How to be a good content writer

How to be a good content writer

One cannot become an excellent content writer overnight. Like all other fields,  you have to learn and practice to take it as your career. So if you have a true passion for writing and have a learning attitude, you may turn out to be a great content writer in future.

What is content?

In a word, everything available on the net is content. We can refer content as ‘king’ of the internet. But content writers basically deal with text content that holds the lion’s share in the web. Good content drives the desired traffic to your website or gives you the desired result you are looking for.

What is content writing?

Content writing is a form of writing text content on various subjects for websites, blogs or as per the requirements of clients or organizations. It can mainly be divided into two categories:

  • Technical writing – reports, manuals, product description, newsletters, business letters, resumes etc.
  • Creative writing –blog posts, articles, essays, e-book, story writing and many more.

But review writing, copywritingand some others are technical as well as creative because here imagination and technique both are used.

Content writer

The people who provide written materials online are the content writers. The prime job of a content writer is to write good and effective content for websites, blogs or clients. Content writers play a vital role to run and rank a website or to establish the brands.

10 must-follow steps to be a successful and good content writer


To be a professional and successful writer,take it seriously as a job. Invest time as much as you can to learn, to practice. You must know ‘practice makes a man perfect’. At the time of work, keep yourself aloof from all sorts of distraction;throw unnecessary thoughts from your mind; be focused and concentrate on one task at a time. Try to finish the smaller and easier first then start the larger and difficult one.


Good research is an important key to write good contents. Your content should be informative, interesting and correct. So, do an excellent research to gather right information from reliable sources. Doing right research is not so easy and sometimes you feel bored or become frustrated. But you have to keep your patience and continue the research.



It may sound quite difficult as a lot of writers write on the same topic. But it is not that much difficult as it looks like if you put some efforts. See, it’s very clear that the facts and information will be the same. You can’t change them and you also need not. But you can write it in your own way, on your own style which is very unique. You can see the same things in different points of view, you can bring various perspectives that no one might not notice before.  Just don’t be copycat, be original and innovative.

Besides, copying someone’s content is unethical and you may entangle in copyright issues. Google can easily detect it and you may be punished. Duplicate content is also bad for SEO purpose. So, originality is mandatory.


Original high-quality contents are always in demand. So always try to improve the quality of your writings. Keep challenging yourself to do better than the previous. Thousands tips and guidelines are available online on how to produce high-quality content. You may learn from those and also other resources.  But at the end of the day,you have to generate ‘quality content’ to run long.

  1. DO EDIT

A high-quality product comes with lots of editing and rewriting. First drafts are hardly published. So many mistakes and imperfections like grammar and spelling error, overused and inappropriate words, irrelevant and extra points or information are there. Most of the time, you have to spend more time in editing than writing. Write and go through it as much as you can. The more you read the more you find out the loopholes.


Your content should fulfill your readers’ requirement. So youmust know your targeted audience very well readers to understand their need, what they want from your piece. Only then you can create the right content. Remember they are the ones who you are writing for, not for the clients or yourself.They are your first priority.


Change the style and tone of the writing according to their category or niche so that it easily fits in the object or purpose of that particular piece. As a professional writer, you can’t get projects on same topicsalways. You have to write on various niches and every genre has some of its own features and style. So learn to adapt yourself to switch your writing from one topic to another 360-degree opposite topic.


Delivering a good content on time makes you not only professional but also reliable and helps you to gain the reputation which is very important for a content writer. And to submit your project before the deadline you have to decide how many projects you are able to accept. You should not take more than your capacity.


Content writing is mostly related to SEO. Don’t get panic. You need not be a specialist. You only have to know some basic technical knowledge which is associated with your writings. Learn few basic things about keyword research, WordPress, HTML, hyperlinks etc.


Use social platforms wisely. Your active presence on social media is important for the recognition of your name and work. It helps to make good contacts as clients always try to find you beyond your marketplace. And you need to build agood personal relationship with them as a marketing strategy. It gives them extra incentive to hire you. It also connects you with other bloggers, writers and people of this field.

These are the 10 basic and most important steps you must follow to become a good content writer. If you already have the above-described qualities and you are confident enough, why are you waiting? If you don’t have, take time and develop the required skill-set and then dive it. Keep in mind these 10 points and start writing.







How To Get Content Writing Jobs Work From Home

Content writing is a field which requires skills to lend the first client to work from home projects. It is not that easy like quickly you will start getting money easily, it requires your hard work and skills to grow further. Getting the first client is the toughest job as in the starting you do not know well about the field and how things go. So, this article is specifically designed for you who want to crack the first client and initiate work from home projects.

Respond To A Job Board Ad

if you have decided that you want to work from home only, then replying to a job ads is a good approach. It is a relevant way for many writers to crack their first project and consistent work. Time to time small businesses and start-ups post freelancing work there and taking advantage of these is a great conduct to add in your way to success. Sometimes, clients ask for your rate and sometimes it is predecided that what cost client wants to offer.

Coming to the job boards, there are paid and free both kinds of job portals for freelance content writing jobs. I would like to suggest you to first go with free job boards because in the starting you just need to focus on getting the work.

