How to Be A Technical Writer Without Experience

Technical writing is a new thing. Technical writing is now on trend. Before the lockdown, the majority of people do not know about writing jobs much, but after the lockdown, the scenario changed. Many people now going to these writing opportunities.

Some of you might hear of content writing and script writing, but technical writing is different from that. Actually, I mean to say that the pattern is different from others. The subject is altogether different from traditional writing jobs. It’s quite unique. And Technical writing jobs are basically not for everyone if you have technical knowledge or you have some experience in a technical field, then you will be able to write something in technical writing.

You need skills and knowledge to pursue this career. Many of you might think that is this career option rare in India. Let me tell you that it is very popular among those who are from the technical field. They all know about that. In fact, those who are students in the technical field could be part-time technical writers. In the technical writing field, normal graduates are generally not allowed. But if you are a graduate and have curiosity in the technical field, then you can go for it.

My elder sister Trina was at IIT Kanpur. She was doing her Btech in computer science. In those days my Didi used to live in the hostel of the college. The college authority charged a lot of money because of the course and her accommodation.

My uncle is a small businessman, he could not afford the pricing of both. He just gave the course fees of her and the accommodation fees were paid by my Didi. We as a child used to wonder from where she was getting the money. When we asked Aunty she also said that she did not have any idea, she just saw my Didi on the computer daily.

According to my aunty, my Didi was a computer addict. We were small back then. In Navaratri when she came home we asked her how she managed her studies and also earned money. At first, she laughed a lot to see our curious faces. Then she revealed that she was doing a part-time job. We were shocked.

It is very surprising to us because we used to hate studying and my Didi not only managed her studies but also she did a part-time job. She then told us that she is a Technical writer. She wrote on technical topics.

Many of you now are in a very confused state I guess.
Let’s clear up your confusion.
Let’s start from the root.
First, we will know about:

  • Who is a Technical Content Writer?

A technical writer is a person who writes about technical topics such as BTech, and BCA. MCA topics. You might have thought that what is special about Btech and all that, is anyone can write for them.

Well, it’s not easy to write on Btech or BCA or the MCA. It is quite difficult to write for them. A normal graduate cannot write for them. In the technical writing field, your writing will be a hot topic if you belong to the technical field. For being a technical writer one has to come from the technical field.

I hope you understand what I want to say. Now we are coming to our second topic which is the qualification requirements.

  • What is the Qualification of Being a Technical Writer?

Not everyone is allowed in this field.
But still, in this field only skill, and knowledge reign.
Many of you say that this field actually prefers students from the technical field which is partly true. But remember, if you can’t write well or you can’t have any knowledge or research skills then you might not get selected for this post.

So, You need a bachelor’s degree in Btech or BCA or MCA or any kind of technical subject.

You also need some writing ability to shine or get selected in this post.
Better research ability is also needed.
Although you can take up a course on technical writing from YouTube or you can find online technical writing courses and can enroll yourself.

Now we know about the qualification. It is the much-asked question also.
Now we will discuss about some skills that can lift up your career in technical writing.

  • Tips to Shine as a Technical Writer Without Any Experience:

There are no shortcuts in these kinds of fields. You have to work hard to shine in this field. It’s just my opinion that can help you to grow in this field because there is a good amount of competition in this field. So, be careful and work hard.
The tips are the following:

1. Good Writing Skills: If you want to shine as a technical writer then you have to improve your writing skills. Make your writing understanding to others. Your writing is the key to opening the hearts of your audience for your writing. If you have great writing they will appreciate you and will come back to your content.

2. Technical Knowledge: Remember in technical writing your technical knowledge is another key point that will give you a name and fame to the audience. It will also give you money.

3. Research Ability: I always say that for a writing job, research ability is the priority. Your research skill will help you to produce relevant content.

4. Editing Skills: In technical writing, editing skills are also important. Your editing skills will make your writing more attractive and acceptable to your audience.

5. Try to Know Your Audience: It is the most important job for a technical writer. Knowing your audience can help you to improve your content delivery.

These are the facts that I consider important for a newcomer technical writer to shine and grow.

  • Job Scopes:
  • In many IT farms or private companies, you can apply for a technical writer post.
  • Another option is to do freelancing from home.
  • Also, you can make your technical writer profile on LinkedIn, Upwork, etc. Platform and start to write today.

You can choose whatever you want.
I hope you find this article helpful.
Thank you.

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