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Franchisees are competent to influence the capability of a previously recognized, successful business. Contrasting self-governing business entrepreneurs, franchisees can be given support with investment, site assortment and construction, everyday processes, promotion and more. Franchisees can stay away from lots of the actual business risks of starting a new business.
India’s first Digital Marketing Training Institute CIA – Compete Infotech Academy offers education and knowledge solutions to many students over the country. To reach every students effortlessly and on the public demand the training centres in various cities are now very much needed.
Running a Compete Infotech Academy education franchise can get an entrepreneur more than 100% ROI which evidently specifies the salary on the capital speculation. Compete Infotech Academy is the premier Digital Marketing Training Institute as well as the brand name in this field also. It is an Education wing of an award winning SEO Company in India. CIA has been set up with the intention to interpret your dream into realism and make extremely capable, talented and practiced labor force during correct training.


  • The opportunity to own the world’s number one Digital Marketing training education franchise in a development industry.
  • Pre training.
  • Access to our Intranet marketing and Digital Marketing system.
  • Constant support.
  • Our library of marketing collateral that works.
  • Access to our education basic and learning systems, and much more.

Our Aim:

Our training centre desires to serve in the field of professional IT based education through knowledge learning and inventive techniques. Our objective is to get our training courses to the furthest places in India as well as throughout the world with is of assistance the business associates equipped to distribute our operation of spreading talents required to do well in recent competitive world.

  • We desire to be convinced that our franchisees are fine maintained and so as to each owner has the equal passion for excellence Digital Marketing training as we perform.
  • We are helping you every stride of the manner, from building of your center to prepared licensing, and supreme hold up following your center is open for dealing.
  • We just want you to be successful. We will provide you an intensive training program to get your business success.
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Top 5 Reasons to have CIA Franchisee

Chances of sure success:

Those fresh people who are new to the industry and searching for sure success options to their careers, Franchisee is for those as they can be surely succeed over this with the aid of Franchisor’s experience and success.

Proven Business Model:

CIA offers actually a service based business model where primarily you just need a low investment but with success mantra to get your maximum ROI but after true cause. You can start this in your home or small office rental.

Management Support:

CIA team offers every level support to its Franchisee. All the best performances, plans and information are conveyed to franchisee to have an appealing business scheme. CIA conducts evaluation gathering with the workers.

Branding Help out:

Brand draws a very imperative role in success of any Business. Brand building in Franchisor-Franchisee model is inexpensive and a better approach to create brand in your business market. CIA is itself a brand name in the field of IT education or SEO training.

Joyful franchisees:

We have been successively ranked in the top 10 training institute by the Professional Education Review on the height of franchisee enjoyment within our education system.

Be a Part of the Team CIA:

There are continuous and increasingly changes in the demand of proper contributors in the field of digital marketing. Current opportunities in this segment increase the chance to gain more and stable success. As this professional field of digital marketing rising its importance day by day thus the requirement of correct and talented professionals are also increases.

With the businesses growing at a fast speed, the vision of professional training institutes has become yet brilliant. Nowadays, companies are seemed to employ deployable applicants who can distribute from appointment time. In that a state of affairs, combination hands with India’s best digital marketing training institute is a big chance for any entrepreneur.

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