Here are the job boards to get jobs:

  • Blogging Pro
  • Problogger
  • Contena
  • All Freelancing
  • allfreelancewriting
  • Iwriter

Make Twitter Your Source Of Earning

Social media is a great way to get work quickly. By using Twitter, you can maintain a relationship between client and you. You can follow the job portals because it time to time posts the new jobs and required qualification regarding the projects. Every time we do not go to separate portals to look for work as there are many sites and keeping eye on each and every portal is not possible so better way is to follow your favourite ones on twitter and get notified at one spot. Here are the job boards you can follow for content writing work from home:





Make Your Own Website:

A professional looking website is a gateway to attract many clients. But, if you are just starting off, this is not a relevant point for you to attract client by your work. But you can start a personal blog at leisure time so that you can showcase some of your work at ease. You can mention what services you provide in your content writing profession.

freelance work from home

Do Guest Posting:

Getting recognition in content writing field is important and it increases your worth. By doing guest posting you can showcase your work to any client at the time of asking them for projects. This is the platform where you will get a hundred to thousands of visitors to your posts and it will definitely work as an add-on to your work. May be you can make one of the visitors as your client. Directly approaching a job portal is a great way to get work but without samples, it will be hard to land more clients. Try to post relevant and quality of content so that it creates a good impression on clients mind.

Promote Yourself:

Saying on social media that you are for hire is also a different way to promote yourself to get a required job. Many content writers are online and free but how could client be knowing if they did not post a job requirement or availability status. So by posting the status that you are for hire makes an impression on a client to consider your profile.

Join Facebook Groups:

It is a great deal of composing gigs on Facebook. In the event that you know the groups to join then you ought to have no issue finding reliable and continuous work via this route.

In any case, this approach takes time as you are building associations with potential leads. For me, I have a place with a few entrepreneurial Facebook groups and I do my best to participate in the discussion.

I may likewise toss out a query to check whether there are business visionaries that need assistance and are exhausted.

Some of the Facebook groups to join:

  • The Smart Passive Income Community
  • The Entrepreneur Incubator
  • Blogger2Business

It never damages to try it out and put yourself out there! Numerous business visionaries aren’t aware of job boards or simply don’t have sufficient energy to filter through many pitches.

In the event that you put yourself out there in a Facebook group, you could wind up with a gig that hour.

Work On The Sites That Pays:

Other than distributions and magazines, there are many web journals that compensation for your visitor post.

Getting a paid visitor spot is more testing at that point than finding a free visitor spot. Along these lines, while you’re assembling your portfolio with visitor posts, you can likewise pitch to work advertisements and paid guest posts to acquire some money. So, working for pay off is the way you can work and learn simultaneously.

Put A Freelance Writer Directory:

The fact of the matter is, the point at which you’re simply beginning as an independent writer, you have to put yourself out there. So by guest posting, pitching, being via web-based social networking media and in directories, you can be present everywhere constantly. This builds your odds of a prospect discovering you and enlisting you! This may be justified shot for you so try it out and get your success a way out.


I just demonstrated you genuine approaches to discover independent freelancing work from home. Not only freelancing jobs but a great paying job which can be operated from home. In the event that you delighted in this post and thought that it was super useful, please make a point to Pin it and follow the suggestions to fulfill your requirement of getting content writing work from home.

Freelance Content Writing Jobs For Fresher

There is much of money on the way when you start to work online as a freelance writer. Consistently businesses are searching for a freelance content writer who can do their work. Whether it’s full-time, part-time or project-based, you can easily start your career in freelancing work.

In the event that you appreciate writing and you need a vocation where you can work from home, at that point read on to discover what your choices are and how to begin is important.

On the off chance that you need to work as a freelancer, the internet is as yet a standout amongst other alternatives to debut a career. Beginning up your own particular freelancing business, with or without a site can give you a relentless wage and enable you to work expounding on things you adore.

Article writing and Content Writing Services are profoundly looked for as a feature of an organizations content marketing tactics.
As content and inbound marketing keep on dominating the marketing scene, the interest for incredible freelance writers only enhancing.

High Demand For Freelance Content Writer

62% of business online are outsourcing their content to consultants. What this lets us know is that online business is searching for a freelance content writer like you. They need a content writer and they are searching for them consistently. 86% are hoping to utilize your work in their content advertising efforts.

What this lets us know is that a large portion of these organizations and online organizations are searching for writers to make content so as to drive movement and leads to their online business. 97% is the expansion in leads through content promoting and article composing or blogging. What this lets us know is that business is getting stunning outcomes and a 97% expansion in activity or leads through the written work endeavours of individuals simply like you.

That is individuals who are needing an occupation where they can work from home as an independent author, making an awesome substance that turns guests into a client for online business.

The web is comprised of content. Any individual who needs to do well online needs to deliver it. You can get paid for fulfilling that request. In the event that you need to uncover further and set a composition profession online, we have incorporated some helpful written work for business thoughts for you to consider.

Choose What Suits You

There are various topics to write on, but the best is what suits your conduct of writing. It is not necessary and defined that you go with the best revenue generating fields whether you have an interest in that topic or not. If you write on the topic you are comfortable with, clients are ready to pay you off for your hardships. As a freelance writer, you are also free to choose your time of writing and the same time you can schedule it to enjoy your life simultaneously. When it comes to writing, a content writer can take the project on a full-time basis or part-time basis but be analyzing yourself that how much one needs to pay you for your content is your insight. As a fresher, you can start from very basic level or average cost as every project in the starting is more about learning than earning.

freelance content writing jobs

Online Portals For Freelancer Jobs

There is a number of websites ready to hire you or provide you with some work as an initiator. This is the reason why people have benefitted from professional freelancing. Nowadays, the trend is almost shifting to the digital nomad and numberless opportunities are developing for freelancers.

