How to Become a Social Media Consultant?

Social media it is another branch which is associated with the digital marketing. In today’s digitized world everyone is familiar with the social networking sites these are known as the Facebook, Myspace, Google+ and Twitter etc. People who hire consultants to endorse their brands and the products through the use of social media network are known as social media consultants.

Are you interested to become a social media consultant? This article will help you How to Become a Social Media Consultant?

Who are social media consultants?

Social Media consultants are basically hired by the clients to work on the profit and the development of their brand and the products on online media .A social media consultant holds different strategies and designs to endorse their clients brands through the use of videos, blogs, forums and other common social networking sites. The social media consultants also assist companies in building their presence on the popular social networking sites Facebook, Myspace, Google+ and Twitter etc. These helps in popularizing themselves more in the social media which means that more they are in the visible to the global user and their brand as well.


There is no such kind of eligibility criteria for the candidates who are interested to pursue a career in the Social media. However the most important thing which is required by most of the training institutes is that the candidate should at least possess the degree of a graduate and also should have sound and excellent knowledge on the English Language.


The most important requirement for the admissions in the Social Media Courses is that

  1. There should be a diploma or a degree from a accredited college or university.
  2. Whereas in some training institutes there is also a provision for candidates who do not possess the minimum educational requirements but who have at least 2 years of experience in the field of business they are considered on case basis. However the experience should include positions in marketing, entrepreneurship , sales, public relations, entrepreneurship, sales, public relations, web development and design, management, business and/or financial analysis, event planning, customer service, or as executive assistants . However they will have to provide their relevant experience in their resumes for further admission procedure. For further details and any kind of admission related queries one can easily visit the training institute’s official website.


I would like to inform the candidates who are deciding to pursue a course in the Social Media as there is huge potentialities in the digital world and more demand is growing with more sophistication in the digital world day by day clients and big companies are hiring more social media consultants to improve their potentialities in profit and demand in the brands. While considering these both in India and abroad the best institutes are providing social media courses as a branch of digital marketing. Some of the best institutes which you can choose to pursue your course in social media are 1. Compete Infotech Academy 2.Digital Vidya 3.  Digital Academy India 4.  Market Motive.  5. NIIT 6.Edukart 7. Internet & Mobile Research Institute(IMRI) 8.  Webnext Solutions 9.  Learning Catalyst 10.  Institute of Digital Marketing(IDM) 11. Google Digital Marketing Course. The above mentioned digital marketing training institutes are India’s top most training institutes while Compete Infotech Academy also offers the Social Media Certification program. It is advisable that the candidate should definitely visit the official website of the training institute for further required information.

Job Opportunity:

Social media is ever growing like a viral and is more and more required and used by the people. Social networking sites are cheap and easily available for everyone. Users are becoming more hooked to the networking sites, they are not available directly but people are more visible virtually. So here the most the companies are taking the advantage in endorsing their brands and products. How do they do it? Yes through blogs, videos, advertisements, etc. Who does that yes the social media consultants? Who are always busy with the task of making smart strategies designs and innovative ideas to meet the demand of the social network users and making profit to their companies and their clients.

These is one of the huge advantage why more and more social media consultants are required they are on demand. The big companies, MNC’s hire social media consultants or if you are not interested to join under any company one can also start working in their solo business.

Career Prospect:

As I have already mentioned above candidates who have acquired the skills of Social media marketing would definitely seeing a rising graph in their career analytics. Whether you want to work under huge and big companies or you want start up your own solo company you can totally decide on your own, because on both the cases you are going to earn a lot and could always see a great career ahead of you. Social Media is now in growing trend and it will keep on growing more in future because users enjoy being on the social networking sites due to which the demand is ever increasing and safe.

Earning scope:

A social media consultant can expect to earn a lot in present and also in future whether they are working under a company or have a solo business of their own earning potentialities are huge. Here below there is a detailed mentioned about the earning scope of various positions of social media consultants

  • Social media account executive – $73,000 per year
  • Social media strategist – $61,000 per year
  • Social media manager – $57,000 per year
  • Online community manager – $55,000 per year
  • Blogger – $32,000 per year

Blogging – $75 to $200 per blog article

Twitter account management – $500 to $1500 per month

Facebook content management – $1000 to $2000 per month


Licenses are required to get started with the Social Media Business. As the whole work of deals with the internet and the search engine it is important to get registered and the license to buy a domain to use your own page occur appear on the social networking sites.

Top Recruitment companies:

DigitalSLBI, Strategix Idea ka Guru, XtremeUX,  WebChankya,  Smit Digital MarketingAlive Now, Blue Digital, Evomantra, Digicliff Digitalant, Flare Path, Godot Graffiti Collaborative, Geek Interactive Avenues,  Kreata  Global, Langoor Media2win.

The above mentioned are the Top Digital Marketing Recruitment company of India.