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Are you excited to hear that more than 14,238,227,900 peoples worldwide (Source: www.internetworldstats.com) visiting website or using internet like you? If these Statistics data excites you then this course is perfect for you.

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We use a combination of writing program case studies, projects activities, implementation of all inputs from each modules within assigned website and video and audio clips along with powerpoint presentation in order to make the process of learning at least 90% experimental.

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1. From Full or Part time Content Writing Job 2. From home based creative writing Job, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing, Blogging etc. 3. From Your own Business – We will give you all 3 key to open the potentiality for earning more money. Our expert Content Writing consultant will help you to understand and implement every steps of getting success through Content Writing.

Our Content Writing Course Modules

Learn positive characteristics and working techniques which will help you to become a confident and sucessfull Content Writing consultant. Our Content Writing training course ensures two major areas like Advanced Knowledge and Earning Scope – That’s makes our Content Writing courses unique.

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We create a live environment where you will love to learn from content writing classes. Our mentor and faculties are more than 5 years experienced in technical content writing, creative writing, website content writing, article writing, business writing and many other style of content writing. You will able to access Internet and Machine full time. We will also arrange extra classes to make sure you implemented the knowledge 100% practically in your website. So the work and rank results show you the growth. So you are searching keyterms like professional writing courses, courses in content writing, content writing training, creative writing training, business writing classes, website content writing, creative writing classes, technical writing classes, technical writing certification, business writing training, online writing program, article writing training, technical writing training certification, content writing classes then our course will be best fit for you.

  • The purpose of technical writing

    • Benefits of effectively communicating technical information
    • Dealing with common writing problems
    • How visitors read on the web
    • Search engine standings
  • Apply a document-driven process to write better and faster
    • Identify goals of your website
    • Writing for your target audience
    • Headlines and titles
    • Too much or not enough information - finding the happy medium
    • Common mistakes
    • Web content writing
    • Technical Writing
    • Creative Writing
    • Research Writing
    • Scientific Writing
    • Copywriting
    • Article Writing
    • Web Copywriting
    • Press release Writing
    • Blog Post content Writing
    • Ad Copywriting
  • Getting ready to write

    • Driving your document design with scenarios
    • Focusing on a document's purposes
    • • The investigation process
    • • Identifying your purpose and the reader's purpose
    • • What the audience brings to the table
    • Exposing tacit knowledge
    • Knowing when you've "covered it all"
    • Incorporating creative writing without going overboard
    • Ways to stand out from your competition
    • Discriminating between the three levels of information
    • Creating strong subjects
    • Building sentence variety
    • Building sentence variety
    • Solving common grammar problems in technical writing
    • Structuring information with tables and lists
    • Selecting the right words
    • Two strategies for rewriting
    • Official
    • Primer
    • Nominal
    • Telegraphic
    • Selecting the most effective style
    • Knowing when and what to edit
    • The editing triage
    • Editing throughout the document process
    • How writing for the online environment is different to writing for print.
    • Principles of good web writing
    • Developing cohesive documents with Given/New and transitions
    • Applying useful headings to support skimming
    • Structuring information around the reader's scenarios
    • Available writing styles
    • General to specific
    • Effect and cause
    • Problems-methods-results
    • Order of importance
    • Compare and contrast
    • Writing as a signalling system
    • Learn Audience-driven document design
    • How human cognition affects how users read content
    • Understand how to improve readability by writing scan able text
    • Relating document structure to the audience
    • Recognizing the varieties of user manuals
    • Developing reference manuals and white papers
    • Determining the document types
    • Post-positive vs. pragmatic documents
    • Implementing the right document format
    • Tutorials and standard operating procedures
    • Designing Play script and Minimalist tutorials
    • Structuring sentences and sections
    • Handling introductions and conclusions
    • Testing the document for success
    • Levels of prototypes
    • Designing the appearance of your page
    • The technical document reading process
    • Fonts
    • White space
    • Alignment
    • Chunking the document
    • Employing photos, drawings and graphs
    • Focusing graphics

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