Best Websites for Content Writing Work from Home Jobs fro Students

Are you a student of college or school and want to earn extra money like Suhana? Then content writing is the best option you can have. You are right now wondering who Suhana is. Is she the daughter of SRK? Is she involved in the content writing job? Let me tell you that it is not the case. Suhana is my cousin. She lives in Punjab. She is a girl of 12th grade. She is involved with content writing. Actually two months earlier I went to their house where aunty and uncle gave me hearty welcome and Suhana were also there. She was very excited about my coming. My flight was delayed for half an hour and she was the one who called me more than ten times.

Basically after three years we were going to gather up together. After reaching there her mother gave me juice and some cookies. We sisters were going to meet each other after three years later. So, naturally we were discussing about many things: like career, passion, movies and many more. Suddenly she got a call from her friend Jagruti. After spending fifteen minutes in call, Suhana told me that Jagruti got a part time job and she will join from tomorrow. She was genuinely happy for her but suddenly she looked anxious.

I asked her what the problem is. She said that she was anxious for her future. Every friend of her was in job but she is the only one who did not get a job then. She was very much upset then she asked about some jobs which she could do online on her free time. I was shocked because it is her board’s year and all she wants to do is a part time job!! I asked her what her main goal is by doing a job. She told that she just wanted to earn some extra money because her parents do not give her pocket money. At first I suggest her to do home teaching. Collect some kids of your complex and start a class where they will learn and enjoy at the same time.

But she was not happy with that solution. She said that every kid of her complex has a teacher. And their parents will not allow Suhana to do home teaching. She wants a job where she can earn without telling anybody even her own parents also. She also told that she searched for many jobs but none matches to her qualification she was very upset for that reason. I told her to be an editor, but she informed that she does not find it interesting.

So, as last option I told her to be content writer. She was very excited after knowing this but She told me that every company asked 12 th pass degree for content writing jobs.

Then I told her about some websites where she can earn money by doing freelancing. She will work in her own condition. And also she will earn more than she expected.
In freelancing content writing jobs you have to find some website where you can open your own account and can write about anything that you want. If your writings are well received by audience then you will income decent money.

Be careful! If you don’t have good writing skills and research knowledge then this field is not for you.

Now let’s talk about the websites which offer freelancing content writing.

1. Upwork .com: is a great website to do freelancing content writing jobs. Here joining is free. But one thing is guaranteed which is money. There are many websites where you will not get money after your work. They ditch you or make you fool but in your money will be safe.

  • How to Start:
    i. Sign in on this website.
    ii. Create your account with your all information like name, place, qualification
    iii. Then you have to select your topics and
    began to write.
    iv. Here you can have a “verified payment option” for every client with whom you will deal.
  • Pay:

You have to pay 5% to 20% service charge here. I know it is bit tough but at least it gives you higher chance to market your content.

2. is a very famous website for content writing. Here you can shine as a freelancer. But it has subscription chart.

  • Pay:
    i. For 1 week subscription it charges $6.95.
    ii. For 1 month subscription it charges $14.95.
    iii. For 3 months subscription it is $29.95
    iv. For 1 year subscription it is $49.95.
    v. If you pay for subscription but still unable to get writing jobs you will be given 30 days of free trial period.

3. is a great website for freelancers or students.

  • How to Start:
    i. Sign in on the website..
    ii. Once you create your profile then choose a job appropriate to your skill
    iii. Send proposals or email to those whose requirement is matched with your preference.
  • Pay:
    i. It does not charge any commission.

4. is the biggest content writing market. You can earn much more money than you expected.

  • How to Start:
    i. Sign up on this website.
    ii. Set up your gig.
    iii. Start your earning journey.
  • Pay:
    i. There is no service charge or fees. You keep 80% of transaction and 20%of it goes to’s pocket.


It is also very famous website for freelancing content writing.

  • How to Start:
    i. Sign in on this website.
    ii. Click on find a job to search for content writing jobs.
    iii. Send proposals and start working.
  • Pay:
    i. Freelancers used to pay 4.95% to 8.95% transaction fees.

I hope you all are being helped by my article.
Thank you.
Good luck for your future.

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