When it comes to crack the first project, obviously only your interactive portfolio and session of the talk will favour you. So better create superb gigs about your skills and how you can help the businesses to grow by your creativity. Just make a fresh portfolio explaining your experiences and even showcase some tests that reveal that you are a good content writer. Here is the list of website where you will find freelancing work:

1. Freelancer

Not like other projects that offer projects only, a freelancer is also about to compete with great writers in your field. If you are sure about your knowledge and skills, no platform can be better than a freelancer to showcase what you are and how unique you are from other writers.

2. Upwork

It has more than 1.5 million clients for every type of writer to offer a job. It facilitates both kinds of short and long-term projects. It doesn’t matter whether you are an expert and entry level writer, you will get projects here.

3. Peopleperhour

It is also a good platform to get web related projects. It accommodates web developer, designer, writer and SEO related jobs.

4. iWriter

This is a great platform which is specifically useful for entry to higher level writers. Although there are categorize to reach the higher level, there are also opportunities for all kind of writers. It takes time to get paid more here as it is a step by step level up platform, but with buying premium you can directly start as an expert writer.

5. Guru

Guru offers various opportunities to freelance content writers. And at the same time, the platform is quite easy to use and even businesses can find the content writers easily here.

Like aforementioned, there are many names too such as Ifreelancer, Fiverr, TextBroker, Outsourcely, and Probloggers. It is also necessary to check buyers profile, every time you take the project and work from them because people can take work from you and fish you in between without paying a single penny. Otherwise, all the platform are great to start a career as a freelance content writer.

How To Get Freelance Content Writing Jobs Online

Cold pitching is a professed way to ground recurring gigs to hire you for the first time. The competition is much high and needs your attention to be focused and well-portrayed. You’ll have more chance of attracting a client when you contact clients in a direct way.

When you communicate entrepreneurs, bloggers, companies, startups, and small businesses and tell them how you(as a freelance writer) can assist to grow their endeavours.

It is not easy as it sounds hard actually remains the same scary. Especially if you are very new as a freelance writer. Although, It’s totally easy to do as you just need to talk about client’s business.

Steps To Crack A Freelance Work:

Make An Initiation Directly To A Client:

First, you need to land businesses to a formal conversation about the business growth. It can be the case, you realised they don’t have a blog (generally they should). On Twitter, you can go on a search of their account and see they are trying hard to enhance their online reputation and you think your content stuff can enhance in reputation surge.

Once you visited important places or social media presence of client business, your next move must have to do is make up a speech on how you can help them and now send it out. That’s it! Further steps will be taken by business and it will go accordingly.

Make A Portfolio:

In case you’re new to independent written work and you need to discover quality employment, reacting to work advertisements is your most logical option. It’s additionally the fundamental way numerous new writers use for finding predictable work. The portfolio is important on these job boards as clients are attracted by these only.

A reward for utilizing job boards over an independent commercial centre like Upwork or Guru to discover a written work gig is there isn’t any bidding. Business visionaries, private ventures, and new companies present employment promotions on independent composition job board and you pitch to these ads.

While there are paid job boards you can utilize, I would propose you initially begin utilizing free job boards and when you start getting a good work, you can move on to other paid job boards to make it more interactive.

Famous free job boards:

  • Contena
  • Blogging Pro
  • Problogger
  • Upwork
  • Iwriter

How To Get Freelance Content Writing Jobs Online

Work Around:

Before diving into freelancer job, ask your family, relatives and friends about available work if they have any. Doing this can help secure your first job as a content writer. Your companion or relative may require you to alter their list of references or simply write a promotion for their bloom shop.

When you choose to stop your 9-5 employment to do independent written work all day, let your work and collaborators know. They may wind up being your first customer and can furnish you with your first tribute!

It’s likewise essential to be prepared constantly for potentially written work gigs in your everyday life. This implies making business cards that you can rapidly provide for loved ones.

Make Your Website A Source To Attract

An ideal approach to draw in lucrative customers is to have an expert looking website. In any case, in the event that you are quite recently beginning, this may not be a possibility for you immediately.

Possibly you have an individual blog that you’ve worked amid your extra time. You can utilize your site to offer your independent writing services at the outset.

In the long run, however, to truly increase your business you’ll need to put resources into a self-facilitated WordPress webpage and make an expert looking writer’s site.

Work With Another writer:

When you initially began, you need to contact a couple of independent experts in the field and asked them their assessment at a beginning rate. While most said to run with your gut, you will be thankful for their connection and their understanding of your various inquiries.

A couple of months after the fact, you may become independent writer alluding work towards you. How stunning is that? Actually, one writer acquainted you with an optimal customer and you will be expressing gratitude for him/his enough.

Furthermore, now, when you are overwhelmed and can’t go up against more independent written work, you can offer a coaching regarding the content writing.

Tell Your Story:

For some print columnists and authors, when they choose to go on the web and independent, they stick to composing for distributions and offering their stories.

While this can be to a great degree lucrative (for production you can get upwards to a $1 or more for each word), it’s exceptionally conflicting and it takes a very long time to get paid.

In any case, it’s as yet an extraordinary choice for writers. All Freelance Writing has a library of productions that acknowledge and pay for entries.

Make More Money:

On the off chance that you can free up time for your customers or profit with your content, you’ll presumably profit as well.

