How to Become A Youtuber

YouTube 1 being the second most seeker 1 after search engine for a growing internet population as an app that provides video graphed content about topics ranging widely through various fields of life, making considerable influence on the web while securing a growing fan-base and payment for its creators. It is considered as a successful platform for youngsters. Though it sounds like just another online platform to upload created contents on, being a part of this growing media outlet and making a career out of it requires vivid information on how this system works.

YouTube is a content platform, which organizes uploaded content generated by creators online and served to viewers online Aka, YouTube provides space for creators to create engaging content and connects target content with target audiences. This platform provides a variety of content and information serving a wide range of purpose throughout the internet, considerably related to Business and marketing by mass involvement through an elaborate information analyzing algorithm which follows policies like keyword search, engagement promotion, and SEOs. The platform encourages creative freedom and diversity to ensure engagement. Creators are mostly independent people holding their content identity as an internet iniquity while working towards updating quality and engaging audience to make a brand of such content.

The most important feature making content creation on this platform to be considered as a career, is that it Pays 2 . Creators can earn revenues, membership charges, premium fees, super chat revenues directly from the app, and advertisement revenues, collaboration costs and affiliation revenues, through marketing and product affiliating through the app.

Becoming a creator on such a platform requires five main lookouts, namely-
1. Underlying Motive (WHY select it as a career)
2. Powerful Cliché (WHAT can be the basis of your career)
3. Taking the First Step (WHERE and WHEN to start with the process)
4. Information about Technical Terms, (WHO can have advantage in this career)
5. Strategics and Moving Forward. (HOW to secure a career).

We will thus discuss about things to consider before selecting content creating as a career and YouTube as the platform for building said career..

1. Discovering Underlying Motivation (WHY be a YouTuber) 
Starting off with the basics, YouTube provides you with a community of creators from diverse backgrounds and can look like a platform allowing videographers to make their brands out of one’s own creativity, where having an accurate view of the type of career You wants to build out of the platform will help You stay consistent with the process.
Considering one will only stumble on to this ‘how to’ content, if they have a will to start with content creation basics, we will discuss about the backgrounds of YouTube analytics to sketch down an idea of what to expect from a career in here, to help beginners better understand, if this is what they actually want to indulge in.

History and Working principle of YouTube
YouTube was designed and developed into a video content circulating app in the year 2004 for the mere reason of ‘having ease with content uploading and creating’ with innocent plan of being a casual social media outlet to have people express themselves through videos and have friendly communities. Creator payouts didn’t start before, Google, the mainstream internet marketers with online universe bagging a number of different services to handle online businesses, acquired the innocent looking video creating platform (Oct, 9 2006).
Google however, saw potential of this application to be influential in the more formal corporate sections of the society even though the initial motive of the app was casual for,
How influential can a seemingly casual looking data streaming platform be on viewers. (Videographic content grew promising and influential, thus, acquiring an app with most of their viewers finding it attractive because it is casual and fun and free, can thus provide a huge market ready to be influenced). So, Google started paying the creators, to influence their target audience and market products to them with prolonged engagement.
Therefore, YouTube pays their creator to make, engaging videos, which is effective and influential, attracts a lot of people and get them interacting, and market something relatable to them, at the same time.
So, making career in here will require someone to, organize their creativity into engaging audience.

What to Expect from a Career in YouTube
If one wants to be an independent content creator, they should make engaging and marketable content. Making such content requires a knowledge of what people are attracted to in their genre and researching based on that.
Your video doesn’t have to be informative; it can be controversial or influential or descriptive, but with a core requirement of influencing people. One has to manage their time while keeping up consistency, deal with failures and manage their income sources to upgrade themselves with time. You have to expect getting hatred and making mistakes. Community interested in the creations have to managed as well, and alongside, one has to always keep on learning more about their weaknesses and strengthening their brands up.

Therefore, Content Creation in YouTube is Challenging, Requires Strategies+ Hard Work + creativity. And if these seems motivating enough for you to venture in deeper, we can go into narrowing the basics down to, what Building blocks of skills you may need to adapt to as a content creator, to start with YouTube.

2. Discovering Powerful Cliché (WHAT can make you a YouTuber)

Marketable content is different than casual ones, are what we have established by now. Therefore, now the concept of what makes an Individual’s Idea into a Brand Comes in.

Content Marketing
Having a basic Idea of how Marketable Content are just a modified version of Content Creating can help beginners with the fearful misconception, that their individual creativity and expression through creating contents are not enough. YouTube loves unique and genuine quality content! And it, is needless to mention, the foundation of each and every creator’s channels and brands. Content Marketing is just a process of plating them in a monetizing way. If you want to become a Movie-Analyst online, you obviously will require a genuine and thorough content to make people like it, think about it, you can just add some affiliations of paid podcast services or movie streaming platforms You are in a paid partnership with. The genre you want to start your channel with have to be the core of your consistency for any of this to be working, as brand requires their corset values and being too flexible with it, won’t work.
Your Consistent Genre is what we will be terming as Powerful Cliché.

