is all about how professionals can draw the result based on a strong emphasis on executing and managing digital marketing PPC ads, furthermore, operating skills in managing marketing automation software like HubSpot and Marketo.

The SEO and PPC experts with 0 to 3 years of experience can make from 30,000 and 50,000 euro. The social media manager with the experience of 3 to 5 years can make from 45,000 to 60,000 euro and the digital marketing head makes from 70,000 to 100,000 euro.

Income Of Digital Marketer In UK

The digital marketing is on the verge of success in Uk as last year the salaries in this particular field have seen a growth of 10%. the most specialist in sought here includes mobile experts, front end, Javascript and full stack developers. The list also includes marketing technologies, growth marketer, and content marketer.

Here the entry-level marketer can make from 25,000 to 35,000 pounds sterling. SEO manager can make 40,000 to 55,000 pounds sterling and head of digital marketing can make 90,000 pounds sterling across the sectors.

Income Of Digital Marketer In India

In India, the digital marketer with few years of experience can make around Rs. 7.2 lakhs per annum. Google analytics, SEM, online marketer and Google Ad words professionals are in huge demand in India. The entry-level marketers in India make quite low which is between Rs. 15,000 to 20,000 per month. But, with the experience, they start growing in the domain and can reach up to Rs. 25 lakh per annum.


As industry demand for digital marketing specialists reliably exceeds supply, associations are at last start to put resources into the important abilities preparing to help digital marketing profession and getting the significant representatives, therefore. 2016 will see considerably more changes on training methods for the business and associations to grow with a continually advancing industry.

If you decided to choose a digital marketing field as a career, go ahead as so many opportunities are waiting for you to absorb and go with the trend. The requirement of digital marketing professionals is sought in every country which makes this field more suited to grow globally.

How to Do Internet Marketing

Nowadays internet marketing services are in huge demand. Businesses are also paying so much attention and money to promote their business by internet marketing. Many do it by themselves and many outsource their work.

The specialists of the field help you throughout your marketing campaigns and always try their best to extract out most of it. Their managing and implementing skills are too good.

So whether you want to learn how to do internet marketing for your business or to become an expert, this post is for you.

Here is the step-by-step process to learn internet marketing:

  1. Focus On Objective Of Your Business
  2. Build A Strong Marketing Strategy
  3. Bring Visitors To Your Site
  4. Invest In Content Marketing
  5. Use The Paid Marketing Tools
  6. Use Seo Tactics
  7. Use Social Media Marketing Tools

1.Focus On Objective Of Your Business

Whether you are running your own business and working for others to promote the business, the first thing keeps in mind is the objective of your strategies. Business has so many elements to take care of when we are talking about customers, prospects, partners, and owners.

There is no such thing as a one-estimate fits-all client. Your purchases are profoundly different and will show their own exceptional inclinations, identity qualities, and necessities. Your internet marketing activities need to achieve every single one of these client portions.

The initial step to any showcasing internet marketing is to set up your client personas.

how to do internet marketing

2. Build A Strong Marketing Strategy

Average advertisers think regarding campaigns. Awesome advertisers think as far as growth systems. Figure out how to position your promoting system into a manageable, ROI-positive income engine for your business. Gone are the times of shallow marketing. Use measurements to assemble a strong income stream.

Promoting achievement originates from achieving the correct clients at simply the ideal time in their basic leadership process.
Set up yourself of a client, and consider the last time you shopped with your most loved online store.

Each showcasing program needs a painstakingly characterized set of objectives. Else, you’re fundamentally tossing bolts by neglecting the purpose. Advertising needs to take care to make the customer buy something. mindfulness, engagement, decision, and maintenance are the means that takes to wind up clients and that clients take to end up repeating purchasers.

3. Bring Visitors To Your Site

At the point when individuals burn through cash, they’re supposing with both their objective and passionate brains. The best-promoting structures offer to both. storytelling is a standout amongst the most capable instruments that your organization can use to assemble client engagements. This section will walk you through the mechanics of developing your organization’s story.

Human-to-human associations are the complete soul of business. Toward the day’s end, you’re managing individuals. Your organization is taking care of issues, reducing torment focuses, and giving delightful client connections. Income is something that occurs as a side-effect of a sound plan of action and a positive client encounter.

Storytelling is a capable procedure for building connections. It’s a well-established idea that unites individuals and keeps them locked in. It doesn’t make a difference where on the planet you’re based on or how much investment your startup has.

