how much money does digital marketer earn

How Much does a Digital Marketer Earn?

As the trend is moving to digital marketing, the demand and salary of a digital marketer are surging day by day. Content marketing, video marketing and social media marketing have covered almost half of the digital marketing platform.

Research shows that more of the business using content strategy for the last three years and trend is going to continue in the year 2017. The need to hire digital marketer is high so the market is open for digital marketer. In this article, I have covered the salary of digital marketer from entry level to profound level and tips to earn more.

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1. Entry Level Position:

When you enter in the digital marketing world, you can’t expect much more. Entry level jobs mostly depend on the college, university or institute you have got the digital marketing training or your projects if you have done any. There are two kinds of people company hires as a digital marketer:

  • Candidate with certification:
  • Candidate without certification but has potential to learn digital marketing:

The salary depends on these two factors at the initial level. Obviously, the candidate with certification earns comparatively more.

In entry level jobs like interim digital marketer executive, they earn between $161 and $181 per day. The job profile can be SEO executive, online marketing executive, senior marketing executive, email marketing executive.

2. Salary of Freelancer in Digital Marketing:


Salary of freelancer depends on whether he works hourly basis or contractual basis or monthly basis. The salary of freelancer working hourly basis varies between $10 and $12 per hour, Freelancer working contractually basis varies between $72630 and $ 79082 for a project, and Freelancer working monthly basis varies between $6484 and $7779.

3. Salary after 2+ Years of Experience:

The salary after 2+ years of experience is between $ 32415 per year and $55083 per year. After the experience of years he reaches to the post of digital marketing expert, SEO manager, online marketing manager, CRM specialist, senior marketing executive and content marketing specialist.

The salary also depends on the location you are working in. Here is the concise note of salary according to the location to give you quick understanding about the trend.

USA: $87,500-$120,500

UK: 40,000 pounds–55,000 pounds

Ireland: 45,000 euro-60,000 euro

India: 366,286 ruppes-780,000 rupees

4. Average Salary for Various Fields in Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing: $48637 per year

Content writing: $42142 per year

SEO: $37599 per year

CRM: $42142 per year

Online marketing: $48637 per year

Marketing consultant: $48637

Social media marketing: $38585

Per-page-click: $37599

Email marketing: $37599


5. Tips To Earn More In Digital Marketing Field:

  • Create video content, According to Cisco, video content going to cover 80% market by 2019.
  • Be excited and updated about what technology is going to come up next.
  • Generate e-books for free. E-books generate sales leads, build your brand strong and make people to better understand your brand.
  • Teach paid online or offline classes.
  • Create a YouTube video channel. Post one video daily or post continuously after the interval.
  • Sell your way to learning the digital marketing in content. People will love to learn from you the strategies.
  • Create a simple website and give reviews about the simple product you have used and have a better understanding of it.
  • Put some efforts into your personal blogging too.
  • Start a page on social media site and start promoting publicly by sharing your views.

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