All things considered, one customer may approach you to write for a few of his different online journals, not on account of you create the best write up, but rather in light of the fact that you additionally organize any content for simple transferring and readability, you will give the most up and coming details and certainties in your posts and it is easy to work with. Once you become well known, the client will be approaching you and you don’t need to go separately to a client.


So, this is how you can start from a beginner and grow as an expert content writer in your field and attract much of money towards you.


How To Become A Content Writer

Content writing is a fantasy work, however not for everybody. A few scholars are employed to write item depictions for blogs, and some end up being J.K. Rowling. Sadly, in any case, most scholars have a superior possibility of writing item portrayals than they do of winding up top rated authors.

While fruitful content writers appear to have a lucky life as they work as a freelancer, make their own particular schedules and work to such an extent or as spare however they see fit. They do not have what it takes important to succeed. Since regardless of how capable they are, writing aptitude is obviously not sufficient for any writer because they need to learn every day. Thus, in the event that you need to end up plainly fruitful as a content writer, you require a full toolbox of attractive aptitudes to further grow in this sector.

Conquer Different Styling Of Writing

each writing type has its own style. The news is conveyed AP style, to put it plainly, enlightening paragraphs with the meat of the story at the best. Blogging is affable, well disposed and frequently obstinate. Ad copy is concise and powerful. White papers are lengthy as they depict an issue and give the resolution. In any case, every last classification is content, and each style writer makes them more important and sought after.

Don’t Frequently Change Your Subject

“Ideation” is an advertising industry trendy expression that depicts the imaginative procedure of finding a subject, title and edge to expound on; and ideation starts with the examination. Most ideation is done in a group setting, however, independent writers are more often than not individually. Which is the reason it’s useful to know how proficient marketing teams produce thoughts? For a content writer, it is necessary to understand their targeted audience, perform keyword research, go against the competition, write a catchy title.

how to become content writer

Write Original Content

It’s your fame. Each post with your name on it ought to be unique. That likely sounds insane, with every one of the countless individuals expounding on similar subjects, however, it’s less demanding than it appears. Each skilled writer can bring a one of a kind voice, alternate point of view or new light to an exhausted subject.

Counterfeited content is awful for SEO, terrible for your bosses and far away and more terrible for you. Ensure your reputation and your profession by playing it safe. Before you present your work, utilize an online program to check for literary plagiarism. With all the content out there, it’s anything but difficult to unintentionally copywriting.

Know The Basics SEO, CSS, HTML

Try not to freeze. You just need a couple of nuts and bolts. WordPress subjects have changing levels of programmed capacities and in some cases the best way to influence your content to show up the way you need it to will be to delve into the content/HTML tab and control the code to influence a title to tag or fix a dispersing issue. It’s justified regardless of your opportunity to take in the rudiments.

Refreshed SEO learning is likewise basic. Internet searcher calculations change always, and writers need to continue it. One thing stays steady: High quality is dependably sought after. On the off chance that you can write top to bottom content from a remarkable point of view, you’ll be sought after.

Social Media Knowledge Is Also Necessary

Name acknowledgement is essential. Online networking puts all that you require your grip. Fabricate your group of onlookers, meet distributors and converse with industry specialists. At the point when you’re writing is posted, the fun has just barely started. The more dynamic you are via web-based networking media, the more probable your adherents will be to share your content. Effective content writers are dynamic, open and cordial.

Along these lines, reconsider expressing achievement. It quits being about words on paper when content is added to the author. Content journalists are promoting specialists, SEO pros, on-page coders and web-based social networking butterflies. With the correct range of abilities, you’ll succeed and find that yours is the best employees on the planet.

Build A Portfolio

To interest organizations that may hire them, SEO content journalists ought to have the capacity to demonstrate their composition abilities through a background marked by production. Web-based written work samples are useful for offering writing tests and systems administration to different authors. Notwithstanding school assignments or temporary positions, writers can gather portfolio tests by getting distributed in daily papers, magazines, proficient diaries and online journals.

It is vital for SEO content writers to perform investigate. They should ace the craft of consolidating exact keywords into their writing with a specific end goal to enhance their organization’s positioning on web crawlers. A few customers give a rundown of keywords to be utilized as a part of articles, while other SEO content writers are left to the assignment of inquiring about and creating arrangements of their own.

Apply For Job

Some SEO written work positions with companies and different associations are full-time, while others are independent employments with adaptable hours. An association like the National Association of Independent Writers and Editors (NAIWE) enables SEO scholars to discover work. Web optimization composing occupations can be long-or here and now, and remuneration rates rely upon the sort of task.


Web content writer ought to have a four-year certification in a related field and writing knowledge, and in addition learning of online media, programming knowledge and keywords for enhancing Web content.

Best Digital Marketing Courses In India

Digital Marketing course in India, In 2017 each youth seek diverse field to making his/her vocation, yet in this era of Digital Marketing each needs to make his profession in the Digital world doesn’t make a difference his/her instructive foundation is specialized or non-specialized. That is the reason individuals are seeking advanced marketing foundation in India. In the event that we are discussing best-advanced advertising course on India here is more organization in India, All Digital marketing foundation have numerous in addition to point to join establishment, however, you are seeking best of the best foundation. At that point don’t go all over to join the foundation , simply do straightforward research before join advanced marketing organization.