4. Invest In Content Marketing

Great written work and substance technique makes products, and it is necessary to do marketing of those products in a much better way. When we carry out our tasks well, the things we deliver are less demanding and more enjoyable to utilize. We’ve perceived how changing copy can affect results, engagement and sentiment of visitors.

Content marketing is something more than blogging, posting and creating much of contents. At the point when executed accurately, the content including articles, guides (like this one), videos, online courses, and webinar can be effective drivers for your business. Concentrate on building trust and creating astounding quality. Furthermore, the greater part of all, ensure that you’re catching the correct measurements. Make substance to produce ROI. Measure the correct outcomes.

5. Use The Paid Marketing Tools

Paid channel advertising is something you’ve most likely run over in some frame or another. Different names for this subject including Search Engine Marketing (SEM), web-based advertising, or pay-per-click (PPC). All the time, advertisers utilize these terms reciprocally to portray a similar idea and traffic bought through online promotions. Advertisers regularly stay away from this system since it costs cash. This viewpoint will put you at a noteworthy burden. It’s normal for organizations to run PPC campaign with uncapped spending plans. Since you need to produce an ROI at any rate.

6. Use Seo Tactics

Web crawlers are a capable channel for interfacing with new groups of onlookers. Organizations like google and bing hope to interface their clients with an ideal client engagement. Stage one of a solid seo system is to ensure that your site engagement and products are up to expectation. Stage 2 is to convey that client engagement data to web search tools so you can increase your ranking.

Web search tools are always checking your site for key client engagement situations. As much as your site, advertising, and products need to help a solid client engagement.

7. Use Social Media Marketing Tools

Your web-based social media methodology is something more than just a facebook profile or twitter channel. At the point when executed accurately, online networking is an intense client engagement source and web traffic driver. It’s anything but difficult to get sucked into the buildup and make profiles on each and every social site. This is the wrong approach. What you need to do rather is to concentrate on a couple of key channels where your image is well on the way to achieve key clients and prospects. This part is important to show you how to make the judgment call.


As you can see, there are free and paid online marketing methods you can use to get your business noticed. All you need is time and a little creativity to put them in motion. Once you use them and start making money, you can then use other online marketing tools too.

How To Create A Digital Marketing Plan

Doubtlessly, in the advanced world, a major piece of your advertising methodology is digital. Many organizations don’t have an organized digital marketing plan, but it is necessary to go with the flow to succeed in our digital marketing objective. Everybody knows you require a strategy for success, yet numerous businesses don’t understand an importance of digital marketing as essential. Not at all like a strategy for the business, a digital marketing concentrates on winning and keeping clients; it’s prominent and incorporates numbers, certainties and targets. A decent marketing plan explains everything you need to know about the tools and strategies to accomplish your sales objectives. It’s your arrangement of activity—what you’ll offer, who’ll need to get it and the strategies you’ll use to generate leads that give significant result. So planning is very important to accomplish a digital marketing goal.

So Here Is The Well-Formatted Plan To Fulfil Digital Marketing Goals:

1. Setup Your Buyer Personas

2. Go Handy With The List Of Digital Marketing Tools You’ll Require

3. Assess Your Current Advanced Promoting Channels And Resources

4. Review And Plan Your Owned Media

5. Review And Plan Your Earned Media

6. Review And Plan Your Paid Media

7. Unite It All

1. Setup Your Buyer Personas

To implement any marketing strategy whether it’s offline or online, it is necessary to know your end audience. The prominent digital marketing plans are based on the detailed buyer personas, plus your forward step is to make efforts in creating them.

Buyer personas help you to understand your optimal customers and can be made by examining, looking over, and meeting your business’ intended audience. In targeting your audience, the most important thing to remember is that the information covered by you must be real and based on your real life experience because this way makes your audience to be closer to you. As your followers like you and reputation is another very important factor in digital marketing, so it becomes essential to be genuine throughout the information.

To get an adjusted photo of your persona, it is necessary that your persona includes a blend of clients, prospects, and individuals outside your contacts database who line up with your intended group.

What sort of data you would add depends on your own particular purchaser personas to showcase your advanced knowledge base. It also relies on your organizations, and whether you’re b2b or b2c, or whether your item is high cost or ease. Here are some beginning stages, yet you’ll need to tweak them, according to your specific business.

Demographic Details

This heading will include location, age, income, and job title of your business.

Psychographic details

Goals, priorities, hobbies and interest, challenges, and goals of the website or business are included in this list.

