How to be a good content writer

How to be a good content writer

One cannot become an excellent content writer overnight. Like all other fields,  you have to learn and practice to take it as your career. So if you have a true passion for writing and have a learning attitude, you may turn out to be a great content writer in future.

What is content?

In a word, everything available on the net is content. We can refer content as ‘king’ of the internet. But content writers basically deal with text content that holds the lion’s share in the web. Good content drives the desired traffic to your website or gives you the desired result you are looking for.

What is content writing?

Content writing is a form of writing text content on various subjects for websites, blogs or as per the requirements of clients or organizations. It can mainly be divided into two categories:

  • Technical writing – reports, manuals, product description, newsletters, business letters, resumes etc.
  • Creative writing –blog posts, articles, essays, e-book, story writing and many more.

But review writing, copywritingand some others are technical as well as creative because here imagination and technique both are used.

Content writer

The people who provide written materials online are the content writers. The prime job of a content writer is to write good and effective content for websites, blogs or clients. Content writers play a vital role to run and rank a website or to establish the brands.

10 must-follow steps to be a successful and good content writer


To be a professional and successful writer,take it seriously as a job. Invest time as much as you can to learn, to practice. You must know ‘practice makes a man perfect’. At the time of work, keep yourself aloof from all sorts of distraction;throw unnecessary thoughts from your mind; be focused and concentrate on one task at a time. Try to finish the smaller and easier first then start the larger and difficult one.


Good research is an important key to write good contents. Your content should be informative, interesting and correct. So, do an excellent research to gather right information from reliable sources. Doing right research is not so easy and sometimes you feel bored or become frustrated. But you have to keep your patience and continue the research.



It may sound quite difficult as a lot of writers write on the same topic. But it is not that much difficult as it looks like if you put some efforts. See, it’s very clear that the facts and information will be the same. You can’t change them and you also need not. But you can write it in your own way, on your own style which is very unique. You can see the same things in different points of view, you can bring various perspectives that no one might not notice before.  Just don’t be copycat, be original and innovative.

Besides, copying someone’s content is unethical and you may entangle in copyright issues. Google can easily detect it and you may be punished. Duplicate content is also bad for SEO purpose. So, originality is mandatory.


Original high-quality contents are always in demand. So always try to improve the quality of your writings. Keep challenging yourself to do better than the previous. Thousands tips and guidelines are available online on how to produce high-quality content. You may learn from those and also other resources.  But at the end of the day,you have to generate ‘quality content’ to run long.

  1. DO EDIT

A high-quality product comes with lots of editing and rewriting. First drafts are hardly published. So many mistakes and imperfections like grammar and spelling error, overused and inappropriate words, irrelevant and extra points or information are there. Most of the time, you have to spend more time in editing than writing. Write and go through it as much as you can. The more you read the more you find out the loopholes.


Your content should fulfill your readers’ requirement. So youmust know your targeted audience very well readers to understand their need, what they want from your piece. Only then you can create the right content. Remember they are the ones who you are writing for, not for the clients or yourself.They are your first priority.


Change the style and tone of the writing according to their category or niche so that it easily fits in the object or purpose of that particular piece. As a professional writer, you can’t get projects on same topicsalways. You have to write on various niches and every genre has some of its own features and style. So learn to adapt yourself to switch your writing from one topic to another 360-degree opposite topic.


Delivering a good content on time makes you not only professional but also reliable and helps you to gain the reputation which is very important for a content writer. And to submit your project before the deadline you have to decide how many projects you are able to accept. You should not take more than your capacity.


Content writing is mostly related to SEO. Don’t get panic. You need not be a specialist. You only have to know some basic technical knowledge which is associated with your writings. Learn few basic things about keyword research, WordPress, HTML, hyperlinks etc.


Use social platforms wisely. Your active presence on social media is important for the recognition of your name and work. It helps to make good contacts as clients always try to find you beyond your marketplace. And you need to build agood personal relationship with them as a marketing strategy. It gives them extra incentive to hire you. It also connects you with other bloggers, writers and people of this field.

These are the 10 basic and most important steps you must follow to become a good content writer. If you already have the above-described qualities and you are confident enough, why are you waiting? If you don’t have, take time and develop the required skill-set and then dive it. Keep in mind these 10 points and start writing.







Top 10 SEO Certifications and Courses for Beginners in Kolkata, India

Top 10 SEO Certifications and Courses for Beginners in India

With the evolution of telecommunications there has been a sea change in the reading and knowledge sharing techniques of people as well. Today nobody has to wait for a newspaper or a magazine to print .Information is now available at the click of your mouse or touch of mobile. So with the increase in internet usage there are more websites catering to the mass. But what binds them and brings them together is a good SEO. The demand of SEO has seen a rising trend since the last few years. With the increasing volume of social media,Digital marketing and especially SEO has become a good career option as it’s still new and the market is not yet saturated with digital marketers. So there’s a huge scope .In India too there are many good institutes which offer such great courses. Here’s a list of some of the top ones.

  1. Digital Vidya

Established- 2009

Course- Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification

Special Features- Govt. of India certified course

Placement Assistance for Fresher’s & Digital Marketing Experts

24*7 trainer’s support

Research based Internship

Duration- 12 hours

Fees- INR 4400+tax (intermediate) INR 14900+tax (master)


  1. Seotrainingcourse

Started by PritamNagrale this institute has helped hundreds of students by establishing their career in digital marketing and SEO.They have two types of SEO course.

