Think Big with SEO Profession: Top 10 Interview Question and Answer

Here is all the questions and answers that can help you to pass out in SEO Professional Interview with the best skill knowledge.

SEO Questions and Answers


  1. What is SEO?

Ans. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used to improve the visibility of a website in popular search engines like Google.

  1. What is the necessity of SEO?

Ans. There are thousands of websites being developed everyday. Without proper SEO they would come first in search results. So they may never get a single visitor!

  1. What are the steps involved in SEO?

Ans. The basic steps in SEO are Keyword analysis and research, on page or Meta tag optimization, Search Engine Optimization and off page optimization or link building.

  1. Who are SEO?

Ans. Search Engine Optimizers are the executives who do the SEO part for a website. The task involves blog posting, blog commenting, directory submission, social bookmarking, forum posting etc.

  1. What points should one keep in mind relating keywords?

Ans. While selecting a keyword, the following points should be taken care of:

  1. Single word keywords must be avoided.
  2. Keywords should better contain two to four words.
  3. Focus on such keywords having high probability to fetch traffic
  4. Web pages should be optimized with one or two keywords per page
  5. For a new site, keywords with medium competition are most suitable
  6. What do you mean by a keyword?

Ans. Keywords are the search terms that a user inserts while searching the web using a search engine. A website which is optimized by the popular search terms relevant to the theme, gets high rate of traffic.

  1. What are the factors associated with on page optimization?

Ans. The key factors relating with the on page optimization are:

  • Keywords in title tag
  • Keywords in URL
  • In headings <h1>, <h2> and <h3>
  • At the start of a document
  • In the <alt> tag
  • <Description> Meta tag
  • Keywords formatting
  • Site theme
  • Site map
  • Unique contents
  1. What is the importance of Meta tags?

Ans. Meta tags contain a short description about the business or the website. It is very important because an attractive Meta tag can readily draws visitors in. Conversely a very generic Meta tag can hinder the site before the web surfers.

  1. What is keyword stuffing?

Ans. Including popular search terms or keywords make your site visible to search engines. The idea is to maintain a balance between the SEO part and the readability. Solely putting a number of keywords where it doesn’t suit makes the content ghastly to read. The act of pushing keywords is called keyword stuffing.

  1. Define the terms “White Hat” and “Black Hat” in the context of SEO.

Ans: The SEO techniques can be classified into two categories namely the White Hat SEO and the Black Hat SEO.

A White Hat SEO technique is one that follows all the search engine guidelines to make the effect last longer. The contents are written for the visitors not solely for the search engines.

On the other hand Black White SEO goes unethical. The contents are solely for Search engines.

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