To take into account the developing requirement for these courses, various organizations and associations have begun different courses on Digital marketing. Digital-based marketing is a wide field and involves different orders including Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Social Media Marketing(SMM), Search Engine Marketing(SEM) And Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Mobile Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. Each of these is a field in itself and there are field-particular courses being offered also. Understanding the best course is necessary so that you can go with most demanding courses in India.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Learning
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Learning
  • Email Marketing Learning
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) Learning
  • Web Analytics Learning
  • Inbound Marketing Learning
  • Growth Hacking Learning
  • Mobile Marketing Learning

best digital marketing course in india

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Learning:

OMI Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) classes give industry driving knowledge into how to get comes about because of all your inquiry advertising endeavours. Classes incorporate training on Google+ for SEO, content promoting SEO strategies, Google PPC, Bing, paid hunt offering, Google Adwords thus substantially more. Begin learning to seek to showcase and expanding your ROI today.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Learning:
Our Advanced SEO preparing is intended to offer an entire 360-degree learning on every one of the ideas, devices, and procedures of Search Engine Optimization. Ace the procedure of naturally directing people to your site and site page by learning key modules, for example, catchphrase examine, on-page and off-page streamlining, third-party referencing, URL building, and SEO investigation. In this way, enroll for Advanced SEO course and turn into an undeniable SEO pro.

Email Marketing Learning:

As the name recommends, email advertising includes sending promoting informing utilizing email. At the point when legitimately done, a customized email advertising message can be an extremely compelling promoting device. This Advanced Email Marketing course will enable members to learn email showcasing methodologies, including making viable ads to advance items and administrations.

Social Media Marketing (SMM) Learning

The objective of Digital market is to look over the trends every stage like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest for excitement or attempting to discover answers for their issues, yet since your Instagram, Facebook page and its substance isn’t found from your intended interest group, you don’t get any activity and your rivals are getting a charge out of these hot copying leads. So, Social Media Marketing course introduces you how to utilize this platform and earn most of it.

Web Analytics Learning

Propelled Web Analytics is the art of examination that spotlights on Internet information. It includes the accumulation, investigation, and information educated choices prompting the streamlining of an association’s computerized biological system and supporting business forms. Information from sites, versatile applications, online networking, Internet of Things, or outsider sources are normally joined with back-office Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Sales frameworks to educate business choices.

Web Analytics has turned into an indispensable piece of centre business systems, work process streamlining and keeping up an aggressive edge.

This Web Analytics course covers principal ideas of examination and profound jumps into web, social, substance and versatile investigation normal situations and spreads the mainstream web investigation devices utilized by advertisers over the real business spaces.

Inbound Marketing Learning:

Put resources into yourself and your profession by remaining up and coming on the most recent advanced promoting best practices. Add an all-around perceived accreditation to your resume and LinkedIn profile for nothing. It is necessary to build up an inbound system for your showcasing group that conveys quantifiable business comes about. The course will help to learn from optimizing your site to the landing page anatomy and horning your inbound marketing skills and covers all the basics and advanced marketing tool required to learn.

Growth Hack Learning:

Understudies need strong online route aptitudes and a comprehension of what these ideas are such as Web optimization, web-based social networking, email showcasing, web-based publicizing. The course is helpful to bring together the information-driven and versatile culture of Growth Hacking to enhance advanced promoting comes about. Using Google analytics so much of tracking, analyzing, traffic-related data are resolved so growth hack learning is quite helpful in everything you do.

Mobile Marketing Learning:

Portable Marketing is an essential advertising system, speaking to the fate of showcasing. Portable Marketing will be showcasing on or with a cell phone, giving clients time-and area delicate, customized data that advances products, administrations, and thoughts.

A proficient advertiser who can use versatile and stay aware of the unstable development will win the gathering of people and be essential. This Advanced Mobile Marketing course will help members to pick up ability on utilizing the portable medium as methods for advertising correspondence.


Overall, there are so many courses which accommodated in the digital marketing course and aforementioned are the best as far as my consideration. So go through them thoroughly and utilize the digital marketing platform as much as you can to grow your business.

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description

The role of Digital Marketing Specialist is very prominent as it requires involvement in designing, creating, and delivering marketing plans to assist extension and success of the company administrations and products. This job role needs a deep understanding of technological products and market objectives. Accuracy in graphics designing, social media, web advertising, and web development is very essential. Acquainted with an of field concepts, practices, and steps. Marketing specialists depend on a judgment in projecting and expertise to fulfil acknowledged objectives.

Digital Marketer Duties and Responsibilities

  • Planning, execution, and analysis of digital programs and campaigns
  • Communicate with your audience by means of research papers, newsletters, presentations, event support materials, and brochures.
  • Interacting with marketing communications programs such as online advertising, website designing, social media promotion, mobile optimization.
  • Handling current management of digital touch bullets such as, managing social networking landing pages, and mobile management.
  • Engage with digital company relationships, daily basis production, as well as campaign budgeting and fixing schedules for different strategies.
  • Generating the reports for site analytics, metrics, and campaign.
  • Deep understanding of SEO and Google AdWords.
  • Showing presentation to Director of digital marketing.
  • Constructing and cooperating multimedia packages to utilises the digital marketing channel.

The Senior Digital Marketing Experts are amenable for the plotting, design maintenance and reporting of sites, e-commerce businesses, social media sites, pay-per-click service, and demand creating programs to enhance brand acknowledgement and choices, create qualified leads, scale up customer services, enhance e-commerce online and offline sellouts, and narrow down customer affiance in all lines of digital marketing business. Sr. Digital marketer will render effective guidance to IT, Sales, Marcom, Marketing, servicing, and acting team members, external companies and shoppers, with respect to getting this goal. This stance does not have apparent reports of the analytics.

