How to Be a Network Marketer

Network marketing is not a new concept. It is an age-old concept. Network marketing is not similar to other business models. It is quite different. Network marketing is a good source of income.

But it is not like traditional business or jobs. It has a good side and a bad side. We will discuss it in our article. So, you know about many kinds of businesses, but the majority of people do not know about networking marketing.

They don’t have proper information about it, so they can be made foolish by the business model of network marketing. There are many companies in the market that will fool you with their business models. And network marketing is a type of marketing that has a high chance of being fraudulent.

But all the companies that follow network marketing are not frauds. like Amway, Tupperware, etc. They use network marketing. Network marketing can make you rich, but it can also make you broke.

So be careful before investing money in network marketing.

I don’t tell you that network marketing is a total fraud, but I heard many years ago about an incident where a girl became so broke because of this network marketing.

Let’s hear that out:

So, there was a girl (it’s not okay to say her name); let’s assume her name is Risha. Risha was in 12th grade when she first got to know about a company that would give her money if she sold any product of that company to others.

After boards, she was free then. So, she was joining this marketing system without knowing all the details. The company is a lifestyle company. So, the primary condition was that she had to buy the product too. For the initial months, she ate the products, and they also gave her some benefits.

Meanwhile, she was able to find two or three customers who would buy these products. When she first sold the product, she did not get the whole commission; she only got like 25% of the product revenue. At first, she was happy.

The second time, she also came up with a person for her supervisor who sold the products to customers. The second time, she also got the revenue, not the total money. She was in doubt.

Because when she joined, the supervisor told her to find some men or women and take them to them, and if they are able to make a sale, then Risha will get the whole money. And whenever they (customers found by Risha) buy from them in the future, she will also get the money.

But in reality, she noticed that she only got a percentage of the money, not every time but only once. For the first time. If they (customers found by Risha) buy any product from the company in the future, Risha will get the commission, but she never got that.

Meanwhile, she had suddenly become so ill. She did a USG and found that she has gallbladder stones. Her world was shattered. The doctors advised her not to consume the lifestyle product ever again.

After doing the necessary checkups, she got her first surgery at the age of 19, which is not good. Her parents were also upset with that company, but they were not courageous enough to complain about it in public.

So, I hope you understand my point. I never believe that all network marketing companies are like that, but a few of them are not real. Just think about the mental health of Risha, who was broke and operated on. So, all of you, I beg you, before joining any network marketing company, always do some research about it.

But network marketing has its good side as well. Like Nitink marketing has its good side as well. Like Nitin, a Pune-based boy who earned 15000 rupees per month through network marketing. Make sure the company with whom you work is real.

Now let’s move on to the important segment:

  • What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is basically a business model followed by many companies. They generally follow the pyramid system. In a pyramid scheme, you have to add people to your company and sell the product to them.

Once you add a person and sell a product to them, you will get a commission on it. And if your added person adds someone new and sells something to them, you will also get the commission on her sale. This is how network marketing works.

It was also claimed that network marketing can make a person a billionaire, but this is not true. It will never make you a billionaire. So don’t fall for false claims.

Now comes a different step:

  • Network Marketing Has Many Different Names:
  1. Cellular marketing.
  2. Consumer-direct marketing
  3. Referral marketing.
  4. Home-based business marketing

Those who are related to network marketing are called independent business owners (IBOs).

Now we are coming to another step.

  • How Can You Be a Network Marketer?

To pursue network marketing, you don’t need any special education qualifications or other skills.

You only need to have

  • Good social circle.
  • Great convincing power.
  • Smartphone.

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of network marketing.

  • Pros of Network Marketing.
  • No investment.
  • Work from home.
  • No basic skills
  • There is no requirement for special education.
  • No targets.
  • Flexible schedules.

Now, coming to the cons:

  • Cons of network marketing
  • Chances to be fooled by the company.
  • Overpriced products.
  • You can go broke.
  • Not a long-term formula to increase your earnings.
  • You need a lot of motivation unless you are broke or depressed.
  • Fake promises.
  • Showing a fake lifestyle.

These are some facts about network marketing.

I hope you will benefit from that.

Thank you.

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