Digital marketing career in India

Digital Marketing Career Path in India – How to Build a Rewarding Career

Have you heard about DIGITAL INDIA campaign? Our government wants everything online and empower the digital world. Everybody is going towards the digital environment, why we are behind?  Choosing the career in digital market is the great choice to stand up in today’s world.

You want to recharge your mobile, DTH connection, purchase movie tickets, transfer the money to other’s account and pay the light bill. Will you go for a long queue? Obviously not, you will open your Paytm app and tap for the services. When you want something to buy you first check the brand online or on e-commerce site like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, Myntra, and many, compare their prices, read out reviews, and at the last order it in one click. You get your product in your timeline at home or at the mentioned place.

Think about the whole things, where people are going, don’t you need to go there to market your product? Yes, here comes the role of digital marketing.  One of the powerful tools of today’s business is a Digital marketing.

Do you know what Rancho (from 3 Idiots’ movie) says “life is a race and if you don’t run fast, you will be like a broken undaa (broken egg).” So every brand and website is in a race and everybody wants to get the first rank at Google search engine. The job of the digital marketer is to advertise, promote, increase SEO rank, and make your product visible to the world.

Part 1: Career Path in India:

To get into this world you must know the basic strategies and for this, you can get a certification from the digital marketing institute. You can read my article “How to become a digital marketer”. The next step after the course is your job role and career growth in the field. I have covered the job role available in India for digital marketer.

1. Analytics Manager:

The analytics manager provides guidance and support to promote the business. He generally deals with data and statistics to gather the information about the website and what people think about the site.

2. Email Marketing Manager:

The responsibility of the email marketing manager is to generate templates describing your brand and website, communicating with the client by email, making an improvement to the email campaign, and analyzing the revenue from the email marketing.

3. CRM Manager:

CRM manager manages the good relation between the company and the customer. He communicates with the customer to find out the niche and reviews regarding its website or the brand.

4. Content Marketer:

The job of the content marketer is to attract the people towards the brand by attractive writing, relevant and valuable content. If you want to know in detail, you can read my article “How to become a content writer

5. PPC/SEM Expert:

They make a way of attracting visits to your site by putting the ad on the Google. PPC expert is the demanding role as it generates leads to the company.

6. SEO Executive/Expert:

To get traffic to your website is very important and the SEO executive does this for the website. He improves your website’s Google ranking by keyword searching, building sitemaps, and using SEO tools.

7. Social Media Executive/Manager:

Promoting your business or brand on social media is a trend now. You can find so many people on Facebook and tweeter and what we want? People, because we make them visitor and customer to our site.

8. Web Developer or Designer:

The web developer does designing, coding, and modification of the website.  He must know HTML, CSS, JavaScript and programming to design and maintain the website. If you want a career in this field, you can read my article “How to become a web designer”.

9. Digital Marketing Manager:

Tracing all the marketing tools and improving your website is the role of digital marketer. Generally, he is the experienced person knowing tactics and strategies to manage search, SEO, PPC, SSM, and content flow.

Part 2: Tips on How to Build a Rewarding Career:

There are 150,000 jobs predicted by 2020 in the digital market and the supply is low. So you can predict the good opportunity is waiting for you. To get a rewarding career in digital marketing here are the tips:

Tips Regarding the Job:

  • Follow the standard and rules for particular search engine where you are posting your ads because Bing, Yahoo, and Google all follow the different set of rules.
  • Mention the headlines with targeting keywords to increase the chances to appear frequently in the search.
  • Track your ads and analyse which ad works best for you.
  • Web developers must make the website mobile friendly to gain more visitors.
  • Customize you Google+ and yelp platform. It must be showing relevant information about the brand and website in local search results.
  • Try to write strong call to action ads so that customer directly interacts with them and click the link to the site.
  • Use Geo-targeted keywords to locally find your customers.

Tips Regarding the Personality:

  • Make yourself in-demand. Do your work with efficiency and make your personality adaptive to walk with the trend. Be smart and search what is in demand in the year 2017 and coming years.
  • Don’t stable at one job role. Digital marketing is changing the trends day by day and so the job role is also changing. Always hunt for new opportunities and try to learn what is in trend.
  • Know the details about the market and your job role. Negotiate for the salary as there is the salary surge because of increasing demand in the digital market.
  • Start your own website or use your skills on social media and YouTube to make yourself known. Many times person became famous by SSM and company approaches them directly.


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