How to Become a Chef

Imagine a person wearing white coat with hat approaches you. What is in the bowl he is holding? The Fragrance is so prominent like your taste buds are just waiting to grab it. The chefs are amazing persons; they make wonders by their creativity.

If you’re planning to start your career as a Chef, Go ahead!! No experience??  Don’t worry, everybody starts with no experience then reaches to the profound level. It doesn’t matter you are experienced or not. If you have the determination and zeal, nothing can stop you. Start with me step by step and I will let you through the journey to become a skilled chef.

Part 1:Let’s Start With The Curiosity of How to Become A Chef

1.Start Loving Food 

If you love food, you will enjoy working as a chef. A chef spends hours in the kitchen; still it’s not mundane for him. Start taking interest in food science also. You can start with your kitchen or you can even join a restaurant for proximity with food.

2.Search for Your Thrust

Start visiting good restaurants or hotels. Overlook their menus, reviews, management skills. Because knowing how these work is as much important as to cook Food.

Part 2: Learn Professional Culinary Art

Your professional journey starts from here. To become a chef, education doesn’t require, but education increases your chance to get through at good hotels or restaurants. Culinary learning not only teaches ‘how’ but also ‘why’. Here you will make and create your own food.

You can join some culinary schools or colleges.  Aside of this, you can join reputed hotel chains handled by brands. You can travel foreign country to explore it more.

1.Get a High-School Diploma

For admission in any culinary school or college or any institution, you need high-school certificate or equivalent qualification. Some schools or colleges ask for minimum aggregate percentage also. If you have some higher qualification in culinary field, you will be promoted to 2 or 3 year of bachelor’s degree.

2.Go to Culinary School

Culinary School specifically focuses on art and science of food making. It provides a day to multi-year career oriented programs. Years of program depend upon which course you are enrolling into. They teach culinary arts, food science and hospitality related education. It is a well- managed format of teaching, you will learn each and everything related to food here. There are fully equipped kitchens and dining rooms.

There are working so many Schools for culinary arts and culinary services in the world. Here are the best well-known schools

  1. Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY
  2. Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA
  3. American River College in Sacramento, CA

3.Get Admission in Community College

Though community college also provides certification and degree in culinary art like culinary schools, but colleges are cheaper comparatively. The curriculum of the course is almost same in different colleges. They make their students to work in each and every environment. Some Community colleges also provide some additive general subjects like accounts, economics, etc. The college provides you complete well-formed degree and environment. You have to devote your time practising, how to prepare a meal, how to manage the kitchen and the restaurant.

Learn from Top 10 Training Institutes

  1. Culinary institute of America at hyde park
  2. International culinary center
  3. Culinary academy of india at hyderabad
  4. Le cordon bleu
  5. Institute of hotel management, pusa
  6. Kendall college of culinary arts
  7. New England culinary institute
  8. L’Academie de cuisine
  9. Oberoi centre of learning and development
  10. Amrapali institute of hotel management

4.Do Internship and Certification Courses

Every hotel management course and culinary courses offer you internship programs. In the six-month long period, you will be working under some reputed generally a 3-star hotel. Pay your full attention there. Your hard work there will reflect in your resume. Sometimes impressing by your work hotel may offer you job opportunity there only.

You can join some certification courses like pastry making, cookies making to add-on in your skills. The American Culinary federation provides a certification in different specialised area like preparing and cooking sauces, foods, eggs, fish and other food items. Try to earn more certificates as they are accolades for you.

Part 3: Start Your Career As a Chef

1.Chef’s Roles in The Kitchen

Understanding the different position held by professional chefs is also important. It will put a clear view of how this industry work and what is your goals.

a).Executive Chef 

Also known as a Head Chef, plays a creative and managerial job in the kitchen. He directs the menus, supervises and trains the staff, monitors hygiene and sanitation and takes responsibility for all food preparations.

b).Sous Chef or Assistant Chef 

The French word ‘sous’ means under. They work with Executive Chef and handle assistant chefs, cooks and workers. Also create dishes for the menu.

c).Senior Chef

Senior Chefs work on particular assigned menu in which they are skilled and manage the area under them.

 d).Demi Chef

They require special training that stands alone. They work on special dishes.

e).Pastry Chef

Pastry Chefs are a master baker and dessert creator. They work with Bakers, Chocolatiers and other Desert Experts.

2.Earning of the Chef

You can’t expect your first job as Executive Chef, so keep this reality in your mind. Entry level work generally provides $8-$15 per hour. Your earning will increase with you hardships and potential in the kitchen. In general the salaries for Assistant Chef, Demi Chef, Head cook lies between $ 35,000 and $55,000. Head Chefs earn from $50,000 to $100,000. These salary estimations are awarded by most reputed and largest properties or hotels.

3.Apply for a Reputed Job

  • Before applying for a job, you must have your CV or resume beforehand. In your CV, mention your objective, personal information, educational qualification, job experiences, the courses, internship details etc.
  • Do research work about job profile requirements and company. Prepare your objective and profile in CV accordingly.
  • Brush up your skills. Be preparing for telephonic, Skype and face to face interviews.
  • Keep pen and paper during Group discussion and interview if they allow.
  • Wear tidy apparels because the chef is known for cleanliness. Your personality must reflect your skills.
  • Be calm and confident during the interview or through the process.

 Part 4: Don’t Stop Here

Yes, it’s not the ending it’s the starting to many more things. After getting a job, start working on yourself, develop your own techniques. Jacques Pepin, a well-known chef, says a great chef is a great technician. Learn the things through endless repetition until it belongs to you.

  • Open Your Own Business

Open your own restaurant or take the franchise of some brands.

  • Start Your YouTube Channel.

What was your initial step to learn will fructify now. Share your uniqueness to the world, it’s time to explore.  Share your experiences and knowledge at social media sites.

  • Be Competitive in the Modern World

Today’s world has made chef as a celebrity by shows. There are many TV shows waiting for you at this stage, audition for them.  The famous TV shows are:

  1. Iron Chef America
  2. Top Chef
  3. MasterChef
  4. Chopped
  5. The Next Food Network Star

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