2. Go Handy With The List Of Digital Marketing Tools You’ll Require

You’re marketing objectives should always fix back to the essential objectives of the business. Whatever your main objective is, you have to know how to calculate it, and the more prominent thing is, really have the tool to calculate it. How you measure the adequacy of your advanced system will be different for every business and relevant on your goals, however, it’s necessary to know you’re capable to do so, as it’s these measurements which will enable you to modify your procedure later on.

In case you’re a HubSpot client, the reporting add-on in your HubSpot programming takes the greater part of your advertising and deals information at one place, so you can rapidly figure out what works and what doesn’t.

3. Assess Your Current Advanced Promoting Channels And Resources

To encompass your existing digital marketing channel and make a complete strategy, the better to do it remembers the big picture to escape from an overdose. The best to utilize the tools or assets of digital marketing is to fully utilize earned, owned, and paid marketing frameworks.

Paid Marketing

Paid marketing is a full package which includes paid social media posts, Google Adwords, native advertising (like sponsored posts on other websites), and other media assets which pay in reverse of presence on google search ranking.

Just maintain a spreadsheet to categorize all media assets and draw a clear picture of your assets.

Just apply all the existing strategies and try your own experience in it. To increase your target audience that generates leads, it is important to put real efforts in sharing, promoting, distributing them on personal media channels and make them to a landing page.

So it is an essential to know the niche and concentrate on what to sustain and what to keep away from existing resources.

Owned Media

It holds the company brand or its reputation in public. It may include your blog posts, owned channel, imagery, and social media presence. It also about your off-site reputation which is posted out of your website like posting on social media posts.

Earned Media

Very easy and understandable media is earned marketing. This is about how you make people know about your website by word-of-mouth. It can be guest posting, pr and customer experience with your website. Positive feedback, reviews, press mentioning are the way to increase your reputation.

digital marketing plan

4. Review And Plan Your Owned Media

The owned media is more focused on content creation. Every message which is mentioned on your website whether it’s about us page or any other content. Content plays very important role to raise brand’s reputation online and optimized content boosts organic traffics.

To maintain your digital marketing strategy, you are required to decide which kind of content you will need to target for your search audience.

5. Review And Plan Your Earned Media

Analysing your previous media in respect to your goal, give you an idea to where to invest your time. Pay attention to the traffic and rank them according to least effective media to the most effective source.

You can try tools like google analytics to generate a report or look for an insight. You might have realised that some of your content generates so much of traffic to your site. Or you can realise that social media is the source where your content is shared the most. So the basic thing is to build how earned media is useful to you in attracting your audience and generating leads.

6. Review And Plan Your Paid Media

This head also contains some of the same characteristics like the previous one. Here also your focus is to maintain paid media and analyze its performance. If you have spent so much of money in Google AdWords and if it is still not working, I think there is a need to change the strategies. Always try more of resources to elaborate your business scope.

At the end of the process, you will realise what to keep with you and what to leave out.

Unit It All

By learning all the process of digital marketing, you get to know the strategies to work your digital marketing plan. So unite it all and make a firm plan to utilize the scope of digital marketing.


By reading this article, now you are clear enough about how to strategically execute your digital marketing plan. So, take a forward step and start from now away from your own plan.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Agency

To start a digital marketing agency is neither too easy or tough row to hoe. In this article, I’m not coming up with the magic tricks to start an agency immediately but I certainly show you the shortest path to start off. Once you start with an agency, it will be definitely going to be a rewarding step.

I know before approaching to this article, you have faced so many failures. I can just ensure you that the steps I am going to explain will be fruitful for you.

Steps To Start A Digital Marketing Agency:

1. Start With Small:

It is not necessary that you start with all-in-one kind of stuff. The bigger platform takes more managed and systematic approach to start with. When you start with small and if it succeeds, you can take it to a bigger level. But if you start with big and not able to manage it then you will end up in failures.
Start with one service you are good at. Just be passionate to turn your business to bigger over time. It is not necessary that you have to be multi-talent and do all kinds of stuff. You can hire a web designer, content writer, and manager in your team if you require.

2. Come Up With A Unique Brand Identity:

Your brand is a reflection of your identity. So, you have to be clear what service you want to deliver to your clients. Before making it visible you make sure your brand identity perfectly shows what it offers.
To create a unique name you have to keep your end-audience in your mind. Don’t risk your brand by imitating it with other brands. When you copy the other brand, you just put your brand behind them. It takes time to establish an identity but making trust and keeping promise will certainly yield you better results. Just create a customer base and try to make them satisfied by your product or services.