Besides, the Senior Digital Marketing expert is liable for constructing, managing, executing, calculating and reporting on other marketing ways, as implemented by the Director of Corporate and Marketing Communications, to assist Operating Plan goals.

Desired Skills & Experience

Minimum Qualifications

  • Accomplished Bachelor’s degree/ diploma in Graphics designing.
  • Experience of 2 years in digital marketing within the communications.
  • Accomplished Bachelor degree in marketing, journalism, communications.
  • At least 5 years of onward digital marketing experience needed, pertaining e-commerce experience
  • At least 5 years of digital marketing communications and project management expertise.


  • Experience with Website Alive, LiveChat, Velaro and click-to-customer-support website software solutions
  • More than 7 years compatible experience in online digital marketing and e-commerce websites like Flipkart and Amazon
  • Experience in website management, HTML and content managing requirement
  • Knowing of outbound and inbound marketing provisions
  • Knowing about user-design, interface rules and mobile design
  • Flowing in Google Analytics frameworks.
  • Powerful essence to display digital marketing ideas and receive reviews of it.
  • Capability to explain and apply for brand promotion online by taking marketing initiatives.
  • Powerful awareness about detailing and meeting deadlines.
  • Complete donation in keeping up with digital advancement that can optimize effects of digital marketing business.

Digital marketing experience in particular domain.

  • International experience of doing projects with multinational companies and have a deep understanding of the global trends.
  • Experience with Marketing, email management systems, Customer Relationship. Management Systems, such as Constant Contact, SEO, SOM.
  • Experience with some B2B and B2C digital marketing companies and knowing the niche of the field.

digital marketing job responsibilities

Core Competency Requirements

  • Demonstrated experience in presenting effective and innovative digital campaigns.
  • Intense understanding of digital marketing and digital production.
  • Demonstrated experience in presenting a various field of digital assets, pertaining rich media online ads, social media applications and microsites.
  • Experience in running successful social media campaigns, and a firm knowledge of social media marketing and campaigns.
  • Firm management skills, exceptional oral and written language skills with an impressive way of presenting your concept.
  • A firm knowledge of digital analytics, web metrics, with the capability to present, analyze and interpret the reporting data.
  • Digital marketer is required be able to perform in the constant deadline load and still work in various projects single-handed across a multitude of lines of marketing business.
  • Experience in managing digital campaigns for various products and administrations.
  • Expert in Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Framemaker, InDesign, DreamWeaver, HTML, and CSS

The job responsibilities of digital marketer vary from time to time as it basically depends on company, website and e-commerce operating companies. Some companies do not have much of work burden and some have specific tie when they get high traffic like if you are working with Flipkart and Amazon as a digital marketer than surely you will be dealing with branding, promotion and selling of the products. In this way, the Diwali and new year period or festival time are too hectic that you could get yourself free to enjoy independently as this time the rush is high on the website and so the selling too. So, keeping track of each and every topic is also important to increase it more.

Digital Marketing Career Path

Most of the companies are changing to digital marketing from conventional marketing towards the growth. Some are recruiting Digital Marketers, It is going to be an amazing career selection for out-going, busy individuals. Here we look all the characteristics of such a cool career path which is always revising itself, always busy, always appealing with the opportunity of great long-term proposals.

Go With The Flow

When it comes to technology, we all know that changing is the characteristics of it, may it be the latest iPhone, App, Social Media platform or crawler strategies or algorithms and each and every fresh technology that comes in the way of you keeps up to date and make you more aware about surroundings. Digital Marketers are generally at the cutting competition of these going around, accepting of fresh tactics normally is the need of today as latest practices and technologies make the work a frequent aspect.

You are not going to work the same and sometimes you even feel something completely different from last year to the next, so what you acquired at old school days possibly not even be working in a particular year or two which are coming towards.

Here is the list of digital marketing strategies which are necessary to learn to grow with the trend:

  • Email Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search engine Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Web design and Development
  • Copywriting
  • PPC

All these subjects are very broad and need your attention to learn thoroughly but this is sure you are going to be bored with your work and field. You can concentrate on one subject of digital marketing for a while, then shift with the time to another and so on to develop your skills in each and every sector, and soon enough be a specialist in various fields, and it is your choice with which field you want to grow or which suits to your analogies and knowledge.

Welcome To The Online World:

Our government want to make a Digital India today. But businesses across sectors have been awarding to the high ROI of digital marketing from the last years you can start with any startup today and choose your career in the field as digital marketing is strengthing small organizations to fight against the medium, larger and traditional players of this field at very low cost. Even the larger sectors of the industry such as IT, healthcare, hospitality are accepting digital media is subtle to engage and assist customers with referrals and attention making. Small street stores have also shifted on the new world and quite happy to jump into the competition which levels up every business on the same stage with tools like Whatsapp, hike, facebook, and many social media sites for customer gatherings, offer to spread and one of the most important things is making them buy the product.

Gap Needs To Be Filled Out Between Supply And Demand

The report says that there is a visible difference in demand and supply of digital marketers jobs. Digital marketing and social media are the marketing subjects which are not covered in detail in most MBA classes or school days and this is the reason why the gap is enlarging itself. So, it is growing sector which needs attention by the Indian to grow their career in this domain so that the gap should be fulfilled and unemployment related issues in India may go down.

