How to be a good content writer

How to be a good content writer

One cannot become an excellent content writer overnight. Like all other fields,  you have to learn and practice to take it as your career. So if you have a true passion for writing and have a learning attitude, you may turn out to be a great content writer in future.

What is content?

In a word, everything available on the net is content. We can refer content as ‘king’ of the internet. But content writers basically deal with text content that holds the lion’s share in the web. Good content drives the desired traffic to your website or gives you the desired result you are looking for.

What is content writing?

Content writing is a form of writing text content on various subjects for websites, blogs or as per the requirements of clients or organizations. It can mainly be divided into two categories:

  • Technical writing – reports, manuals, product description, newsletters, business letters, resumes etc.
  • Creative writing –blog posts, articles, essays, e-book, story writing and many more.

But review writing, copywritingand some others are technical as well as creative because here imagination and technique both are used.

Content writer

The people who provide written materials online are the content writers. The prime job of a content writer is to write good and effective content for websites, blogs or clients. Content writers play a vital role to run and rank a website or to establish the brands.

10 must-follow steps to be a successful and good content writer


To be a professional and successful writer,take it seriously as a job. Invest time as much as you can to learn, to practice. You must know ‘practice makes a man perfect’. At the time of work, keep yourself aloof from all sorts of distraction;throw unnecessary thoughts from your mind; be focused and concentrate on one task at a time. Try to finish the smaller and easier first then start the larger and difficult one.


Good research is an important key to write good contents. Your content should be informative, interesting and correct. So, do an excellent research to gather right information from reliable sources. Doing right research is not so easy and sometimes you feel bored or become frustrated. But you have to keep your patience and continue the research.



It may sound quite difficult as a lot of writers write on the same topic. But it is not that much difficult as it looks like if you put some efforts. See, it’s very clear that the facts and information will be the same. You can’t change them and you also need not. But you can write it in your own way, on your own style which is very unique. You can see the same things in different points of view, you can bring various perspectives that no one might not notice before.  Just don’t be copycat, be original and innovative.

Besides, copying someone’s content is unethical and you may entangle in copyright issues. Google can easily detect it and you may be punished. Duplicate content is also bad for SEO purpose. So, originality is mandatory.


Original high-quality contents are always in demand. So always try to improve the quality of your writings. Keep challenging yourself to do better than the previous. Thousands tips and guidelines are available online on how to produce high-quality content. You may learn from those and also other resources.  But at the end of the day,you have to generate ‘quality content’ to run long.

  1. DO EDIT

A high-quality product comes with lots of editing and rewriting. First drafts are hardly published. So many mistakes and imperfections like grammar and spelling error, overused and inappropriate words, irrelevant and extra points or information are there. Most of the time, you have to spend more time in editing than writing. Write and go through it as much as you can. The more you read the more you find out the loopholes.


Your content should fulfill your readers’ requirement. So youmust know your targeted audience very well readers to understand their need, what they want from your piece. Only then you can create the right content. Remember they are the ones who you are writing for, not for the clients or yourself.They are your first priority.


Change the style and tone of the writing according to their category or niche so that it easily fits in the object or purpose of that particular piece. As a professional writer, you can’t get projects on same topicsalways. You have to write on various niches and every genre has some of its own features and style. So learn to adapt yourself to switch your writing from one topic to another 360-degree opposite topic.


Delivering a good content on time makes you not only professional but also reliable and helps you to gain the reputation which is very important for a content writer. And to submit your project before the deadline you have to decide how many projects you are able to accept. You should not take more than your capacity.


Content writing is mostly related to SEO. Don’t get panic. You need not be a specialist. You only have to know some basic technical knowledge which is associated with your writings. Learn few basic things about keyword research, WordPress, HTML, hyperlinks etc.


Use social platforms wisely. Your active presence on social media is important for the recognition of your name and work. It helps to make good contacts as clients always try to find you beyond your marketplace. And you need to build agood personal relationship with them as a marketing strategy. It gives them extra incentive to hire you. It also connects you with other bloggers, writers and people of this field.

These are the 10 basic and most important steps you must follow to become a good content writer. If you already have the above-described qualities and you are confident enough, why are you waiting? If you don’t have, take time and develop the required skill-set and then dive it. Keep in mind these 10 points and start writing.







How to Become Professional Web Content Writer within Just 4 Weeks!

Today we don’t bang time without net surfing or without being updated via media. Do you? No it’s impossible.

In the present day we all actually search the importance or intensity behind everything we found surrounding us as we have curiosity to know; content is that vital issue except which nothing could be happen in this web aura or in the media world. Every digital marketing activity as well as the internet marketing promotional and branding processes through media desires content.

