How to Become a PPC Consultant?

PPC it stands for the term pay-per-click  in the marketing sense. It is a way of internet marketing  in which  the advertisers has to pay each time a user click on their adveritisements. Pay perclick could be defined well by saying that it is a process of actually buying clicks or better say visits to your sites. However advertising can also process visits organically. Advertisements which are available on the search engines are one of the most popular forms of PPC.

Now a days there is a huge demand of PPC consultant. Are you interested? Then this article will help you how to become a PPC Consultant?

Who are PPC Consultants?

A PPC consultant is a savior for the advertising agencies. PPC consultants with their relevant experience and expertise brings a huge profit and also savings on your account.  Saving your money is not the first and the foremost criteria the most important thing is that an experience PPC consultant  identifies the corners of your Adwords campaigns where the money was lost and they plan that lost money to be transferred across the keywords  which increases your sales ultimately . They also make plans to make your cost per sale budget less. A variety of different strategies and methods are utilized PPC consultants to bring a success and profit to the advertising agencies.


Off course with great jobs comes great responsibility. PPC consultants are one of those. There are many training institutes who are providing certification to become a certified PPC consultant. However the minimum qualification which is required is the candidate should be at least a graduate.

There are individual certifications:

Google AdWords individual certification: To achieve the individual certification the practitioner will have to show their skills in Google Adwords by meeting the criteria set by Google. However the individuals will have to clear both the fundamental exam and one advanced- level exam to achieve the Individual qualified certification.

Google AdWords company certification: Through this certification the companies get the certificate as certified partner. If the company achieve these certification then they demonstrates expertise in managing AdWords accounts and everyone agrees to a set of terms and conditions.


The candidates who are really interested in joining the training courses for PPC they easily go ahead and join the best training institutes. In taking admission in any of the institutes they should be at least 10+2 or Graduate and should also have knowledge of the computer and also sound knowledge of internet.

The skills which are required to take the PPC course are:

  • Internet Browser usage
  • Email usage
  • Some HTML knowledge

However it is also important to check the official websites of the training institutes for further information related to admission.


I would like to inform the candidates who are deciding to pursue a course in PPC  as there is huge potentialities in the digital world day by day clients and big companies are hiring more PPC consultants to improve their potentialities in profit and demand . While considering these both in India and abroad the best institutes are providing social media courses as a branch of digital marketing. Some of the best institutes which you can choose to pursue your course in PPC are 1.Compete Infotech Academy 2. Digital Vidya 3.  Digital Academy India 4.  Market Motive 5. NIIT 6.  Edukart 7. Internet & Mobile Research Institute(IMRI) 8.  Webnext Solutions 9.  Learning Catalyst 10.  Institute of Digital Marketing(IDM) 11. Google Digital Marketing Course. The above mentioned digital marketing training institutes are India’s top most training institutes . It is advisable that the candidate should definitely visit our official website for the PPC training details for further required information.

Job opportunity:

There are huge job opportunities for the candidates who are thinking of pursuing the course in PPC. The top recruiting companies like DigitalSLBI, Strategix Idea ka Guru XtremeUX  WebChankya  Smit Digital MarketingAlive Now Blue Digital, Evomantra Digicliff Digitalant Flare Path Godot Graffiti Collaborative. Geek Interactive Avenues  Kreata  Global. Langoor Media2win etc are the companies who recruit consultants who have knowledge in the field of PPC. These companies also work for big brands and clients. However if you are thinking to try your skills of PPC on your solo firm you can also go ahead and start up your own venture as in both the cases job opportunity is always high.

Career prospects:

If you are into the field of PPC you do not have to worry once you pass out of your PPC training courses. There is lots of opportunity lying in the PPC sector. The whole world is familiar with the internet and are always found hooked into their computer sets searching in their favorite sites for information they require. Who will satisfy the needs and the demands of the internet user the PPC consultants are best in it to provide the best deal on the net both for the clients profit and the users demand. A great career is always waiting whether you are working on solo or under a company career growth with experience will make your life a huge success.

Earning Scope:

Depending on your experience and as well as if you have any certifications or not and of course depending on the company as well; your salary could range anywhere from 35k to 50k. 35k – 40k range would generally be some sort of an agency and anything higher would be for an in-house company.


The training institutes provides certification which are as follows these are the certification which needs to be seriously achieved by the PPC consultant which provides them the license to work as a professional PPC consultant.

Google AdWords Search Advertising Certificate (License 01591124)
Google AdWords Display Advertising Certificate (License 01591110)
Google Analytics Individual Qualification Certificate (License 01995430).

Top recruitment companies:

DigitalSLBI, Strategix Idea ka Guru, XtremeUX,  WebChankya,  Smit Digital MarketingAlive Now, Blue Digital, Evomantra Digicliff Digitalant, Flare Path, GodotGraffiti Collaborative, Geek Interactive Avenues,  Kreata  Global, Langoor Media2win.