How to Get Sponsored Post on Instagram

Instagram is very much well known social platform where you can upload photo or videos and reels of your or the products that you are going to sell online. Instagram is one of the most well known social media platform and also a renowned market place. After lockdown there is a boom in the usage of social media. Everyone from every age group used phone at that time. Even kids also were addicted by phone.

Many people during lockdown not only used social media but also used it on their own benefit. Many celebrities or influencers made their career in Instagram. They just made reels on trending songs and now boom! They are celebrities now. Many small and large business owners use Instagram as their marketing place. If I am not wrong, Instagram made millions of dollars with the advertising. Insta uses these revenues as funds. Instagram earns billions of dollars through the ads and sponsored posts.

Now the question is what are sponsored posts?
Let’s discuss this topic.

  • What is Sponsored Posts?

Sponsored posts are those posts which are giving you money when you are going to post them. If you ever noticed any celebrities or models like Kim kardashian, Priyanka Chopa or Kendell Jenner or Gigi Hadid. They all used Instagram as their way of money making. They just post quality content on their Instagram and earn as much money as possibly they can.

But You don’t need to be a celebrity or model specifically for getting sponsored post. If you are not famous as them then it is not a matter of concern, you still can get sponsored post. But there is some ways to get it.
Let’s discuss the methods on how you can get the sponsored post.

  • How to get Sponsored Post on Instagram?

If you want to get sponsored posts on Instagram you should follow these points:
The point will be very helpful and it will make you more and more knowledgeable about your Instagram.

1. Select Your Niche: Selecting your niche will be an important thing. The niche can also define whether you become a influencer or not along with many other points. If you are confused about what niche is? Then let me tell you niche is the subject matter or topic on which you will be posting your contents. If you are still confused how you are going to choose your niche then let me tell you I have a solution for you. You can take one specific options from the following:

  • Beauty.
  • Lifestyle.
  • Foods.
  • Sports.
  • Technology.
  • Editing skills.
  • Travel stories.
  • Cooking.
  • Exercise, yoga etc.
  • Medicines.
  • Another product like: Shampoo, soap etc.
  • Cloths

At first try to stick with only one specific niche. Do not change your niche often. If you change your niche often then your audience will be surprised and they can’t relate with you then you will lose followers, which will not be a great move for you. A specific niche can give you more than a Govt. job. You just have to post quality content with the products. And your audience will buy that without any question.

2. Know your Audience: Knowing your audience is the plus point of getting sponsored post. If you know your audience well then you cracked the formula of online marketing. They are your golden egg if you can’t manage or control them you will never be an influencer and get
sponsored post.

If you are a new comer then first try to learn what makes your audience happy? What makes them entertained? What is the product which causes more and more engagement on the post? Try to know your audience. If you are successful on knowing your audience then you are done with the half work.

3. Use Hash Tags: Instagram gives us the privilege to tag 30 people at a time on a specific post. You have to use more and more usable hash tags. Try to use as much hash tags as you can. If you use your hash tags proper then you can get sponsored posts soon. The hash tags used to find your content more easily. If you are not an influencer but you wear expensive cloths then after wearing them you can tag them on Instagram.

If you are lucky then they will give you reply, and who knows can ask you to do some advertisement for them, which will be great for you. That is how you can get sponsored post on Instagram.

4. Regular Posts: If you want to be an influencer and get sponsored posts on Instagram then please try to post content regularly. If you post regularly then your posts will be more engaged and fresh. If you regularly post of one specific niche. Just imagine how far you will go without even doing a lot of hard work. Just give regular post to your audience then wait and watch! A
magic will happen. Remember consistency is key for everything.

5. Give Your Contact Info: Try to use brand name when you use something branded. Use it
properly so the brand can see your post and can contact you if it is necessary. Always try to give contact info on your Instagram bio and try to give the link of the used products on your comment section.

I guess it is clear how you should articulate your Instagram account to get sponsored post.
Now coming to the last step.

  • How to Sponsor a Post?

Let’s try to follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select Business.
  2. Then, go to on Brand content.
  3. Click on Approved Business Partners to add the influencer’s account as a partner.

In this way you can make your post sponsored.
Always remember large following circle is great but you always don’t need it to get sponsored post.

Consistency of your content will be essential.
Hope it will be helpful to you. Thank you.

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