Why Digital Marketing Training Course Institutes in India can give 100% Job Guarantee

Why You Should Take Training of Digital Marketing Rather than Typical SEO in 2015

Differences between the SEO and Digital Marketing.

We all know a lot about internet but let me just give a brief jest how the internet world is playing big with the business world .The internet which is being used by the world today is used for the variety of purposes by variety of sources. The most interesting of all is the digital marketing and SEO which is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION in complete terminology.

This article will help you to know more about why you should take training of digital marketing rather than typical SEO in 2015.

These two are the players who are playing the whole internet world. I would just like to give a brief description like what is SEO? In a very simple manner it is SEO is the process of bringing more visitors into a particular platform i.e. a website by obtaining high ranking placement in the search page of search engine (SERP) which includes Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO helps to show case a site is accessible to search engine. It improves or increases the chances to user to find the site in the search engine.

While digital marketing is the word “Digital Marketing” summaries in itself the revolution of the new edge of marketing in a global basis and understanding consumer behavior. It is the part of marketing business apart from the traditional way of marketing but the best use of digital medium. Where it comes to digital off course internet is the first source and under it shadow it encapsulates the Web, Email, Rss, IM, video .Again the smart phones, tablets, I pads etc. are providing a huge medium og digital marketing which is very quickly accepted  and on urgently basis required. While social media has provided a bigger exposure in the medium of digital marketing.Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin are some of the important social networks which have valued digital marketing.

How is SEO Different from Digital Marketing?

Differences of SEO and Digital Marketing  in a manner that SEO bring under its branches nothing for any promotional or profitable aspect but it is just a platform which showcases the rankings of a particular site with the help of keywords which has to be maintained by those website owners. Whereas Digital marketing under its branches brings a lot of platforms which helps the marketers to promote its products the way they want to under its branches it encapsulates.

  • Websites and SEO content
  • Blogs
  • Internet banner ads
  • Online video content
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Mobile marketing (SMS, MMS, etc.)

Here through digital marketing the corporate houses are earning by the use of variety of mediums. It is getting the big exposure to merchandise its products. Here the advantage is that if one of the medium under digital marketing is not working the other medium can be used and make it a success. The advantage is more in digital marketing in comparison to SEO.

Let us now discuss about the digital marketing which will give you a huge exposure to the real marketing world in a perfect manner. Digital world is the best know option for the marketers to exposé their product.  Now the digital marketing which has lots of other options under is branches each of the branches are very useful and are profit makers in their own aspect.

Below are the mentioned branches of digital marketing.

  • Websites and SEO content– Websites are made by the corporate houses to promote and merchandise their products into the field of business. Every day a lot of internet users are growing people are more hook up to internet because internet brings the whole world under one finger tip. So it helps a larger and a profitable way to make profit as the response is fast.
  • Blogs– Blogs are one of the branches of digital marketing to share information, while we check in the business prospect; blogs are efficient and great tools for promoting any information.
  • Internet banner ads– Internet banners are a kind banner add which are a kind of advertising on the internet .The internet banners are used to attract more traffic to a website. This is also one medium which helps in promoting the products.
  • Online video content– Online video content is another medium of digital marketing which is helping the marketers to promote their product or brand through the use of video content which can be uploaded, converted, stored and also play backed.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising– In the medium of PPC online the advertisers display their goods or services. So the viewers actually clicks on the ads while entering some keywords into the search engine while the main importance is that the advertisers are charged only when the viewers click on their adds and only then the advertiser is charged.
  • Email marketing– Through the use of email marketing an advertiser use to promote their product through the use of commercial message through the use of email.

Social media marketing (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) – While we all know about the face book , twitter and linked in. this is the free and popular media which is used and known medium to everyone from the young generation to the old generation where advertisers can used to promote their products within their groups or to the huge customers.

Above which I have mentioned are few branches of digital marketing which gives a huge prospect to the advertiser to promote their product and earn profit because the advertiser get the benefit to use the variety of medium to use if one does not work the promoter can use the other medium as well and hence it is very safe, cheap and easy and hence it is profitable in broader way.

Whereas to utilize about these digital marketing one has to perfectly learn about the branches know how to utilize it for promotional purposes. It is very beneficial for the young generation for the graduates who can go into digital marketing as their career, which will blend their career into marketing through digitization. Which has a very bright future in the next 5 years down the line as it is one of the career prospect which is an uncommon and yet very profitable.

Whereas for the marketers and the advertisers who are into marketing know the market scenario using the help of digitization but are still to utilize all the branches of digital marketing will have to enhance their skill first  by taking lessons or trainings upon digital marketing . As the digital world is known to all and used by all but how to use the same digital technology differently from the other competitors are being taught when a perfect training is taken. Hence  compared to the SEO which is far older form of digitization marketing the world of Digital Marketing is creating huge difference in the world of marketing if you are still thinking to take training for a real marketing profit.