  1. Advance SEO course –Suitable for bloggers and small business owners.It teaches you the search engine basics like keyword research,SEO tools etc.

Duration-25 hours

Fees – INR 25000

  1. Advance SEO+ blogging+ affiliate marketing+ adsense-This course provides you with the entire package which helps you in establishing yourself as a blogger and have a continuous flow of income.

Duration-40 hours

Fees- INR 40000


  1. Digital marketing academy

Course- Digital marketing training course which includes SEO, google Adwords, mobile marketing etc.

Duration- 90 days

Frees- INR 65000 + tax

Special features – 200 hours of hands on training

Additional Google Adwords certificate

Flexible timing for working individuals. Weekend classes also available.


  1. Learning Catalyst

Learning Catalyst is a five year old company which operates classroom classes across seven cities in India. They also have the facility of online classes.

Course – They offer specialised course in SEO and advance SEO. Besides this they offer other Web marketing courses as well.

Special features- Both Classroom and online classes available

Free two month membership of websetup where you can get live project


Duration- 30 days

Fees- INR 9000 (classroom class),INR 4500 (online class)


  1. Iqvenue

Course- Advance SEO training course

Special Features – Course designed by google+yahoo+bing+microsft experts.

100% placement assistance

Exclusive IQvenue badge and certificate

Duration- 150 hours

Fees- INR 9000 (distance learning)

INR 7500 (online learning)


  1. Inventateq

Course – Advanced SEO training and certification program.

Special Features- Live project training

100 % placement assistance

Freelance support

Real time training

Duration- 30 hours

Fees- Contact Institute


  1. Simplilearn

This is an online learning platform.

Course- They offer two types of courses

  1. Certificate in SEO specialist master program
  2. Advanced SEO certification training

Special Features- Master certification

Monthly monitoring sessions

Download workbook and exercises

Duration- 25 hours

Fees-  INR 15000 + taxINR



  1. Digital Ready-

Course- Certificate course in Digital marketing (classroom and Online both available)

Special Features- Covers a wide number of topics apart from SEO

Interactive assessment method by industry experts

Duration- 120 hours

Fees- INR 2500 +taxes (classroom) INR 30000 +taxes (online)


  1. IDMM – They provide online as well as classroom training since 2012.

Course-Certificate course in SEO

Special Features-Practical training methodology

Full placement assistance

Duration- 6 weeks approximately

Course fees- INR 15000

  1. Promozseo

They provide classroom SEO classes in Kolkata as well as online SEO training classes.

Course – Advanced and technical SEO course in accordance with SEO industry standards.

Special Features- Genuine google SEO training methodologies

SEO course content designed as per Industry standards

SEO tools and video materials provided free of cost

Post training job assistance

Time- 70 hours

Fees – Contact Institute


Apart from these there are many more reputed Institutes all over India from where you can start your  career in SEO .So pick up an institute that best suits you and start your learning.



How to Learn Youtube Adsense to Make Money on YouTube


Did you ever notice and clicked on a Google Ad on YouTube that appeared on a video that you were watching? Or what about those ads on a YouTube page located in the top right hand corner? This is called Adsense and nowadays people are making a great living by implementing them in to their YouTube videos through means of monetization. Every time a person clicks on that particular ad, the person gets paid.

You need to follow some simple steps to learn YouTube Adsense to Make Money on YouTube. Let’s have a look:

  • Step #1: The first thing you need is to create a new Gmail account. Obtain a name for your account that will best fit your brand. For e.g., if you want to make and/or promote funny videos try to find a name like “my(your brand name)
  • Step #2: The next step is to sign up for Adsense. It might take a few days to get approved, but it is absolutely free. You are required to use a Gmail address for this, be it your personal Gmail id. It is always advisable not to use any Gmail id attached to any brand name since you will get only one Adsense account in your lifetime. You will eventually have several brand Gmails for different niches.
  • Step#3: The next step is to sign up for a YouTube account with your new Gmail address. Try to pick a YouTube channel user name that will compliment your Gmail name along with your brand.
  • Step #4: You will be now approved for Adsense through your mail. It is now the perfect time to run over to YouTube with your brand new Adsense ID. It comes along with a 16 digit account number that you will plug into every Adsense site you have. Next, go to your YouTube account settings and click on the monetization tab. This is the area where you will find to add your Adsense ID.
  • Step #5: The most important step! Upload your video. After you fill some basic information on your video, click the tab next to that which is the “Monetization Button”. Check the box “Monetize My Video”. Now, look below and check the top two “Ad Formats”. Overlay in-video ads and True View in-stream ads boxes. At the bottom of the page check the box that lets your video to be shown everywhere like smart phones, laptops, computers and tablets. You also need to check the box below that shows your video on monetized platform. You are not required to show your video for free.

The most important thing is never click on your own ads. Google is smart enough to find out. This might result to ban from Adsense from lifetime. If you need to edit your video, click on the Video Manager link and edit from there.

So, you are now on your way to make Adsense revenue with your YouTube videos. Learn YouTube Adsense to Make Money On YouTube dedicatedly and make money online easily.

Why Digital Marketing Training Course Institutes in India can give 100% Job Guarantee