How to be Freelancer Digital Marketing Consultant

We all know about digital marketing. But wait! Is there consultancy field in this job? Well yesss! There is a huge market for digital marketing consultant. They are in huge demand. If you are passionate about it you can earn more than 60,000 per month. It is a booming career option. If you are under someone you will be profited massively. But wait are you thinking of going freelancing? Well it can be tough but not impossible. You have to do a lot of struggle at first but if your content or work clicked for once you will be in demand. For being a digital marketing consultant you have to understand this career option first. If you don’t understand this market you will never be able to crack the mantra of success.

Though it feels like hard but if you know the work you are going to crack this up!

Like you may cousin Suresh was very much confused when he choose the career in digital marketing. His family literally advised him to search for a more secure job like Govt. job or private job. But he wanted to do freelancing. He wanted to be his own boss. He really hates to work under anyone. He was very much confused but then one day I went their house, and aunty told me about his dream. At first I was very impressed as well as concerned.

I was impressed because he thought out of the box. And I was concerned because it is very unpredictable work to do. No one can help you in this job all you have to do by your own. And you have to keep a far vision in this job. Nobody can not push you up in this field. But I was very much careful and don’t tell this in front of aunty. Later when I went his room he told me everything in brief. First thing I did was just hugged him because he seemed very much concerned. I did that to cheer him up. Later I told him that he had real gut to choose this as a profession. In Indian society Govt. job is the most secure job. If you don’t have secure job then people with low IQ and low education qualification will judge you and give you useless advise. In this context he thought something that really amazed me. Majority never thought that as an option. It is really unique.

So, many of you might know or might not know what is Freelancing is?
Let’s start with that.

  • What is Freelancing?

Freelancing basically means you are working on your terms and condition. You are going to be your own boss. You will decide how many client you will take in one go. NO one is going to interrupt you.

Now may be you understand what I mean to say. Now let’s move to the different part of the subject which is Digital marketing consultant.
This term is new for you guys I assume. Some might have known what digital marketing is but digital marketing consultant is a new thing.

You guys may know that most of the jobs that are available in market have a consultancy post. They just consultants people regarding of that particular subject from which they belong. Like: admission consultant, Income tax consultant etc. These are most famous consultancy jobs in India. Now you need expert advice in any field of work. Similarly you also need consultancy in digital marketing.

Now move to our next segment:
Which is what Digital Marketing Consultant is?

  • What is Digital Marketing Consultant?

Digital market consultant will give you expert’s advice on how could you can sell product or how can you market them effectively so, your sells will grow.

You don’t believe but by doing this people earning 15 to 16000+ daily. It’s an amazing career option if you are ready to invest your brain here.

Now many of you might think that it is a great option. But you guys don’t know its requirements. So this question leads us to out next point which is:

  • How can one be a Freelancer Digital Marketing Consultant?

It’s very easy. You don’t have to have any specific degree. A 10th pass or 12th pass out can also do that job if he or she has skills and knowledge.

In order to being a digital marketing consultant you have to learn and analyze the internet market well. Who does the analyzing and learning very well will shine in future as a consultant. Try to learn and gather as much knowledge as you can relate to this field.
If you want to do some course you can do that from online learning platforms or from YouTube.
If you make a portfolio on yourself as a digital marketing consultant will help you to connect others. You could get better chance.

Now we have known about the requirements.
Now let’s move to another point, which are Pros and cons of this field.

There are many pros and cons here let’s find out:
i. Flexible schedule.
ii. Work from home.
iii. You are your own boss.
iv. You can work with multiple companies at once.

i. Affecting your eye sight.
ii. Continuous sitting job may give you back pain and diabetes later in life.
iii. As a freelancer you can find it very tough to grow but you have to do lot of struggle to get projects.
iv. May be depressing at first.

  • Some tips on how you can Shine as a Freelancer:

i. Increase your social presence( try to active in social medias)
ii. Make your own portfolios with your own.
iii. Do cold emails at least 3 days a week.
iv. Write blogs about your work.
v. Making vlogs will also help you.
vi. Ready to learn many things.
vii. Continuous learning and upgrading will help you.

I think this will help you if you are thinking of
being a digital marketing consultant in future.
Thank you.

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