What Skills does it take to get one?
1) The foremost skill to start is Researching 8 Abilities, cause the more you know and try out, the better you know what you are natural at. Many other portions require Researching as well, like keyword algorithms and what engages the audience in similar types of content.
2) Uniqueness is undoubtedly what one needs next. You must select a genre you like to work with and a style you individually want to represent. Nothing is unacceptable if the guidelines are maintained. Because a long-lasting fanbase will be attracted to genuine creator. So, focusing on finding a genre that speaks for you/ finding a Powerful cliché will be the core work to your channel. Copyrighting 9 your content is thus necessary.
3) Strategies to monetize 10 , as one definitely needs their source of income from a platform, they will put their work in. This needs you to be spontaneous and mindful to find ways of monetization that aligns to your Cliché. Aiming to use multiple ways of earning will be a wrong decision for the ones who want to prolong their career, as that will boil them down to an uninteresting channel with click baiting content, but choosing the right ways of monetizing your selected genre will make your cliché more effective
4) Managing sources, aka rationing out your source materials to survive this competition, is one of the most important skills that can be a make or break for your future. The equipment and source materials you use you are starting up, creates an accent to your Cliché as well. You can start a commentary channel if you can afford just an audio setup, a video podcast if you can’t manage video graphing outdoors, create short videos if you cannot manage longer videos, and you can stick to your initial genre with any of these choices.
Therefore, we came to the end of your basic why’s and how’s, now we can dive into list down the technicalities to start up.

3) WHEN to start (taking the first step)
Packing on to start requires the sheer force of will, cause waiting for being ‘ready’ won’t work. You have to keep it in mind, that YouTube still is an independent media sharing platform! Though it sounds unfortunate, it is taken pretty casually still now, thus finding your groove into starting in, can be troublesome. But, accepting growth to be gradual and chances of mistakes to be undeniable, will help with the starting process a lot.

YouTube is a freelancing platform, therefore the answer to this is- anytime! But if you want being a creator seriously and want to make your channel grow, here are few preceding steps you can follow-
1) Becoming a Netizen – Having being experienced with how the internet works and how social media, trends, mass-interest, and incidents rising and falling in fame can always be an inbuilt indicator for directing your interests. Being engaged to contents online will help you understand what is needed to engage people.
2) Making Your Mind up to Face Failure – This cannot be talked about enough, as Growing on the internet is a very time-consuming task. Being genuine to your content and striving to be a celebrated and trusted YouTuber will take you time and a number of failures. Finding passion in the processes and joy in the work is the key to success.
3) Editing and Optimization Skills – Optimizing your information and editing it into what you want to express through it, requires proper training and needs a lot of time to master. Having these skillsets will ensure the quality of your content.
4) Having Ideas about Media and Management- having a professional degree or enough knowledge about management will definitely be the cherry on top, as being an independent creator is more than half like being a personal assistance to your own self.

4)Technical Terms to Start Practically-

Search Engine Optimization consisting of keyword research and algorithm analysis is one of the most important technicalities in content creating. SEO stands for the system used to analyze what are people searching for the most and including keywords and hashtags that are trending in your thumbnails and descriptions to make your content suggested more to viewers. This stands absolutely important to the channel.
Tag, Title, Description
this is what describes your video and have the keywords to make it seen. Understanding how to place hashtags of keywords to attract target audiences based on how your competitors are attracting their’s can help you stand out.
Planning Topics
Planning out long run topics and generating franchises and playlist of connected videos can stand important to making your channel interesting.
Unique Branding
Selecting a unique brand name and logo for you channel is required.
Promoting and Collaborating
Aiming towards promoting your channel and collaborating with better known channels with similar potential can help you grow.
Editing and Maintaining Equipment
Maintaining a stable and standard equipment to produce consistent content and keeping unique individuality in editing can be the building blocks of your channel.

5) Strategic and Moving Forward
The last and final stage of assuring growth is to have a strategy of what you want to want to do for bettering your channel and contents. This mostly comes to action after you get started, and find a consistency pattern that works for you. It is to be remembered that, you still are the pioneer of how you represent your topic online, thus bettering yourself and updating continuously will help you connect to the community you are serving. As, at the end of the day, you are a creator, and inconsistency can hit pretty often, having alternatives planned previously, and communicating with your subscribers to let
your channel have a soul to connect to, will further help you grow.

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