3. Create An Impressive Portfolio:

Portfolio makes your client base. In a portfolio, you can mention your experience regarding the projects and brand. It creates positive impacts on clients. If the brand and project are from the well-known company, they can trust you and assign their projects too. So, it is important to make a killer portfolio.
But, what if you don’t have any experience to showcase in the portfolio?
You can do free work for clients and get a review about your work. After getting your clients, you can mention testimonials, goals and targets for the clients.

4. Cash Management:

Cash plays very important role to run the agency. So, it is important that how you manage with cash. When you start a new agency, you have to prepare in advance about expense up to three months. Because it generally takes time to set up the agency and get clients. If you have hired a staff, make sure you can bear the cost up to 3 months.
When you start off projects from clients, your agency will surely grow. So maintaining resources and cash flows in the starting phase of the business is essential.

5. Be Clear In Your Prospects:

An agency can only run with a systematic approach and procedural operability. When it comes to a team, a systematic procedure is necessary to make all the work done before time. It doesn’t matter how talented people you hire it is a waste if you don’t guide them how to proceed. Steps and procedure make projects easy to work on.
The daily update about the project and regular monitoring is the solution of the sudden breakdown of the project. The more supportive and friendly environment you will provide to employers, the more they will stay with you.

6. Get The Clients

Clients generally are not interested in tactics you are going to put. The main focus of client results. For the client it doesn’t matter how much hard work you put, the matter is what the result is. So it is important to show your clients how you are going to benefit them and increase their sales.

7. Think Like A Salesperson:

To grow your agency, think like a salesperson. How could you sell your product or how could you get customers or what targets I have to achieve are the questions ask yourself. Obviously, your team will work hard to gain digital projects. But your efforts are also important and it keeps your team motivated.

digital marketing agency

8. Come Out Of Comfort Zone:

It is human nature, when we feel everything is going as planned we start taking rest. Do not let this thought come into your mind. You have to be hardworking, attentive, careful, and enthusiastic throughout the time to make it grow.

9. Hire The Skilled Team:

We have to set up a definite procedure to hire for the particular tasks. Interview stages filter the quality and knowledge. As it is the start-up, you have to be more careful when hiring employees. Just talk about salary and environment they are put in. only interested candidate can stay longer so evaluate their interest areas.
If a person is interested and his personality is also good, you can hire him/her on less salary and teach the skills. As you are setting up the business, you have to do assiduous work for your agency.

10. Make Connections:

Cultivating connections is important whether you need it or not in future. When it comes to business, you can’t go far alone and you have to go with the team. Connections and networks help lots in making your agency grow. So just be humble on social media sites, conferences and meetings.

11. Branding Of Your Product Is Important:

Branding is very important when you are starting a digital marketing agency. This also represents that how you can help your client in building their appearance on social media and Google. If you are not promoting your digital marketing agency the chances to get client are less. Nowadays all the people and brands are on social media, so it is important to make yourself visible on the platforms.


I hope you got me in how to start a digital marketing agency. Above mentioned 11 ways are enough to start with a digital marketing agency.

Best Way To Learn Digital Marketing

To fulfill your desire to learn digital marketing, you have to make some efforts in practising it. It is not possible that you read a book about digital marketing and become an expert instantly.
Moreover taking part in a digital marketing training program to obtain a certification also doesn’t make an expert. It is also important from where you complete your specialization and how much efforts you put in it. The technology and tools obtainable in digital marketing are changing so fast. The only way to keep ahead in the game is to learn constantly and practice digital marketing.

Trend Of Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly, digital marketing is a prominent field to the career ladder irrespective of by which background you are working. Nevertheless, digital marketing is an incredibly broad concept which ranges from graphic design to web development to content creation and everything in between the scope of digital marketing.

There’s a growing demand for digital marketing courses within the last few years which surged drastically from 2011. Although digital marketing has been started growing around since the last 1990s.

Why Is Digital Marketing Important To You?

There must be the number of reasons why you want to learn digital marketing. The reasons can be:
You want to start a career in digital marketing
You want to grow your business by learning digital marketing
Digital marketing will help to grow your online presence while opening an online portal

Here Is The Step By Step Procedure To Learn Digital Marketing:

  1. Join A Digital Marketing Agency
  2. Do Practice Of What You Have Learnt
  3. Stay Updated With The New Trends
  4. Pay Attention To Case Studies
  5. You Will Become An Expert By Time

best way to learn digital  marketing

1. Join A Digital Marketing Agency

In case you’re not from any digital marketing foundation at that point joining an advanced promoting course in digital marketing. But, start with a leading organization which gives some practical knowledge by availing live projects. I’ve got across experts’ views that you could learn advanced digital marketing via completing it yourself, I also value the thoughts.
But, I personally feel that without learning basics from training institutes or company, it becomes tougher to learn the concept easily as the process needs time. The time can vary from 2 to 5 years to become an expert in digital marketing.

