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Digital Marketing

The role of Digital Marketing Specialist is very prominent as it requires involvement in designing, creating, and delivering marketing plans to assist extension and success of the company administrations and products. This job role needs a deep understanding of technological products and market objectives. Accuracy in graphics designing, social media, web advertising, and web development is very essential. Acquainted with an of field concepts, practices, and steps. Marketing specialists depend on a judgment in projecting and expertise to fulfil acknowledged objectives.

Digital Marketer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning, execution, and analysis of digital programs and campaigns
  • Communicate with your audience by means of research papers, newsletters, presentations, event support materials, and brochures.
  • Interacting with marketing communications programs such as online advertising, website designing, social media promotion, mobile optimization.
  • Handling current management of digital touch bullets such as, managing social networking landing pages, and mobile management.
  • Engage with digital company relationships, daily basis production, as well as campaign budgeting and fixing schedules for different strategies.
  • Generating the reports for site analytics, metrics, and campaign.
  • Deep understanding of SEO and Google AdWords.
  • Showing presentation to Director of digital marketing.
  • Constructing and cooperating multimedia packages to utilises the digital marketing channel.

The Senior Digital Marketing Experts are amenable for the plotting, design maintenance and reporting of sites, e-commerce businesses, social media sites, pay-per-click service, and demand creating programs to enhance brand acknowledgement and choices, create qualified leads, scale up customer services, enhance e-commerce online and offline sellouts, and narrow down customer affiance in all lines of digital marketing business. Sr. Digital marketer will render effective guidance to IT, Sales, Marcom, Marketing, servicing, and acting team members, external companies and shoppers, with respect to getting this goal. This stance does not have apparent reports of the analytics.

Besides, the Senior Digital Marketing expert is liable for constructing, managing, executing, calculating and reporting on other marketing ways, as implemented by the Director of Corporate and Marketing Communications, to assist Operating Plan goals.

Desired Skills & Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • Accomplished Bachelor’s degree/ diploma in Graphics designing.
  • Experience of 2 years in digital marketing within the communications.
  • Accomplished Bachelor degree in marketing, journalism, communications.
  • At least 5 years of onward digital marketing experience needed, pertaining e-commerce experience
  • At least 5 years of digital marketing communications and project management expertise.


  • Experience with Website Alive, LiveChat, Velaro and click-to-customer-support website software solutions
  • More than 7 years compatible experience in online digital marketing and e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon
  • Experience in website management, HTML and content managing requirement
  • Knowing of outbound and inbound marketing provisions
  • Knowing about user-design, interface rules and mobile design
  • Flowing in Google Analytics frameworks.
  • Powerful essence to display digital marketing ideas and receive reviews of it.
  • Capability to explain and apply for brand promotion online by taking marketing initiatives.
  • Powerful awareness about detailing and meeting deadlines.
  • Complete donation in keeping up with digital advancement that can optimize effects of digital marketing business.

Digital marketing experience in particular domain.

  • International experience of doing projects with multinational companies and have a deep understanding of the global trends.
  • Experience with Marketing, email management systems, Customer Relationship. Management Systems, such as Constant Contact, SEO, SOM.
  • Experience with some B2B and B2C digital marketing companies and knowing the niche of the field.

Core Competency Requirements

  • Demonstrated experience in presenting effective and innovative digital campaigns.
  • Intense understanding of digital marketing and digital production.
  • Demonstrated experience in presenting a various field of digital assets, pertaining rich media online ads, social media applications and microsites.
  • Experience in running successful social media campaigns, and a firm knowledge of social media marketing and campaigns.
  • Firm management skills, exceptional oral and written language skills with an impressive way of presenting your concept.
  • A firm knowledge of digital analytics, web metrics, with the capability to present, analyze and interpret the reporting data.
  • Digital marketer is required be able to perform in the constant deadline load and still work in various projects single-handed across a multitude of lines of marketing business.
  • Experience in managing digital campaigns for various products and administrations.
  • Expert in Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Framemaker, InDesign, DreamWeaver, HTML, and CSS

The job responsibilities of digital marketer vary from time to time as it basically depends on company, website and e-commerce operating companies. Some companies do not have much of work burden and some have specific tie when they get high traffic like if you are working with Flipkart and Amazon as a digital marketer than surely you will be dealing with branding, promotion and selling of the products. In this way, the Diwali and new year period or festival time are too hectic that you could get yourself free to enjoy independently as this time the rush is high on the website and so the selling too. So, keeping track of each and every topic is also important to increase it more.


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