Goverment to Promote Handloom Products Via E-Commerce

Government to promote sales of handloom products via e-commerce medium.

A good news for the handloom industry the Central Government has announced to promote selling of handloom products through ever growing e-commerce market. This is indeed a praiseworthy step taken by the ruling government.

India is rich in handloom products. This decision will not only boost its marketing strategy but also increase its consumers.

The Indian masses who appreciate handloom products but cannot avail them due to lack of resources can now easily buy them anywhere at any time. It will also make them popular among the young generations.

In order to make this program successful proper planning is required. The Office of Development Commissioner        ( Handloom) under Ministry Of Textiles has formulated the policy for this programme keeping in view the interest of both producer and consumer of these products.

Under this policy any interested e-commerce entity can apply to the Office of Development Commission. After proper background and track record checking of the entity the office of Development Commissioner will allow the entity to work in collaboration with it.

For scrutinization of applicants a separate committee will also be formed. The application processing will be completed in three days.

The e-commerce entities which will be approved by the Office Of Development Commissioner will have to promote the handloom products on priority basis .A separate section for handloom products bearing the name or handloom mark should be present on its homepage.

Display of handloom products should also be there on the homepage.

Key Features of this programme:

A. The list of the names of the selected e-commerce entities will appear on the website of Development Commissioner ( handloom).

B. Proper awareness camps and training will be organised by Weaver Service Centre to educate weaver about this policy

C. Proper and brief description of handloom products will also be available on the website of Development Commissioner (handloom).To make the customers aware of the products, the e-commerce entity can use these details.

D. For availing the e-commerce facility to weaver IT infrastructure and office space will also be provided wherever possible.

E. This policy will be revised from time to time

F. The performance of the e-commerce entity will be closely monitored.

G. The extension of approval of e-commerce entities will solely depend upon its performance.


If the Govt becomes successful in implementing this policy , then it will be a boon to our handloom industry.

How to Become an E-commerce Marketing Consultant?

It is the world of internet, web, network, fast communication each and every work is done within seconds. People from one end of the globe are reached at the other end of the world. How that is done yes as I have mentioned above internet. The virtual God of everything. Now the internet has become so dominant that its presence is making huge necessity for the users and success of the many businesses. How is that done? These are done through e-commerce. If we check statistically it is found that more than fifty percent of the people go for online shopping for the fast and convenient way. Thus each and every business firm today create a website for the purpose of e-commerce and the person who deals with the plans and the ideas of building e-commerce a success are the E-commerce consultants. If you are interested to become a E-commerce marketing consultant then you are just in right place. This article will help you how to become an E-commerce marketing consultant?

Who is an e-commerce consultant?

All the business firms and companies run their sales and production through the process of e-commerce in today’s internet parasite world. The convenience the security the quality it provides is very much easy and has become very necessary for every common people today. So to bring all the success and delivering the best to the common people to the users front it is the E commerce consultant who make it all happen. They design the work and make plans to bring success to their clients and the companies and efforts to   satisfy the users.


There is no such kind of eligibility criteria for the candidates who are interested to pursue a career in as e-commerce consultant. However the most important thing which is required by most of the training institutes is that the candidate should at least possess the degree of a graduate and also should have sound and excellent knowledge on the English Language.

The skills which are required to take the as e-commerce course are:

  • Internet Browser usage
  • Email usage
  • Some HTML knowledge


Each and every training institute has their own required necessity from the candidates and the minimum criteria to make them get admitted to a particular course in their institutes. The time of admission is also flexible as per the convenience and the rules and regulations of the training institutes. However no matter which ever training institute you think of going for the admission but the minimum required qualification for the candidate is graduate. The candidate should also have very strong base on English language. Some institutes also check the test score in English before going for the admission procedure.


If you are thinking of building a career as an E commerce consultant than these are the top ten training institutes of India which are the most trusted. When think of pursuing a degree in they are the best in India. However here I would also like to advise you that please go through the official website of the training institutes for the further relevant information and enquiries.

Compete Infotech Academy, DigitalSLBI, Strategix Idea ka Guru XtremeUX  WebChankya  Smit Digital MarketingAlive Now Blue Digital, Evomantra Digicliff Digitalant Flare Path Godot Graffiti Collaborative . Geek Interactive Avenues  Kreata  Global, Langoor Media2win. Comepete Infotech Academy is one of the finest institute to learn ecommerce marketing.

Job opportunity:

You have pursued a degree in e commerce and thinking of job opportunity it’s huge. The whole internet business runs on ecommerce the top recruitment companies are waiting for e commerce consultants to make their business success. The new fresh consultants will work marvelous with their new ideas and innovativeness and higher the sales and demand of their clients. Their top recruitment countries both in India and abroad and the job opportunity are very high because of the need of more e commerce consultants to fill the vacancies.

Career prospects:

Career growth in the field of ecommerce has high potentiality. It is absolutely a new career and the demand for it’s is ever increasing because of the dependency over internet by the people. The big firms and companies rely half of their profit through e commerce business who will make it success the skill e commerce consultants. I would advise don’t think just go for the career in ecommerce and see how your career takes an upward trend.

Earning scope:

The earning scope of the consultant is very good. Whether you are recruited under Recruitment Company or you want to go for a solo business in your desired way the money will flow. The skills and expertise that a consultant has will allow them to earn money huge quantity. Here is the report of the range the e-commerce consultant can earn with expertise.







Running an  Internet business can be a profitable in the  way to get customers, expand your dimension. and increase sales. Basically the licenses and permits that are required to start a e commerce business are the same as those required to start an Internet business.

You will require a business license if you are starting or buying an E-commerce or Internet business just as you do with any other business. Every business needs to obtain a business license. It does not matter if you are operating your e commerce business out of your home, you will still need to have a business license for a successful e commerce firm.

Top recruitment companies:

DigitalSLBI, Strategix Idea ka Guru, XtremeUX,  WebChankya,  Smit Digital, Marketing Alive Now, Blue Digital, Evomantra Digicliff Digitalant, Flare Path, Godot Graffiti Collaborative, Geek Interactive Avenues,  Kreata  Global, Langoor Media2win

The above mentioned are the Top Recruitment companies of India who recruits candidates having knowledge in the field of  E-commerce .These recruitment companies works for the world’s top most brands of the world. So starting up your career with these companies will lead to success ladder.