Here is the list of best digital marketing institutes to learn from in India:

  • Compete Infotech Academy
  • Iamai
  • Simplilearn
  • Aima
  • Edukart

2. Do Practice Of What You Have Learnt

In the wake of gaining from a great digital marketing institute, you may effectively get specialists in a stipulated time. subsequently, just after finishing the course, that is an ideal opportunity to get your hands messy with some little innovations and do the practice more and more so you could get the best outcomes. This is the time you will take advantage of, so apply the things you have to learn rigorously and check how you have comprehended them and how actually the things go. If you have invested your precious time in learning more in this duration, no one can separate the knowledge from you.

3. Stay Updated With The New Trends

Digital marketing is a one of quickest growing and evolving field. There are bunches of specialized individuals who grow new online gateways daily and as a situation can favour to any platform, we need to be updated and locate our potential clients on that stage are important aspects to grow with the trends.

So it’s extremely significant to refresh yourself on every stage and for this, you can subscribe some reliable online group and blogging websites or join the question and answer forums. Always be updated with the surrounding by connecting some exerts of this field or advanced advertisers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

4. Pay Attention To Case Studies

The case studies are an awesome wellspring of getting the hang of something. Actually, I always peruse all case studies as they give me new insights and a great experience with enhancing the knowledge. At times on we have dilemma inside when we are going to discover new thoughts or something different and we simply keep away from applying the idea by supposing “it won’t work”. They are genuine thoughts and we actualize it by thoroughly applying considering even out of the box things can grow you.

5. You Will Become An Expert By Time

As digital marketing is a huge field and there are various fields involved to encompass it a wholesome one subject. But, it is not necessary that you learn all the tactics and subjects instantly. The best way of learning is to start with easy and basics of the particular branch. The first thing you can start with is learning SEO tactics. You can learn by reading books and joining some reputed institute. Learning and applying these strategies is also important as at the end of the day only your experience and expertise will help to crack the job or start a digital marketing company or develop your online presence.
After that, you can start with PPC advertising or Google Adwords. You can spend some money from your pocket to learn how a campaign works and how you can put an advertisement and bid for keywords. Maybe you face some hurdles and do mistakes, but it’s okay as nobody can become an expert in the starting phase only.
This two field is just starting of the digital marketing career and as they are easy to learn fields, you can put your hands in it. After learning this two fields you’ll need to join some digital marketing institute because what you have learnt is not the ending it is just a starting. With the expertise of the tutor and learning capability of you, you will sure crack through the field and become an expert in the field.


All the strategies are how I proceed in my digital marketing career. As the field is very interesting because you will come across the various topics and new trends, you will be enjoying and be learning throughout the journey.

7 ways to Choose Best Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata

Welcome to the digital marketing world. Digital marketing is well equipped with so many tools to measure what customer wants. Is it that easy? Can we learn from any institute? The answer is no.

Every institute will teach you in their style but remember smart one get you there faster. It is not important how much time they are spending on you; the matter is what they are teaching you.

Every institute flaunts that it is the best, how to find which is right for you? To solve your queries I have mentioned 7 ways to choose best Digital Marketing Course in Kolkata.

1. Make a List of Coaching Centers:

To compare between the different things the best way is to make a list and write down the information regarding those. The comparison is based on different factors which I have covered in this article. The listed institute can be like:

  • Compete Infotech Academy
  • Digital Vidya
  • IMMC
  • Brownbull
  • Digital Marketing Lab Kolkata
  • Indus Net Techshu

2. Plan a Visit to Center or Visit the Website:

Visit the website or the center to see what course they are offering. Check for the fee and compare it with the quality of lectures and content offerings.  You must check for company profile, year of foundation, revenue and core services. By visiting you can make sure how genuine they are.

3. Read About Full Training Program:

You can ask them for brochure or booklet regarding the course. Consider each module or parts carefully. By brochure or booklet, you will let to know about the flow of the course and what you will learn at each stage.

You can ask to get a copy of the brochure or soft copy of it. It will be a good idea to first collect all the information before joining.

Don’t take immediate action and register the same day only. Consider the below steps also because you are not in that hurry and you can wait for one more day.

4. Inquire on Phone or in Person:

After reading the brochure and visiting them take another day to think about it because sometimes queries arise the second day. If you have any queries regarding the course or the fee structure or fee installments, call them to clear your doubt. You can plan other meetings with them.