Digital Marketing Is Important

Digital and social media has modified the path how we deliver our words, do research, using interact to make relationships and strengthen the business. Our way of conduct has changed from how we utilize daily activities to be done more smartly on mobile, using apps, and website and simple of access to data and news. Every market we target now is investing more time online. If we want to go in competition with them, we need to realise the need for digital marketing and how each channel works.

Understand The Depth Of DM

Digital marketing channels is an umbrella term which is not restricted to Google search, social media, email, mobile, content, and analytics. Digital marketing can be done from home, freelancing, outsourcing, and done by consultants. So the way of doing digital is not limited to the one way to get it done.

career in digital marketing

Salary and Career Path Of Digital Marketing:


The SEO experts with an experience of 0-1 years can make 20,000 to 40,000 per month in India and according to his or her capabilities he can reach to the peak and earn lot more bucks by freelancing or doing the job or starting an agency.

Digital Marketing Specialist:

The DM experts with an experience of 1-3 years can make 25,000 to 45,000 per month in India and according to his or her capabilities he can reach to the peak and earn lot more bucks by freelancing or doing the job or starting an agency.

DM Team Leader:

The Team leader in this particular field with an experience of 3-4 years can make 30,000 to 50,000 per month in India and according to his or her capabilities he can reach to the peak and earn lot more bucks by freelancing or doing the job or starting an agency.

DM Accounting Manager:

The DM accounting manager with an experience of 5-8 years can make 55,000 to 90,000 per month in India and according to his or her capabilities he can reach to the peak and earn lot more bucks by freelancing or doing the job or starting an agency.


The experts with an experience of 8-15 years can make 1,00,000 to 4,00,000 per month in India and according to his or her capabilities he can reach to the peak and earn lot more bucks by freelancing or doing the job or starting an agency.

Overall, the field is quite exciting and just need your attention to go with the trend and money will be in your pocket automatically.

Digital Marketing Certification By Google

Google’s Digital Certification stage is free, and you simply require to sign up. When you do that, soon you will begin accepting your online based learning program of around twenty-three advanced marketing topics. You can without much of a stretch finish your Google Digital Marketing course design by survey the lessons and checking your knowledge with fun and hasten tests. Once you’d have finished your arrangement, you can open the questions from the certification program. On the off chance that passed, you can without much of a stretch download your certification also.

Digital Unlocked incorporates a Primer application that conveys 5-minute digital marketing lessons in Hindi and English as well that will enable you to figure out how to begin a business, construct a site, do SEO, run online advertisements, and the sky is the limit from there. It renders certifications without paying a single penny for the people who finish their whole Google Digital marketing course content.

Fundamentals Course Of Adwords

Digital marketing renders you an opportunity to concentrate on your advertisements and clients you require to keep with and switch those you don’t want to work with. The instance you realise to advertise online with AdWords, you can use distinguish targeting strategies to acquire potential clients in the instance when they’re searching for your products or services. The modules of this course assist learners to create a required understanding of AdWords and get prepared for the AdWords Fundamentals course. Here is the list of the guide which will assist you in the certification:

  • AdWords Exam Study Guide
  • AdWords Exam Study Guide
  • Google Academy for Ads
  • Guide To AdWords Success
  • Building Relevant Ads with Ad Extensions
  • How to Build the Best Keyword List
  • Campaign Settings
  • 3 Steps to Budget Smarts

Course For Search Advertising

The Advertisements we put with the Google Search Network enable advertisers communicate the ideal people at the right time using prominent keyword data. The concerned modules of this course assist learners to scale up a firm comprehension of search engine optimization’s exceptional practices and get prepared for the Search Advertising exam. The guide of the course which will help you this course are:

  • Search Advertising Exam Study Guide
  • Search Refresher Guide
  • Introduction to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Display Advertising Course

It can assist you to communicate people whereas they are visiting their best-liked websites, watching a YouTube video, utilizing their Gmail data, and searching for mobile applications and websites. The modules of this Google Digital Marketing course includes what the different kind of display ads are there, the objective of the work they are doing and prominent exercises for campaign services in awareness for the Display Advertising course. The helping guide for this course are:

  • Exam Study Guide
  • Refresher Guide
  • Display Settings
  • Introduction to Remarketing
  • Setting up Remarketing

Mobile Advertising Course

The modules in this course acquaint you with the developing significance of smartphones and mobile advertising. In addition, it sets you up for the Mobile Advertising exam as well. You will figure out mobile Ad campaign methodologies, best practices and a lot more. The guide of the course which will help you this course are:

  • Exam Study Guide
  • Refresher Guide
  • Mobile Ads

Video Advertising Course

The video advertising course include the following guides to learn about the video advertising well.

