How to be Social Media Marketer Specialist

Social media totally covered our world. Many people during lockdown and after lockdown are influenced and addicted to Social Media.

There are many people who left their job during the pandemic and are now becoming social media influencers. So, what we can see is that social media is now reigning over our brain and heart and some people take advantage of that.

They make social media the source of money making business. There are not only adults, but also some teenagers who really make it their business they will just be online with social media and earn a lot of money.

Social Media Becomes the Power House of Money and Entertainment.

There are many doctors who say that social media is not good for our overall health but who cares? Everyone now is busy with social media.

And that’s how these normal jobless people create jobs for influencers or social media marketers. These social media marketers use your attention and screen time to earn extra money. And normal people do not earn anything by watching videos and songs on the internet.

The Internet can be the storeroom of money if you know how to use it. But if you don’t know how to use it in your favor then you have to give your attention to others who will convert your attention into money. They will really make a lot of money from you, but you guys don’t know about it. Look! How smart they are! Try to be smarter and more creative. Not only do you become their money making thing, but also you lose your valuable time.

Social Media marketers know that you will never separate from them, because due to circumstances mobile becomes our life! We can imagine a whole day without food, but not without a mobile. The mobile becomes our best friend and social media marketer takes advantage of it.

My friend Rishabh is a social media marketer. He is present in this field for five years now. He once said to me that people scrolling phones make a lot of profit for social media marketers. We both were in the same college. But He started his job as a social media marketer during college. I am doing a small job in a private company. I never get jealous of him or I can say “Yah! Now I am jealous”.

But it is not that much serious case because I know his history or you can say background which always helps me to be grounded in him. We were very close to each other. When we were in college his father died due to cancer. He was the only son of the house and he had to take responsibility for the whole family.

He was so much anxious back then. One day our Math professor gave the solution. He advised Rishabh to opt. for a part-time career in social media marketing. He was not ready for that because he did not have much money back then. But he had some skills which were very important to him.

  1. He clicks amazing photos. He has magic in his fingers.
  2. He can write on any topic.

So, our Sir told him to be a social media marketer. But he was hesitant, he knows that he had to learn a new course, but here our sir became the savior, he funded Rishabh.
And Rishabh started his career as a social media marketer.

Now, after five years he thanked sir always. For him, Sir is god. Now he becomes a great and demanding, social media marketer. He earns a name and fame also.

Now you also have some questions in your mind right now! Am I right?
So, for you guys, I am going to explain the whole social media marketer thing.
Let’s start with the definition.

  • Who is A Social Media Marketer?

A social media marketer helps you to market your product and your face on social media. He or she will help you with posting, editing, and designing. They will tell you to pose, or how to make one post attractive and beautiful in the eyes of the audience.

Sounds similar right?
Now remember where you hear this.
Ummmmm!!! In the social media manager article! Right!
If you guessed right, that means you are an attentive reader.

Actually Social media marketers and social media managers, basically have two different names, but they both have the same roles.
Now coming to the next point.

  • How to Be a Social Media Marketer Expert?
  • There are many ways to become a famous social media marketing expert. You just need marketing knowledge.
  • You can do a course on digital marketing along with your studies which will help you to enter this field.
  • Try to learn some skills like. Photography, editing, ad managing, etc.

Now I will give you some tips to shine in this field.

1. Select Niche: At first try to select your niche and try to upload content on the basis of that.

2. Know Your Audience: Try to give preference to your audience’s opinion. They are, after all, the main thing.

3. Study the Market: Before coming into this field try to study the market and its trending. You have to have a great knowledge of the market.

4. Ready for Upgradation: Accept up-gradation. Try to be up to date-with trends and styles.

Now we know about basic tips.
Let’s talk about job scopes.

  • Job Scopes: There are many job options. You can apply for a Private Company or MNC Company or you also can apply for individuals like celebrities or influencers.
  • You can do freelancing on your own.
  • Salary: Average annual salary is 2.5 lakh.

If you are interested in marketing, then you can go for this field.
Thank you.

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