5. Facility, Faculty& Placement Status:

Now you are well aware of the course and fee. The second thing to note down is how convenient and flexible they are towards you. If you have to take an urgent leave for 5 days, will they recover the topics for you? If you are a late learner, will the faculty assist you till the last? The answers to these questions must be yes by the institute. It is the responsibility of the institute to offer you facilities according to your connivance.

Faculty plays very important role in your training duration. Ask about the faculty is going to teach you and the relevant experience in the particular field. Sometimes institute allure the student by saying the XYZ, the company founder, has that much of experience and this that. You can clearly request “Please, tell me about the teacher who is going to teach me.” The other way is to schedule a demo class.

Placement is what you are wanting at the end and your purpose for the course. It is very important whether the institute is giving you the opportunity after the course or their purpose is only to teach you. Check for the institute’s collaborations with different clients and companies.

6. What People Says About the Company:

What you have done till yet is collected the information what they say about themselves. In this step, you will check what people say about them. You can check the Google reviews, Facebook reviews and different social media sites talking about the institution.

You can take the help of your relatives and friends. Ask them if some known has studied there, get his contact number.

7. Choose the Best Based on the Listed Information:

This is the last step choosing the best among those. You have now the list of institutions, course offerings, fee details, faculty information, placement records and reviews from different websites. The Comparison between the all listed courses is at your fingertips. If you want one more day to choose between those, take it.

By following all the steps you will get what you are expecting from the institute and the courses.

Digital Marketing Career Path in India – How to Build a Rewarding Career

Have you heard about DIGITAL INDIA campaign? Our government wants everything online and empower the digital world. Everybody is going towards the digital environment, why we are behind?  Choosing the career in digital market is the great choice to stand up in today’s world.

You want to recharge your mobile, DTH connection, purchase movie tickets, transfer the money to other’s account and pay the light bill. Will you go for a long queue? Obviously not, you will open your Paytm app and tap for the services. When you want something to buy you first check the brand online or on e-commerce site like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra, and many, compare their prices, read out reviews, and at the last order it in one click. You get your product in your timeline at home or at the mentioned place.

Think about the whole things, where people are going, don’t you need to go there to market your product? Yes, here comes the role of digital marketing.  One of the powerful tools of today’s business is a Digital marketing.

Do you know what Rancho (from 3 Idiots’ movie) says “life is a race and if you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken undaa (broken egg).” So every brand and website is in a race and everybody wants to get the first rank at Google search engine. The job of the digital marketer is to advertise, promote, increase SEO rank, and make your product visible to the world.

Part 1: Career Path in India:

To get into this world you must know the basic strategies and for this, you can get a certification from the digital marketing institute. You can read my article “How to become a digital marketer”. The next step after the course is your job role and career growth in the field. I have covered the job role available in India for digital marketer.

1. Analytics Manager:

The analytics manager provides guidance and support to promote the business. He generally deals with data and statistics to gather the information about the website and what people think about the site.

2. Email Marketing Manager:

The responsibility of the email marketing manager is to generate templates describing your brand and website, communicating with the client by email, making an improvement to the email campaign, and analyzing the revenue from the email marketing.

3. CRM Manager:

CRM manager manages the good relation between the company and the customer. He communicates with the customer to find out the niche and reviews regarding its website or the brand.

4. Content Marketer:

The job of the content marketer is to attract the people towards the brand by attractive writing, relevant and valuable content. If you want to know in detail, you can read my article “How to become a content writer

5. PPC/SEM Expert:

They make a way of attracting visits to your site by putting the ad on the Google. PPC expert is the demanding role as it generates leads to the company.

6. SEO Executive/Expert:

To get traffic to your website is very important and the SEO executive does this for the website. He improves your website’s Google ranking by keyword searching, building sitemaps, and using SEO tools.

7. Social Media Executive/Manager:

Promoting your business or brand on social media is a trend now. You can find so many people on Facebook and tweeter and what we want? People, because we make them visitor and customer to our site.

8. Web Developer or Designer:

The web developer does designing, coding, and modification of the website.  He must know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming to design and maintain the website. If you want a career in this field, you can read my article “How to become a web designer”.

9. Digital Marketing Manager:

Tracing all the marketing tools and improving your website is the role of digital marketer. Generally, he is the experienced person knowing tactics and strategies to manage search, SEO, PPC, SSM, and content flow.