  • Exam Study Guide
  • Refresher Guide
  • Types of Video Ads
  • Selling AdWords for Video
  • How to Make Video Ads

Shopping Advertising Course

when we put Shopping advertising campaigns of your interest of our item images, amount, and business name straightforwardly ahead the people, searching down for what you can render on Google. The course modules of this particular course include the making and services of your Google Merchant Center account, optimization of shopping campaign and promotional practices in deciding the Shopping Advertising course. The guide of the course which will help you this course are:

  • Exam Study Guide
  • Refresher Guide

Analytics Course

The Analytics Google Digital Marketing course includes a feedback from Google Analytics; how it works, why it is important, and how to use the Analytics tools. The guide of the course which will help you this course are:

  • Analytics Academy
  • Analytics IQ Study Guide
  • Adwords and Analytics
  • Google Analytics or Smart Goals

Tools and Best Practices Course

An impressive marketing campaign needs profiting planning and system. Learners need to use the property in this course to assist understand their possibilities and competitor condition, search the latest digital marketing current go-arounds and keyword searches of the particular industries. Google’s Series of most popular practices render important counsel on most search engine marketing planning, AdWords strategies and establishing of paid search advertising. Diverse tools available in Google Digital Marketing Course are:

  • Google Planning Tools
  • Keyword Planner and Display Planner
  • Google Trends
  • Consumer Barometer, etc.

Google My Business Course

In spite of the truth that creating a Google My Business page is not a requirement of the Google Online Marketing gage, testing on and splitting this data to your business partner can be especially precious for further creating up your customer’s online existence. This available course focuses on Google My Business, which is a source that makes business owners with storefronts or local service areas to create or claim a business listing on Google. This digital marketing course by Google will show you how to set Google My Business up and get them without spending a penny and gaining most out of the course.


The mentioned course is available to make digital marketer confident in the digital marketing works and after clearing the course google rewards the learner with the Google-certified digital marketer.

Top Digital Marketing Companies In Kolkata

Digital marketing has surged in its spreads in last few years. It has touched now every aspect of marketing and become a growing marketing or advanced marketing in this scenario. We are digital marketing agencies in Kolkata and offer a host of every field in digital marketing globally. To lessen your hurdles, we just decided to list out top digital marketing companies in Kolkata. This is the list specifically aimed at the job seekers or entrepreneurs or marketers who want to grow with digital marketing by learning it.

Top Digital Marketing Companies In Kolkata

1. Compete Info Tech Academy

Location: RDB Boulevard, Regus, 8th Floor, Plot -K1, Sector V,, Plot -K1, Sector V, Block – EP & GP, Salt Lake City, Kolkata, West Bengal 700091

Visit Company website:

HR Email address:

HR contact Number: 098303 63622

Reason to include in the list: This is a leading Digital Marketing Training Institute located at Kolkata providing advanced training and job opportunities for SEO, content writing, social media training, PPC training, Google adsense, eCommerce marketing training.

2. Navsoft

Navigation Software Pvt Ltd

Location: #205,206 Haute Street, 86A Topsia Road, Kolkata-70046

Visit Company website:

HR email address:

HR contact number: +91 3340259595

Establishing year: 1999

Reason to include in the list: This is a MNC and offers job opportunities to Senior SEO MANAGER, Adword specialistBlueberry

3. web solutions Pvt Ltd

Location: 45 B.B. Chatterjee Road Kolkata – 700042, West Bengal, Indi
Visit Company website:
HR email:
HR contact number: 91 332 441 7753

Establishing year: 2007

Reason to include in the list: It is an MNC with an office in Denmark, and they generally hire for SEO cum content writer.

4. Sova InfoTech Pvt Ltd

Location: Saltlake Incubation Centre, 1st Floor, Module A, Plot No: X1-8/2, Block-EP&GP,

Company website:
HR email:

HR contact number: + 91(0)3364165315
Establishing year: 2010

Reason to include in the list: They have offices in UK and they generally looks for SEO executive.

5. Insync tech-fin solutions Ltd

Location: 5/2, Russel Street 6th Floor, Poonam Bldg., Kolkata– 700071
Company website:
HR email:

HR contact number: 033 40001067

Establishing year: 2006

Reason to include in the list: they have branches in singapore also and they are generally looking for markeitng executives

6. JM InfoTech

Location: 208A Jodhpur Garden, Ground Floor opposite South City Mall, Kolkata-700045

Company website:
HR email address:

HR contact number: 8335077803, 08017666196

Reason to include in the list: They generally hire MBA fresher’s for marketing purposes, SEO, Software Marketing manager.

7. Expro Lab

Location: 2nd floor, Lalani Computer Acadamy, Building, Atghara Dakshinpara, Rajarhut Newtown Road, Kolkata-70016
Company website:
HR email address:

HR contact number: (033)65555701

Establishing year: 2012

Reasons to include in the list: It is an MNC who works in UK also and offers job opportunities for SEO expert, SEO executives, digital marketing expert, SEO Analyst, web marketer.

8. Expro Lab Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Location: 2nd floor, Lalani Computer Acadamy,Building,Atghara Dakshinpara, Rajarhut Newtown Road, Kolkata-70016

Website :

HR Phone: (033)65555701

HR Email :
Establishing year: 2012

Reasons to include in the list: They are MNC with office in UK. They generally look for jobs SEO, Digital MarketingExpert, web Marketing Exper,SEO Analyst, SEO Expert.

9. Navigators Software Pvt.Ltd

Location : #205,206 Haute Street,86A Topsia Road,Kolkata-70046

HR Phone: +91 3340259595

HR Email:
Establishing year: 1999

Reasons to include in the list: They are an MNC with office in dubai, UAE. They generally hire for adward specialist, Sr. SEO manager.

10. Tenet Systems Private Limited

Location: 42, N K Guin Lane,Serampore, Hooghly – 712201

HR Phone: +919830158077

HR Email:
Establishing year: 2006

Reasons to include in the list: They generally hire for SEO experts.