Basically content is the experiencing all the information through the internet or any media. Content can be articulated by different set-ups like wording, images, audio, video, or audio-visual presentation. Everyday lots of content thus to be required for updating us through many media ways. So the demand is increasing day to day to write it ups.

As a result demand of writers also increasing day by day. We have covered a details discussion on
How to Become a Most Demanding Content Writer in India – you can check now.

What You must inquire before you start?

I do believe, for every profession demands it’s own style or way of working eligibility if you are not fit for that industry or profession than long run you can face growth issue as many people i have seen so far. I am tying to explain here, How a content writing career will be a rewarding profession for you.

What does a content writer do?

Currently in the field of new age profession the career as a content writer is a lucrative job option.

A web content writer creates a tactical form of text for their client’s business through online and delivers an appropriate, attractive note to a customer, even as at the same time make the means for a deal or business.

Why anyone chooses a career as a content writer?

From childhood every eyes dreamed about their profession in future. Being a writer he or she could be promising and as well as they can choose glamorous career option beside any academic profession like doctors, engineers, architects, lawyers etc.  Some people are born writers and some are crafted day by day through the time. Yes, we are telling about the future as a writer, a web writer which popular as the term content writer.

Here in this career option one can express his or her creativity and as well as the passion for writing without any barrier and also with full of job satisfaction with good possibilities of earnings.

Here in CIA we look after such qualities by which a student could be polished and be well trained with the capabilities to carry out these kinds of responsibilities.

As a Well practiced content enhance the business of a website thus demand of a trained writer is there be always. For the loyalty to professionalism and continuing learning you need the elite and special training on it.

Not just be a content writer but to be a good writer you have to gain the optimum knowledge on it and you need more and more improvement in your writing talent. So first in your step you have to go for Content Writing training Course.

    Content writing career scope for freshers:

Presently, content writers are extremely in demand. Content writing is gradually becoming a well-liked job alternative and the writing business is flourishing. To ease live on the escalating competition, all selling project which has an online occurrence, desires superior content writing.

Moreover in A consequence of the virtual means, content writing, recognized like web content writing, has come out as a future career stroke in the media production. By good quality content, anybody cannot just raise the position of the website but, also get better the business and return on his deal.

In future there will be huge necessity for content writers. Not just in tiny companies as well in MNCs by means of healthy payment posts. Not everybody encompass the aptitude of writing and those by now in the ground of this profession have an extremely brilliant opportunity.

With the development of B2B and B2C business, the scope of writing the content has extended. The profession can be practiced on equally part-time or permanent basis.

Excepting performing the routine 10 to 5 jobs, anyone can be able to choose freelancing, which is work for different association in the same time. Anybody can choose technical writing or industrial writing. Numerous businesses have ongoing employing content writers to develop their commerce.

A content writer is able to job with production houses or any websites which deal with rising content to endorse and vend their goods. Following ahead extensive knowledge, a content writer is generally promoted to the position of content editor.

  • How much Content Writer can earn per month?

One in this post normally does not have over ten years’ experience. Familiarity has a fair outcome on returns for this work. Ability is related with high recompense for this occupation.

As content writing is a very accepted career options in the modern times thus salary is significantly high in India. Freshers can look ahead to wherever among Rs. 8000 and Rs. 12,000, whereas experienced writers can be paid up to Rs. 25,000, or high. It depends on the organization we take up.

  • How to turn out to be a successful Content Writer?

To grow to be a successful content writer you require recognizing the course of writing, identifying accurately what the customer desires, should including the capability to living with skilled from other grounds and conveying promptly. As per google search result more than 10,000 visitors searching terms like “How to Become Professional Web Content Writer” per month. That shows peoples interest to become a content writer.

  • How do start a content writer’s career?
  • To start career as a content writer or to gain some more extra money on a relax mode by using your expertise skill, you have to learn the tricks and the techniques of content writing. Because apart from writing, these content writers might also be answerable for ensuring the websites.

    Those writers for content crafting are also held responsible for putting the common quality of the website. Content writers carry out these responsibilities by studying through researches and choosing what information to contain or leave out from the website.

    • How you can learn content writing?

    It is essential that you have a talent for writing in English and so as to you are good among grammar. As well, be confident of your punctuation, spellings, and online reading capacity potential. It also facilitates to be capable to write quick and correctly.

    Expand your writing talent and acquire immediate access to both
    profession and self-employed career chances. Start Today………..

    Though there are millions of writers now at work nevertheless a handful of writers yet learned to write efficiently, and definitely not for the requirements of the creative market. We erudite write in the conceptual way from first to last that were planned around educational tests.

    Thus choosing of a right institute where you can select the procedures that you identify and experience the relevance to your text, importance of your desire to achieve.