Part 2: Tips on How to Build a Rewarding Career:

There are 150,000 jobs predicted by 2020 in the digital market and the supply is low. So you can predict the good opportunity is waiting for you. To get a rewarding career in digital marketing here are the tips:

Tips Regarding the Job:

  • Follow the standard and rules for particular search engine where you are posting your ads because Bing, Yahoo, and Google all follow the different set of rules.
  • Mention the headlines with targeting keywords to increase the chances to appear frequently in the search.
  • Track your ads and analyse which ad works best for you.
  • Web developers must make the website mobile friendly to gain more visitors.
  • Customize you Google+ and yelp platform. It must be showing relevant information about the brand and website in local search results.
  • Try to write strong call to action ads so that customer directly interacts with them and click the link to the site.
  • Use Geo-targeted keywords to locally find your customers.

Tips Regarding the Personality:

  • Make yourself in-demand. Do your work with efficiency and make your personality adaptive to walk with the trend. Be smart and search what is in demand in the year 2017 and coming years.
  • Don’t stable at one job role. Digital marketing is changing the trends day by day and so the job role is also changing. Always hunt for new opportunities and try to learn what is in trend.
  • Know the details about the market and your job role. Negotiate for the salary as there is the salary surge because of increasing demand in the digital market.
  • Start your own website or use your skills on social media and YouTube to make yourself known. Many times person became famous by SSM and company approaches them directly.


How Much does a Digital Marketer Earn?

As the trend is moving to digital marketing, the demand and salary of a digital marketer are surging day by day. Content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing have covered almost half of the digital marketing platform.

Research shows that more of the business using content strategy for the last three years and trend is going to continue in the year 2017. The need to hire digital marketer is high so the market is open for digital marketer. In this article, I have covered the salary of digital marketer from entry level to profound level and tips to earn more.

earn money online

1. Entry Level Position:

When you enter in the digital marketing world, you can’t expect much more. Entry level jobs mostly depend on the college, university or institute you have got the digital marketing training or your projects if you have done any. There are two kinds of people company hires as a digital marketer:

  • Candidate with certification:
  • Candidate without certification but has potential to learn digital marketing:

The salary depends on these two factors at the initial level. Obviously, the candidate with certification earns comparatively more.

In entry level jobs like interim digital marketer executive, they earn between $161 and $181 per day. The job profile can be SEO executive, online marketing executive, senior marketing executive, email marketing executive.

2. Salary of Freelancer in Digital Marketing:


Salary of freelancer depends on whether he works hourly basis or contractual basis or monthly basis. The salary of freelancer working hourly basis varies between $10 and $12 per hour, Freelancer working contractually basis varies between $72630 and $ 79082 for a project, and Freelancer working monthly basis varies between $6484 and $7779.

3. Salary after 2+ Years of Experience:

The salary after 2+ years of experience is between $ 32415 per year and $55083 per year. After the experience of years he reaches to the post of digital marketing expert, SEO manager, online marketing manager, CRM specialist, senior marketing executive and content marketing specialist.

The salary also depends on the location you are working in. Here is the concise note of salary according to the location to give you quick understanding about the trend.

USA: $87,500-$120,500

UK: 40,000 pounds–55,000 pounds

Ireland: 45,000 euro-60,000 euro

India: 366,286 ruppes-780,000 rupees

4. Average Salary for Various Fields in Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing: $48637 per year

Content writing: $42142 per year

SEO: $37599 per year

CRM: $42142 per year

Online marketing: $48637 per year

Marketing consultant: $48637

Social media marketing: $38585

Per-page-click: $37599

Email marketing: $37599


5. Tips To Earn More In Digital Marketing Field:

  • Create video content, According to Cisco, video content going to cover 80% market by 2019.
  • Be excited and updated about what technology is going to come up next.
  • Generate e-books for free. E-books generate sales leads, build your brand strong and make people to better understand your brand.
  • Teach paid online or offline classes.
  • Create a YouTube video channel. Post one video daily or post continuously after the interval.
  • Sell your way to learning the digital marketing in content. People will love to learn from you the strategies.
  • Create a simple website and give reviews about the simple product you have used and have a better understanding of it.
  • Put some efforts into your personal blogging too.
  • Start a page on social media site and start promoting publicly by sharing your views.

How can become online marketing expert?

Gone are the days when marketer approaching door by door to promote the business. Changing trend demands you to be the more online-friendly attitude. There are many personalities earning huge bucks by online marketing such as mark Zuckerberg, Casey Neistat, and chandler bolt.

Becoming online marketing expert is not the job of lazy people. You must be wondering as it seems easy. Why isn’t it easy marketing online?

