How to be a Freelancer Writer With No Experiences

Writing is passion for many of the person. Those who are good at literature can opt. for freelancing writing careers. IT has a huge market in India. It will grow in a billion dollar market one day. IN the time of lockdown every human went to explore their expertise which was impressive. IItians, businesswomen all were went for their passion and followed that. In the lockdown market freelancing became a big name. Before that nobody knows about it. Many people before that also did freelancing and earned a lot of money but that profession was not very popular in India.

Mina is a Kolkata based girl who is the student of English literature. She liked English literature since childhood. And at the age of fifteen she decided that she will do further study In English. So, she took English honours in College. But after completing honours she was very much confused what she should do in career because unlike Medical and Engineering field this subject does not allow you to have a job related role. Many English graduates are not that much in work force because this subject does not offer a proper job based career. It can be most depressing career option among all but still Mina choose that , at her early age she did not think about it but now she understood what mistake she had done to her life.

This mistake is very much disappointing and bad. After entering to the real world she found that any job is difficult for her she can’t compete with the science students. Day by day she became depressed and then she seeks help. Nobody came to her help without her elder sister. Her elder sister is a student of Microbiology but still she convinced her sister that choosing English cannot be fault especially when she is good at it. Mina asked her sister about the career options of English honours, but before her didi could answer the question she herself said none! In a very disappointing voice. Her didi became so much anxious about Mina. She calmed her down and offered her some water.

After drinking the water she was sitting on the bed with all the anger and disappointment. After sometime her didi broke the silence and told her that she will explain to her the benefits of being a language student. The next day in morning two sister gathered at one place and Puja starts to explain about the Career options of a literature student.

She said that Mina does not have any other degree unless English, so she will talk about a career option which is exclusive and quite new. This career option is explored by only few people who are genuinely liked that field. But Puja believed that Mina will do great in this Field. Mina is quite but after sometime she asked about the name of the career and Puja say that is “FREELANCING WRITER”. Mina is very much surprised because she never heard about the career option. Let’s discuss about Freelancing writer career.

  • What is Freelancing Writer?

Many of you may be surprised or astonished after listen to this job option. You all know the traditional author or the writer who writes for his/her audience and published the book. But you never heard of freelancing writer.

Freelancer writer is a person who is individually writing on a topic of his/her choice. She/ He does not under of any company or person. He/she does work completely freely. She/ he can work for anyone who will approach them. Basically Freelancing means freely doing your work and earning money. Freelancing writing is a huge market. You can be a freelancing content writer or ad writer or you can be a copyright writer based on your expertise and choice of field. But never opt. for this job if you are not interested on it. Because it will be messed up situation if you can’t write and express yourself properly. Nobody can push you up from this situation.

  • How can one be a Freelancer Writer?

If you are interested in writing you can opt for it but if you are not interested then skip this article.

A freelance writer does not have age limit. Any age range is appropriate for this job as long as you are interested in that job.

After 10th or 12th you can opt. for this job. NO extra qualification is needed. You have to have writing proficiency.

No special training is needed.
Internet and computer are needed.
Now coming to the pros and cons section.


i. No special qualification is needed.
ii. Flexible schedule.
iii. No more pressures of deadlines.
iv. You are the boss of your own.
v. Work from home facility.
vi. Working in your comfort zone.
vii. You can do this while doing other works.
viii. You can work for multiple clients at one time.


There are many cons or disadvantages here in this field. Let’s find out.
i. Tremendous pressure on eyes.
ii. Continuous sitting jobs.
iii. It is a desk job so, it will cause back pain.
iv. In this field there is no room for shortcuts, you have to work hard to get what you want,
v. May be disappointing and tiring.
vi. Have to forget your social life.
vii. Have to forget your sleep and relax.
viii. Sometime you will not get the credit, you have to ok with this.

If you want that people see your works you can do one thing: You can make your portfolio or profile in computer or your laptop and you can portray this for public show. If anyone likes your work you will get job.

You can do cold mails to various companies with your portfolio. If they like your work they will give you chance to do collaboration with them. I hope this is helpful for a would be freelance writer.
Thank you and good luck to your future.

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