    Here in CIA practice is open, set out before you and all declared in brief. Everyone have to accomplish to decide the most appropriate and find on track.

    • What are the different ways to learn content writing?

    You can select any of the Content Writing Courses with us. There are different kinds of web content writing similar to technical writing, creative writing,  blog post writing, copy writing, article writing, advertise copy-writing, press release, etc. excluding this, you can search out the scheme on designing tutorials and play scripts. Hence, this course will be an attractive course and you will be capable to learn diverse effects on writing aspects.

    You also opt for the type of courses between classroom facility and online training option – this comes to you with different time option like full time, part time or online. Gain your knowledge with the best Industrial practice in CIA. So acquire an efficient, certified and world class training for content writing, there will be no lack of jobs at all.

    • What are the Eligibility criteria to become a content writer?

    If you comprise a preference to write on various topics naturally or you are a creative one then the content writing is the right choice for you. Anyone and everyone, whatever who is a plain graduate or a technical professional, a website holder or a business owner who has a talent for writing, can go for this course.

    • Why choose us:

    Reasons are clear……..

    • most trustworthy organization in this field
    • genuine course format
    • proficient supervision from qualified faculty
    • inclusive knowledge
    • job guarantee
    • effortlessly reasonable course fees

    If you are thinking about choosing us then you are in exact place for your content writing training. Learner friendly classes with the international status are a focus for each student to their adorable institution. This organization presents the finest specialized training in the affordable fees and with 100% job assurance.

    To become a professional web Content writer or a creative web writer any person require to search out the ideal assistance and comprehensive lessons where they can attested themselves like a trained with acquaintance. Hence benefit right now and go for the best training for web content writing at your door steps.

    • About CIA Students:

    At present in the practiced internet marketing ground there are large numbers of CIA students are effectively run their jobs in different famous IT firms, marketing firms, MNCs, SEO firms. The previous trainees form Compete Infotech Academy is fruitfully build their individual place with their expert acquaintance which they have made from CIA’s professional help.

    Compete Infotech Academy provides you an avant-garde infrastructure right from the start with the most excellent industrial professionals for your job impersonation.

    Nowadays this organization is the top house for IT concerning courses in Kolkata as well as in India and set for their individuality of training and services following classes which are just for the improvement for their student’s profession.

    Expect this blog assist you all the learners with the fresher to choose your right path. You are able to that immediate idol at this content marketing field but appropriate acquaintance relevant this topic is the actual necessity.


    • How you can get content writing jobs within few clicks?


    After completion of your training you can opt for your chosen career option as nine to five jobs or can choose freelancing as a career alternative. Now a days, for eCommerce boom and digital marketing awareness, online business website owner looking for freelance and full time, part time content writer for their website seo promotion, blogging, social media promotion, ppc ads text preparation and many other options to market their products or service online.


    First you have to decide what category of writer you desire to be. The options may be copywriter, article writer, freelance writer, academic writer, ghost writer, SEO content writer, blogger, technical writer, resume writer, reviewer and many more types are exists.

    After deciding about your choice and if you are comfortable with your writing skill you can go for create account with some content writing websites as a freelance writer or can apply for full time or part time jobs for any content marketing firm or can start your individual business with your skill.


    Content writers are taking on to be factor of SMO group to ease online existence of the company on accepted social networking sites like Face Book, Twitter, etc.


    There are some reputed multinational companies like TCS, IBM, Infosys, Wable, Capgemini, Cognnigent etc hiring full time content writer.


    There are sufficient openings in eCommerce and digital advertising where you will be required to write promotional content regarding the products.


    One bigger alternative is doing your job as a freelance writer for several industries. This mode you keep your moment and force and make precious content from the console of your residence. Furthermore there are no questions yet if you require going from one position to a new owing to your partner’s transferable occupation.

    All you require is computer, internet connection and a passion to test an innovative field of occupation. As well there is a chance to job with numerous companies at a time.


    This provides chance to note down on an extensive range of topics and acquire familiarized with a range of styles and structures as well. It is an exciting, smart, stylish and respectful different work opportunity for everybody.


    • How to join – Where You Can learn Content Writing?

    Wish to know further about the certified content writing course? We already released and successfully  running our content writing training courses in Kolkata as a both online and classroom training mode of delivery. if you want to learn how to become a professional web content writer then call at +91.0.9433365039, 9830363622 to talk with Miss Sahina now.


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    Compete Infotech Academy

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    Drop your message in our contact Box or consult with our expert who assists you to choose your right path to start with world class opportunity.


    For more detail information regarding content writing course structure or additional inquiries log on to and to make out any further info associated your content writing career improvement or professional training courses feel free to email at

    How to Become a Most Demanding Content Writer in India?