Because you have to devote yourself a lot towards the emerging and changing trends. You must be aware of the surroundings and how to attract visitors and customers to your product.

To find the answer to your question “how can become online marketing expert”, check out this article.

Steps To Become Online Marketing Expert:

You want to follow the steps that mean you are fully confident to pursue the career as an online marketing expert. So I will not tell you to decide is it the career for you or not. Nobody is perfect when they start; you are collecting information to become an online marketing expert that inspiration is enough to start with. Proceed further step by step and you will get answers to all your queries.

1. Get Familiar With Online Marketing Profession:

The main focus point for an online marketer is the customer. Marketer attracts people and generates leads for the product by the creative approach. Either it is outbound marketing or inbound marketing you have to deal with both.

Your communications skills, analytical skills, Advertising ability, storytelling ability, and creativity skills must be good if you want to stand out in the field. You can work as a graphics designer, content writer, SEO specialist, programmer, and Google AdWords expert.

The job demands online marketer a variety of backgrounds in developing, implementing, and managing the online campaigns. He is responsible for the brand awareness.

2. Learn The Skills Or Educate Yourself By Training:

There are so many degree courses available in online marketing field. Most of the institute provides certification courses both in online and offline mode. Some universities provide bachelor and master degree in online marketing. The education in this field gives you rewarding career.

By training, you can get through the entry-level and mid-level jobs. You can choose between the fields which fields suit you the best.  Your option for the courses can be:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Advertising Media Planning
  • Advertising Copy And Design
  • Web Analytics And Reporting
  • Digital Display Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Research
  • Content Marketing

Learning the online marketing courses from recognized university or institute is also important. I have evaluated the top 10 institutes or colleges based on types of courses, faculty, facility, ranking, recognition and academic knowledge they are offering.

The Top 10 Institute For Online Marketing Training Are:

  • Bologna Business School
  • Space
  • Ravensbourne
  • Macromedia University Of Applied Sciences
  • EEME Business School
  • Euroaula Barcelona
  • Seeway –Barcelona
  • Universidadeeuropeia
  • Digital Vidya Academy
  • Compete Infotech Academy

3. Take a Small Project And Work On It:

Prior to starting a job as an online marketer, it is better you have some experience or internship in the online marketing field. You can start working on a small project or on the portion of the project. It enables you to get knowledge of the industry. You can also start working as a freelancer and gain experience.

You can provide the services voluntarily just to gain experience. There are so many small businesses who offer low budget project; you can get a chance to work for them.

Whatever you will learn here, will help you to develop your portfolio impressively. The interviewer may ask direct questions from the project you have worked on.

4. Get A Job As Online Marketing Expert:

As online marketing is a vast branch, you can choose between which job roles suits you the best. From the small to the big things that people want to purchase, they like to read about them on Google. So content marketing is getting the whole attraction nowadays. You can start your career in content marketing.

Many fields such as Social media marketing, SEO specialist, email marketing, newsletter, and web designing are also available to you after completing the online marketing degree.

5. Research The Available Job Profiles:

You can post your resume to,,, and They are the free job sites and you can register there. Whenever you get the email regarding the available jobs, you must check whether the job suits your profile or not. If the job is relevant to you search thoroughly about the company and the job profile.

6. Prepare For The Interview:

  • Prepare your resume beforehand.
  • Read in detail about the company and job profile you are going to apply.
  • Wear neat & tidy attire for an interview.
  • Be calm & confident during the interview.
  • Show your experience in the relevant field.
  • Negotiate the salary, they are offering, if you don’t feel comfortable in.

How Much Does Online Marketer Earn?

The income of the online marketer depends on which profile you are working and how much experience do you have. You cannot expect a high package at the entry level job. With time and passion, you will get a surge in your income. The average salary for online marketing experts varies between $42,276 per year to $76,265 per year.

Work Environment or Responsibilities:

The job of an online marketer is to promote the brand, company website, attract the customer, and generate awareness about the brand. The work environment totally depends on the agency you are working for. Sometimes you may be struggling with the deadlines.

If you are working at a home or owning a business, you will get quite a comfortable environment. Working as a freelancer is also a good choice.

Tips To Become Online Marketing Expert:

  • Do try the new campaign and note down which works and which don’t.
  • Make great networking on social media sites.
  • Know about the every digital marketing strategies but apply only which you are specialized in.
  • Maintain good relations with people in real world so that people can follow you.
  • Always be updated with the changing trends.
  • A basic knowledge of every field is necessary because your job role requires interacting with all kind of people.
  • Make your resume very impressive. Remember it is a door to an interview call.