    Content writing probably the most beautiful job in the world where you concentrate your innovation and creative ideas through writing. Content writing is a branch which comes under digital marketing. Content writers are actually the professional writers who produce contents to be to provide relevant information over internet. Content writers create and innovates articles, blogs and other writing material on Web. Now a days the demand of  Content Writer is rapidly increasing. This article will help you how to become a most demanding content writer in India?

    Who are Content Writers?

    Content writers are the writers or professionals who provide relevant information on the web through their writing skills in the form of website content, blogs, articles etc.


    To become a successful content writer the minimum qualification which is required is the candidate must be at least a graduate and should have very strong communication and writing skills in English. However many companies or employers recruits writers who have degrees in English, journalism, communications or creative writing. There are also possibility candidates without any writing-related degree may still find job in the field of content writing who has interest in writing.


    • Degree from an accredited college or university
    • Applicants possessing degrees/diplomas from institutions where the language of instruction was not English will be required to provide test scores as evidence of their English language proficiency. The candidate should also possess sound knowledge of internet.
    • However the admission criteria of different institutes are different from one another so it would advisable that the candidates before taking admissions should visit the official websites of the training institutes for further information.


    There are many professional institutes who are providing high class and innovative, creative content writing training all over India. These institutes are producing successful content writers. Some of the top training institutes which are providing content writing training are 1. Compete Infotech Academy 2. Digital Vidya 3.  Digital Academy India 4.  Market Motive. 5. NIIT 6.Edukart 7.Internet & Mobile Research Institute(IMRI) 8.WebnextSolutions 9. Learning Catalyst 10. Institute of Digital Marketing(IDM) 11. Google Digital MarketingCourse. However I would advise you to visit our content Writing Course webpage to know more about our training modules and further details of our institutes.

    Job opportunity:

    The job opportunity in the field of content writing is infinite and very successful. Individuals, who have the skills of writing, expertise in creativity, possess the quality of grasping any topic which is related to writing is always on demand. Each and every company today has a website, they have numerous topics to share and produce their sales in the online market; who does that? Yes the content writers. Content writers are hired by companies, advertising agencies, news channels etc to produce writings. However if someone wants to write individually on solo basis or freelancing they can also go for it as the job opportunity is numerous and money as well. Go for it candidates.

    Career prospects:

    Career in content writing is vast it’s absolutely versatile. Content writing is something which all about creativity, vast knowledge and yes writing. Individuals who have the quality of writing and creativity have very good career scope. There are lots and lots of recruitment companies who hire content writers. However if you are not interested to work under any company you can also go solo for content writing or may be freelancing. Whatever you want to do you get the choice to select because you have the skills go for it because the success is yours. Now a days content writers working in different social media by taking social media markeitng training and getting higher pay pakcage than the regular content writers.

    Earning scope:

    Content writers have variety of earning scope from the entry level to the experienced one.  A content writer can simultaneously earn money both working under a company and also working as a solo/ freelancer. However according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported that writers in general earned a mean yearly salary of $69,250 in May 2013 ( While there was a vast variance in the wages among writers. The professional writers made $28,310 or less each year while the top ten percent of these writers carried annually $117,050. While the Bureau of Labor Statistics proved that the technical writers earned a mean of $70,290 as of 2013 where most of these writing professionals are making $40,270 and $105,760 each year.


    A license is always required as the creator and the copyright holder of your work, you will have certain rights and regulations over it, which will also include others to prohibit from making unauthorized copy or publicly display of your work.  However if you want others to copy your work, posts, articles etc to be posted on their sites which turn they provide you with an attribution. In this case the content licensing comes into picture. This license gives the permission to someone or everyone to a certain limit to use your work and the use of your work without your permission it would be considered into copyright infringement.

    There are three ways you can offer a license to another party and they include:

    1. Direct Licensing: Direct licensing offers license to an individual or company to use your content. This is done through contract, terms of service or even to a use in an email.
    2. Blanket Licensing: Blanket license offers license to those creative commons one where anyone can take free advantage of it. This are usually posted alongside of your work so that everyone can see it.
    3. Implied Licensing: It is not actually a license it grants permission to use your work with your actions. For example, if you put a “print” button your working site you intentionally want people to use it and, thus, it’s not an infringement.

    You can utilize any of these licenses according to the compatibility of your work.

    Top recruitment companies:

    DigitalSLBI, Strategix Idea ka Guru XtremeUX  WebChankya  Smit Digital MarketingAlive Now Blue Digital, Evomantra Digicliff Digitalant Flare Path GodotGraffiti Collaborative . Geek Interactive Avenues  Kreata  Global. Langoor Media2win.